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Welcome to the ShipVehicles Team! Our success is driven by the expertise, dedication, and collaboration of our talented individuals. Get to know the faces behind ShipVehicles and the roles they play in shaping the future of vehicle transportation.

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Timocat Branate
(Founder, CEO)

Timocat is the visionary force behind ShipVehicles. With a wealth of experience in the auto transport industry, Timocat's leadership has steered our company to new heights. His passion for excellence and commitment to innovation drive the company's mission of providing top-notch vehicle transportation solutions.

Briandrick Schedwards
(Director of Marketing)

As the Director of Marketing, Briandrick is the creative mastermind behind our brand's success. With a knack for crafting compelling campaigns, he ensures that ShipVehicles remains at the forefront of the industry. Briandrick's strategic approach and eye for detail elevate our marketing efforts to the next level.

Kathrilex Samnes
(Marketing, Content Production)

Kathrilex's expertise spans marketing and content production. Their ability to blend creativity with strategy results in impactful marketing campaigns. Kathrilex's multi-faceted skills contribute to a cohesive brand narrative that resonates with our audience.

Ryanschuyler Mantead
(Marketing Manager)

Ryanschuyler brings a dynamic energy to our marketing team. With a flair for connecting with audiences, he is responsible for devising and executing effective marketing strategies. His innovative ideas and commitment to delivering impactful campaigns contribute to our company's continuous growth.

Manthrina Cartles
(Graphic & UI Designer)

Manthrina's creative flair brings ShipVehicles' visual identity to life. As a graphic and UI designer, her artistic sensibilities ensure our brand resonates aesthetically. Manthrina's designs not only captivate but also contribute to a memorable customer experience.

Schuylerio Nedwards
(Accounting & Customer Service)

Schuylerio's dual role highlights their versatility and dedication. Managing both accounting and customer service, they ensure a balanced financial landscape while also tending to customer inquiries. Schuylerio's commitment to accuracy and customer satisfaction is commendable.

Carterdith Saman
(VP of Moving and Relocation)

Carterdith leads our moving and relocation division with utmost dedication. With years of experience, his expertise ensures that each move is seamless and stress-free. Carterdith's commitment to delivering a smooth transition is a testament to our customer-first approach.

Nedwardria Cathsam
(Chief Financial Officer)

With a sharp financial acumen, Nedwardria ensures ShipVehicles' fiscal health. Her expertise in financial management and strategic planning drives our sustainable growth. Nedwardria's attention to detail and commitment to transparency play a crucial role in shaping our company's financial strategy.

Naia Houdyn
(Content Production)

Naia adds a unique voice to our content production team. With a passion for storytelling, she crafts narratives that resonate with our audience. Naia’s ability to evoke emotions through her words enriches our brand’s communication.


Ryan Timothys
(Director of Customer Service)

Ryan is the face of our exceptional customer service. With a customer-centric approach, he leads a team that ensures every interaction with ShipVehicles is seamless and satisfying. Ryan’s dedication to putting customers first reflects our commitment to outstanding service.


XSho AIbx
(Search Engine (SEO) & (SMM) Optimizer)

XSho AIbx is the digital wizard behind our online presence. Their expertise in search engine optimization and social media management enhances our visibility across platforms. XSho’s data-driven strategies ensure that ShipVehicles remains accessible and engaging to our audience.


Daxon Yunus
(Content Production | Writer)

Daxon brings words to life as our skilled content producer. With a gift for storytelling, Daxon crafts engaging narratives that resonate with our audience. His ability to communicate effectively through words strengthens our brand’s connection with customers.


Liam Mitchell

Liam ensures the safe and timely transport of vehicles to their destinations. His responsible driving and attention to detail contribute to our reliable services, providing customers with peace of mind.


Ava Johnson

Ava navigates roads with precision, delivering vehicles securely to their new homes. Her dedication to on-time delivery and cautious driving reflects ShipVehicles’ commitment to a flawless transportation experience.

At ShipVehicles, our team’s diverse talents form the core of our success. Each member contributes uniquely to our mission of providing exceptional vehicle transportation services.

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