What are the Types of Car Shipping Florida

What are the Types of Car Shipping Florida

Shipping your costly vehicle across the nation or the world is no child’s play or one-size-fits-all job. It is the voyage that demands the utmost attention to your expensive vehicle and location. So, it is an intelligent move to entrust the job to a particular car shipping company. Car Shipping Florida offers different car shipping services to help customers get their car delivered to new locations safely and securely. 




Car Hauling 


Car hauling is the service offered by the reliable car shipping company, and it involves putting the car on the elevated platform of the carrier trailer for safe transportation. The trailer is driven to the destination, and customers can pick their vehicle from the dropping point. Car hauling is the service that is best for cross-country or long car shipping. It is a popular choice and safe and commonly used by customers to ensure their car’s highest protection and safety until delivered at the final destination by Car Shipping Florida.


Personal Car Shipping


It is the service similar to car haul, except it is focused on securely transporting personal cars instead of transporting with other vehicles. Private Car Shipping Florida is mainly used by car owners with unique models and don’t want to share the rise with other cars for safety purposes.    


The service is offered in the same way by putting the car on the elevated platform of the trailer. The carrier is driven to the final destination from where customers can pick the car. IT also includes door-to-door delivery services, and you can get your vehicle delivered to your doorstep. 


Enclosed Car Haul


Enclosed vehicle hauling is the service where the car is transported in an enclosed container. The vehicle is towed in the closed box instead of open-air, and it keeps the vehicle secured from environmental elements, and the chance of damages and dents to the car is minimal. 


Enclosed Car Shipping Florida is the best option for owners who want to ship their sports car or classic car. It is costly than other car shipping types. 


Home Delivery 


The car shipping type where the car reaches the final destination, and an experienced car driver will drive the vehicle to the final destination for doorstep delivery. The benefit of this type of car shipping service is that your car will be picked from your location, and delivery is done at the doorstep. You are not required to worry about anything right from pick up to drop. 




Expedited car shipping service is better and faster than other Car Shipping Florida. However, it is more expensive than different car shipping types. But, it is helpful when you need your car delivered quickly to the final destination. The expedited car shipping is mainly for those customers who want to ship their expensive personal vehicle with the highest safety and security. 


So, these are some of the car shipping services you can expect from Car Shipping Florida. However, you must talk to the shipping company about insurance coverage and the type of shipping they offer and choose the service that suits your need and budget.