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Shipping Methods for Your Vehicle

When it comes to covered car shipping services, Ship Vehicles, a veteran truck hauler in the business, provides the highest level of safety and security in the auto transport industry. With our corporate locations spread across various cities, including New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina, New Mexico, and Minnesota, we’ve significantly expanded our reach and made a name for ourselves in the industry.

With over 30 years of experience, we have, without a doubt, perfected the transport of cars, motorcycles, and virtually any type of vehicle. We offer domestic, international, and door-to-door enclosed auto transport to fit your car shipping needs.

Whether it’s your first time buying a car from an auction in Arizona or you’re an auto manufacturer in New Jersey looking to meet a deadline, our professional team of transport experts and drivers make car shipping straightforward and easy.

Our positive reviews from customers across the country, including Michigan, North Carolina, New Mexico and Minnesota, speak volumes about our commitment to quality service.

All of our trailers, from New York to North Carolina, have a lift gate feature, ensuring easy and safe loading and unloading of cars with lower ground clearance. Whether you are from the bustling streets of New Jersey or the rural roads of New Mexico, be assured that since our trailers are fully enclosed, your vehicle is completely protected from the outside elements for the duration of its transport journey, whether through city streets or highways.


What is Enclosed Auto Transport?

When you need to ship a vehicle, maybe from the cold of Minnesota to sunny Arizona, you essentially have two options for methods of transport: Enclosed Transport or Open Transport. Enclosed auto transport, bearing the name of covered car shipping, is the process of transporting a car, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, boat, or any other type of vehicle inside of a covered trailer. This service, preferred by the vehicle-lovers of Michigan, is most often used for those that have luxury, expensive, or especially fragile vehicles.

Shipping a car in a covered container, from state to state such as New Jersey to North Carolina, removes any possible outside interference while it is moving along the road. Unlike open transport, enclosed auto transport holds fewer vehicles at a time, minimizing overall transit time due to a reduced need for frequent loading and unloading, which is particularly useful when shipping to farther states like New Mexico.

Enclosed Carrier Auto Transport Services by Ship Vehicles

At Ship Vehicles, we understand the value you place on your vehicle. Whether it’s a classic car from your grandfather in New Jersey, an exotic beauty admired in an Arizona car show, or your everyday ride in Michigan, ensuring its safety during transport is your top priority. That’s why we offer top-notch enclosed car shipping services that provide the ultimate protection for your cherished vehicles.

Domestic, International, and Door-to-Door Options:

Our business caters to all your car shipping needs, whether you’re transporting vehicles within North Carolina, or shipping your luxurious sedan from Minnesota to New Mexico or even worldwide. Our enclosed car carrier services are available for domestic and international shipping, ensuring your vehicle reaches its destination safely and securely. We also offer convenient door-to-door transport, so you don’t have to worry about logistics, no matter where you are in the country.

Professional Team and Expert Drivers:

Our transport experts and drivers, true professionals in the business, are dedicated to making your car shipping experience hassle-free. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we’ve perfected the art of enclosed car shipping in various states, including Michigan, Arizona, and Minnesota. You can trust us to handle your valuable vehicle with the utmost care and expertise based on our commendable reputation and reviews.

Special Features for Added Convenience:

Our enclosed trailers, often referred to as mobile vaults, are equipped with lift gate features, ensuring that the loading and unloading of your vehicle are as smooth as possible. These trailers, operating from New Jersey to New Mexico, are designed to provide the ultimate care for your vehicle during transit.

This is especially beneficial if your vehicle has lower ground clearance, as it prevents any damage during transit, a common concern along varied routes including those in Florida which can prove particularly challenging.

Protection Against Environmental Factors:

When you choose our enclosed car shipping, you provide your vehicle with complete protection against environmental factors throughout its journey. Your vehicle will be shielded from snow, rain, dust, debris, and any road hazards, while our dedicated team follows every detail to ensure a smooth journey from the point of loading to the final destination.

Our enclosed carriers, which are often employed in many states and cities across the US, including Texas, Maryland, and Colorado, are driven by professional car carriers. These carriers hold fewer vehicles at a time, resulting in a faster overall transit time and less exposure to potential risks. It’s a job that requires expertise, especially when transporting vehicles for a variety of people including our dedicated clients.

Regarding enclosed car transport in different cities across the country, such as Tennessee, Ship Vehicles is your trusted partner. Serving a clientele that requires a range of transport needs, we offer competitive rates tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your vehicle arrives at its destination in the same pristine condition as when it left. For people entrusting us with their vehicles, your peace of mind is our priority.

Contact Ship Vehicles today for a free, no-obligation quote. Let us, the reliable driver in the transport industry, provide you with the best-enclosed car transport services in the industry

Understanding Enclosed Auto Transport

When it comes to ensuring the utmost security for vehicles during transportation, from trucks to everyday cars and through routes even in states like Tennessee, understanding enclosed auto transport is key. This method, a common model in cities like Maryland, provides the highest level of protection in the industry, making it the preferred choice for many.

Secure Method of Transport:

Enclosed car shipping, often referred to as covered car transport, involves using enclosed trailers to transport vehicles. Notably, our professional car carriers who are adept at such jobs, provide exceptional security against various external factors that could harm your precious cargo, a service we pride ourselves in providing for our clients.

Added Protection Compared to Open Transport:

In comparison to open auto transport, enclosed car shipping offers an additional layer of protection. With fully enclosed models of car carriers, vehicles are shielded from weather conditions, road debris, and other environmental elements that could cause damage during transit. This is particularly advantageous to people residing in inclement weather-prone cities, such as in the state of Colorado.

Recommended Scenarios:

Enclosed auto transport is highly recommended in several scenarios. For instance, when moving a high-end luxury car, an exotic vehicle, or any valuable asset through states like Texas, Florida or Tennessee, opting for enclosed shipping is the best way to ensure its safety. Moreover, this model is equipped with features that accommodate such vehicles with low ground clearance, making it unsuitable for open transport.

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Benefits of Enclosed Auto Transport

Choosing enclosed car shipping comes with a range of benefits, all focused on safeguarding your vehicles and ensuring a worry-free shipping experience, even through challenging routes in states like Texas. As the driver behind this service, we understand how vital it is to offer solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

Vehicle Safety in Bad Weather:

When adverse weather conditions are a concern, such as in areas like Florida and Colorado, enclosed car shipping provides peace of mind. Your vehicles remain fully protected from rain, snow, and other unpredictable weather events- a feature that people living in cities with unpredictable weather patterns appreciate.

Protection for High-Valued Vehicles:

High-value vehicles, such as classics, luxury cars, or collector’s items, deserve the highest level of care. Enclosed car transport, a model we’ve adeptly integrated into our job, offers precisely that, with added insurance coverage for your valuable assets. This service becomes invaluable when transporting collector’s items from a bustling city like Chicago to a picturesque location like Hawaii, transforming that trip into a protected journey.

Accommodating Non-Operational Vehicles:

Some vehicles may not be operational, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be shipped securely. Enclosed trailers, driven by experienced drivers and capable of accommodating vehicles of different dimensions, have special features, such as lift gates and articulating racks, to easily handle non-operational vehicles. This way, anyone can be assured their vehicle, regardless of its operational status, is in safe hands.

At Ship Vehicles, we understand the unique needs of our customers, and our auto transport companies are designed to meet those needs. Our services even ensure your vehicle is carefully shielded from theft during the shipping process. When you choose us, you’re choosing maximum protection and peace of mind for your vehicles, whether they’re classics, high-end luxury cars, or everyday commuters.


enclosed car shipping | enclosed car transport |covered car transport & enclosed car transport service | enclosed auto transport companies | enclosed car shipping companies| enclosed auto shipping | enclosed car carriers | enclosed car shipping cost, classic carsEnclosed Auto Transport vs. Open Auto Transport

If you’re having a difficult time deciding between open and enclosed car shipping, ask yourself questions like, “Does your trip involve long distance shipping or relocation, as from Chicago to Hawaii?” “Is the value of your vehicle high enough to justify added protection against theft?” or the following:

Will the vehicle be moving to or from an area with bad weather?

Covered car shipping can be used to transport a wide range of vehicles all over the country, even from cities like Maryland to entirely different regions. If you’re shipping a car during wintertime and the route includes areas that may experience hail, snow or any other inclement weather, enclosed transport may be worth it.

On the other hand, when you move a car in an open carrier, it is fully exposed to the elements and is much more susceptible to damage. As you can decrease the number of chances for dings, dents and scratches caused by unpredictable weather conditions by shipping your car via an enclosed carrier. Depending upon various states, the dimensions of your vehicle, and the level of customer service required, it’s important to consider such details.

How much is the vehicle worth?

Choosing enclosed car transport over open-air shipping may be worth the premium if you have a high-valued vehicle. Not all transport services around the world offer this level of protection. Covered car shipping keeps your car fully protected from dust, debris, and potential damage while on the highway.

This service also comes with higher insurance coverage, keeping you calm during a trip and secure in the knowledge while shipping your expensive vehicle. Ship Vehicles, understanding the niche need, generally transports antique and luxury vehicles via enclosed carriers, thereby differentiating themselves from competitors, as it makes the most sense for vehicles that are collectibles and investments.

Is your vehicle capable of being shipped via open transport?

This is an important question to consider since some vehicles don’t even have the ability to be shipped via open transport. For instance, if your vehicle is non-operational, it cannot be driven on and off an open carrier. Alternatively, enclosed trailers equipped to handle varying vehicle dimensions have additional features that can accommodate a car that does not run such as articulating racks, moving clearance, lift gates, and much more.

Soft-Sided Enclosed Car Carrier Services

When it comes to the types of enclosed auto transport options, you can choose from either soft-sided or hard-sided carriers. An enclosed auto transport carrier that is soft-sided is a great solution for cross-country car shipping. It is less expensive and although it does not have a hard-outer layer, the heavy canvas will protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions, like a trip from frosty Chicago to tropical Hawaii, along the transit route.

Our soft-sided enclosed car shipping carriers work great for shipping sports, classic cars or luxury cars. When your vehicle arrives at its final destination, it will have maintained its gorgeous appearance due to the lack of exposure to the elements. Moreover, our services are available to anyone looking to safeguard their vehicle through the journey. Whether you’re concerned about weather, theft, or just ensuring your vehicle’s dimensions are adequately accommodated, we’ve got you covered.

In partnership with ShipVehicles, this type of carrier safeguards both the interior and exterior of your vehicle from blowing debris, low-hanging branches, and any other road hazards. Just like all other auto transport options, this service not only helps you avoid accumulating unnecessary miles on your odometer but also provides real-time updates, ensuring a smooth shipping process.

Ideal for Cross-Country Car Shipping:

Soft-sided enclosed carriers are highly recommended for cross-country car shipping with uShip. They provide a strategic balance between protection, cost-effectiveness, and seamless shipping process, making them a practical choice for moving vehicles over significant distances.

Protection from Harsh Weather Conditions:

Although soft-sided carriers might not have a rigid outer layer like their hard-sided equivalents, they are incredibly adept at safeguarding your vehicle from the elements. The heavy canvas material acts as a sturdy shield against harsh weather conditions, ensuring your vehicle remains in pristine condition during transit, all the while keeping you updated on the shipping process.

Maintaining the Vehicle’s Appearance and Mileage:

One of the key benefits of pairing up with ShipVehicles for our soft-sided enclosed vehicle transport is its capacity to preserve your vehicle’s appearance and mileage. The interior and exterior of your vehicle are shielded from blowing debris, low-hanging branches, and other road hazards. The shipping process also includes regular updates to keep you updated about your vehicle’s status.

Designed for shipping sports or luxury cars, the soft-sided enclosed carriers are a top-choice when preserving the vehicle’s aesthetics is paramount. These carriers, in association with ShipVehicles, offer a secure, cost-effective solution with constant updates throughout the shipping process. This framework makes them popular among car enthusiasts, especially in California.

Here at the California-based Ship Vehicles, we work akin to uShip, closely monitoring each client to offer a multitude of transport options, including soft-sided enclosed car transport, to cater to your specific needs. Aside from this broad spectrum of offerings, we are committed to safe and reliable shipping processes that prioritize your vehicle’s well-being and regular updates for your peace of mind.

Hard-Sided Enclosed Auto Transport Services

On the other hand, hard-sided enclosed transport involves a trailer that is fully enclosed and offers optimal protection for your vehicle against potential damages. This option is the ideal choice for owners of larger, collectible or exotic vehicles. These carriers, in addition to security, have the ability to haul up to six cars on two levels with a hydraulic lift for loading and unloading.

Understanding the importance of consideration to the vehicle size, using a hydraulic lift for loading is absolutely paramount for cars with a lower ground clearance. Not only does it help to keep the vehicle level, but it also effectively prevents any fluid loss or spillage during transit. For added protection, all of our hard-sided enclosed transporters feature drip pans that catch any fluids that could become displaced.

The most common reason for choosing hard-sided over soft-sided is to enjoy everything that comes with enclosed transport. Hard-sided enclosed auto transport offers the most protection and security of the two choices. Being nearly impenetrable, these carriers consist of a rugged outer shell and offer climate control to protect your car from California’s extreme heat and surprisingly harsh cold temperatures.


When safeguarding your most cherished vehicles, such as collectible or exotic cars, hard-sided enclosed car transport emerges as the top choice, meeting all conceivable expectations. This premium service offers a plethora of benefits that ensure your valuable vehicle enjoys a safe and secure journey:

  • Ideal for Collectible or Exotic Vehicles: Hard-sided enclosed transport is tailor-made for vehicles that are not just a mode of transportation but cherished pieces of art. If you own collectible classics or exotic cars, this method provides the highest level of protection during transit. It ensures your prized possessions arrive at their destination in immaculate condition.
  • Hydraulic Lift for Loading and Unloading: To further enhance the safety of your vehicle, hard-sided  enclosed car transporter transporters are equipped with hydraulic lifts for loading and unloading. This feature is particularly crucial for cars with lower ground clearance. It guarantees that your vehicle remains level throughout the journey, minimizing the risk of any fluid loss or spillage.
  • Climate Control for Extreme Temperature Protection: Unlike open carriers or soft-sided options, hard-sided enclosed transporters offer climate control. This means your vehicle is shielded from extreme temperatures, be it scorching heat or freezing cold. Climate control ensures that your car remains in optimal condition, unaffected by harsh weather conditions.

Our hard-sided enclosed auto transport provides a nearly impenetrable outer shell, adding that extra layer of security. This feature is particularly comforting when transporting high-value vehicles, as it offers maximum protection against potential damages.

At Ship Vehicles, we understand the unique needs of owners of collectible and exotic vehicles. With your expectations in mind, our hard-sided enclosed transport service is designed to cater to these needs, ensuring your prized possessions are treated with the utmost care and respect during transit.

Pricing for Covered Car Shipping

Understanding the cost of enclosed auto transport is crucial. Several factors, including the size and weight of your vehicle, the pickup location, and the destination, influence it. That’s why at Ship Vehicles, we offer clients customized quotes that are tailored to their specific needs, ensuring you receive a fair and accurate estimate.

Factors Influencing the Cost:

Variable factors such as vehicle type, pickup location, and destination make the price of enclosed car shipping unique for each client. Additional factors, such as the distance and urgency of your shipment, come into play when calculating the cost.

Customized Quotes:

At Ship Vehicles, we believe in transparency. This forms the foundation of everything we do. That’s why we provide fully customized quotes for every shipment, personalised to the unique needs of each client. It’s the ultimate addition to our dedication to service excellence. This ensures that you only pay for the services you need and can always count on a fair and competitive price.

Contact Us for a Covered Car Shipping Quote

When you’re ready to experience the benefits of enclosed auto transport, contacting our shipping specialists is the next step. We make it easy for you to request a free, no-obligation quote.

Reach Out to Our Specialists:

Our team is here to answer any questions and guide you through the process. We encourage you to get in touch to discuss your unique shipping requirements.

Request Your Quote:

You can easily request a quote online by filling out our simple form or call us. Either way, we’ll provide a detailed, personalized quote that meets your needs.


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Commitment to Quality Service:

At Ship Vehicles, we’re dedicated to providing the best service in the industry at a reasonable price. We understand that your vehicles are valuable and treat them with the utmost care and attention.

In conclusion, choosing enclosed vehicle transport with Ship Vehicles guarantees your vehicles’ safety and security throughout their journey. Our team of experts, state-of-the-art equipment, and commitment to quality service make us the top choice for enclosed car shipping.

Vehicle Safety and Quality Service: We ensure your vehicles arrive at their destination in the same pristine condition they were picked up in. With our service, you gain peace of mind knowing your valuable assets are in the hands of professionals.

Regarding enclosed vehicle transport for cars and boats, Ship Vehicles is your trusted partner. Reach out to us today to experience top-notch service and the highest level of protection for your vehicles.

How Much Does Covered Car Shipping Cost?

Enclosed auto transport is a premium service that comes with a premium price. However, the cost is quite possibly the only disadvantage that is associated with this method of auto transport. The price you can expect to pay for enclosed auto transport depends on a few factors including the type of vehicle you are shipping, where the vehicle is being shipped from, and your intended destination.

Each of these, along with other inconspicuous factors, have a direct impact on your covered car shipping quote. In fact, enclosed car shipping is a very different price when compared to the enclosed shipping of motorcycles. Because of this, the shipping experts at Ship Vehicles always create fully customized quotes that are specific to your shipment needs.

Have Questions or Need a Covered Car Shipping Quote?

Get in touch with one of our shipping specialists by filling out our online quote request form or giving us a call at (888) 231-0113. We’ll provide you with your FREE, no-obligation covered car shipping quote. Our experts are always standing by and look forward to giving you all of the information and answers to any questions you may have.

By choosing enclosed vehicle transport, you get the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in the hands of an experience professional. At the end of the day, our primary goal is to ensure that our customers receive the best service in the auto shipping industry, at a reasonable price. With us, we guarantee that you’ll always get the best price, without compromising quality auto transport.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. What is the best-enclosed car transport company?

When it comes to finding the best enclosed car transport company, Ship Vehicles stands out. With decades of experience, a dedicated team of professionals, and a commitment to the safety and security of your vehicle, we ensure your valuable assets are in the best hands. Our state-of-the-art equipment, fully enclosed trailers, and a network of trusted carriers make us a top choice for enclosed car transport. We prioritize customer satisfaction and provide tailored solutions for your specific needs, ensuring a seamless and worry-free shipping experience.

2. Is auto shipping expensive?

Auto shipping costs can vary based on several factors, including the type of transport (open or covered car transport), the distance, and the vehicle’s size and value. While enclosed car shipping tends to be more expensive due to the added protection it offers, it’s worth the investment, especially for valuable or high-end vehicles. At Ship Vehicles, we provide competitive pricing and customized quotes to ensure you receive a fair and affordable rate for your auto shipping needs.

3. What is the most cost-effective way to ship a car?

The most cost-effective way to ship a car often depends on your specific needs and budget. Open car transport is generally more affordable than covered car transport, making it a popular choice for standard vehicles. However, if you have a valuable or delicate vehicle, the added protection of covered car transport can be a wise investment. To save money on car shipping, consider factors such as the season, flexibility in your schedule, and choosing a reputable and efficient transport company like Ship Vehicles.

4. How can I save money on car shipping?

To save money on car shipping, consider the following tips:

  • Plan in advance to avoid rush or last-minute shipping.
  • Choose open transport for standard vehicles.
  • Be flexible with your pickup and delivery dates.
  • Compare quotes from multiple reputable enclosed car transport companies.
  • Check for discounts or promotions offered by the company.
  • Ensure your vehicle is ready for transport to avoid delays or extra charges.

5. How do I avoid high shipping costs?

Avoiding high enclosed transport costs involves careful planning and consideration. Start by obtaining quotes from various enclosed car transport companies to compare prices. Be flexible with your timing, as rush or peak seasons may result in higher costs. Additionally, choose open transport for standard vehicles and fully understand the pricing structure of the company you choose. Ship Vehicles provides competitive rates and transparent pricing to help you avoid unexpected high costs.

6. What is the cheapest service to ship a car?

The cheapest service to ship a car is typically open car transport. It is a cost-effective option for standard vehicles and offers reliable shipping at an affordable rate. However, keep in mind that the cost may vary depending on factors like distance and season. Ship Vehicles provides competitive pricing for open car transport, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

7. Is paying extra for faster shipping worth it?

Paying extra for faster shipping can be worth it in specific situations. If you need your vehicle to arrive quickly due to time constraints, expedited shipping may be a wise choice. However, for most standard shipments, regular shipping options are reliable and cost-effective. Evaluate your needs and budget to determine whether faster shipping is worth the additional cost.

8. Can you negotiate shipping costs?

While some covered car transport companies may offer room for negotiation, it’s essential to choose a reputable company that provides transparent and competitive pricing upfront. At Ship Vehicles, we offer fair and customized quotes, ensuring you receive the best possible rate without the need for negotiation. Our goal is to provide quality service at a reasonable price.

9. Does distance affect shipping cost?

Yes, distance can significantly affect enclosed vehicle shipping costs. Longer distances typically result in higher shipping costs due to fuel, time, and logistics involved. Additionally, cross-country or international shipments may incur additional expenses. Ship Vehicles considers distance as one of the key factors when providing customized quotes, ensuring fair pricing for your specific transport needs.