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    Best Car Shipping Companies

    Moving your car, motorcycle, or even a marine vessel to various areas through our car shipping service is a step you can take without undergoing stress. From Oregon’s lush landscapes, the sunny expanse of Arizona, to the desert beauty of New Mexico, our company will manage the population density and local logistics of each location, including the busy routes of California, to provide a seamless service.


    To ensure the best result, car shipping quotes are calculated with precision, factoring in the timing and route of your move for potential savings. Applying a model of seamless logistics and car shipping companies in general, will take a lot of logistical trouble off your shoulders, which can save you thousands in unnecessary stress and costs.


    To ensure a smooth transit, an inspection of your vehicle is done before loading which helps to ensure that your vehicle arrives at your new residence in pristine condition. Whether that’s in Wisconsin, Massachusetts or Michigan.


    We have built a team of reliable car shipping specialists to handle the dispatch and export your car, handling it with extra care, ensuring it arrives in the same content as it left. In our transport firm, we treat every shipment, availability regardless of the area it’s destined for such as even to the rural corners of Vermont, as our own.

    • Multiple Vehicle Shipping Methods: We offer flexible services that can help you transport vehicles big and small. Whether you need open-air or enclosed transport, we’ve got you covered.
    • Drop-off and Pick-up Available: We aim to create a stress-free experience for you. You can choose between our drop-off and pick-up services.
    • Ship A Car Direct – High-Quality Service: All of our deliveries are insured and will arrive on time because we strive to offer a reliable service you can count on.
    How to Get a Car Delivered to Your House Hassle-Free - American Auto Shipping - easy Auto Ship

    The Simple Shipping Process Explained

    The google of automobile shipping is simply understanding the logistic of transfer from one point to another using a carrier. The American car shipping service we designed at our automobile shipping company, whether that be in bustling metropolitan Massachusetts or remote regions of California, is relatively easy to understand and use.


    First, obtain your cost using our cost calculator, or use the one on A1 auto transporters, which will consider the population density of Wisconsin or the wide-open roads of Arizona, and will also get different prices to compare. Then, access the quote by reserving the shippers according to the dates and locations you presented in your order whether the pickup is in Michigan’s urban centers or Oregon’s pastoral landscapes.


    When we coordinate the logistics for pick up, you will receive notifications by email and phone, giving you details on the scheduled pick-up. Next, you’ll also receive a call from the driver assigned to bring the car transport carrier. During transit, as we dispatch your vehicle, you will be updated regularly on the status of your shipment. Isn’t the cars shipping process simpler than you expected? Of course, it is.

    Classic, Exotic, and Antique Cars Transport

    Classic, exotic, and antique cars are essentially delicate and require extra care during handling. Auto transport of these vehicles, whether this is on the golden shores of California or in Vermont’s quaint towns, is often risky, and no one should choose just any car shipping service. You may need to research and select the best company that knows how to take care of such irreplaceable cars.


    At our auto transport company, we ensure that classic, exotic, and antique cars, even in the populous state of Michigan or the extensive landscapes of Oregon, access:

    Shipping Your Classic Car Tips And Tricks
    • Fully-Insured American Auto Shipping Company: We understand that moving these cars incur high levels of risk, so our services carry full insurance and damage free guarantee. We also provide additional insurance plans to ensure double protection for your ride.
    • Extra Caution: We operate with great caution during the transport of your precious cars. These cautionary measures ensure that your shipment is safe during transit.
    • Our Highly Trained Team: Our drivers consist of highly experienced professionals in the transport industry to protect your exotic car while shipping to your desired location. They are trained to understand how to care for these vehicles on the move.

    We Ship Everything

    Need to Ship a Car? Ship a Truck? Ship a Boat? No Problem!

    We Really Are Shipping Anything You Need – Shipping Everything From Automobiles To Shipping Heavy Equipment And More

    That’s why we are the best in the industry! We specialize in the auto transport of all kinds of vehicles through domestic or international transportation. Using various high-performance tools and cars, we ensure that whatever you require us to move, from the quiet streets of Vermont to the bustling highways of New Mexico, it reaches its destination safely and in time from motorcycles to marine vessels.


    Opting for our services, it will be as simple as moving safely from A to B on a map, just like tracking a logo’s swift movement on a digital platform. Our top-rate car transport company offers auto transport quotes that are proof of our competitive pricing, and the wear and tear your vehicle saves by using our services. Moreover, ShipVehicles transports all kinds of vehicles, including:

    • Boats and Yachts: It may not be the easiest thing to figure out independently, but we ship boats of different sizes. Whether you own a small-sized fishing boat or a multimillion-dollar yacht, let us help you move it across many seas.
    • Recreational Vehicles: Our car transport outfit ships all kinds of recreational vehicles, including RVs and ATVs, even motorcycles. It would be best if you didn’t leave the fun behind when you can always move it to your new location.
    • Large vehicles and Heavy Equipment: We also provide shipping services that cater to cars, SUVs, heavy-duty trucks, and heavy equipment. If it’s much more significant than you can carry, our company will help you make a move.
    Boat Transport - EaSY AUTO SHIP

    Open and Enclosed Transport Services – Check Car Shipping Cost

    Extra Protection For Your Cars

    Covered Auto Shipping

    Looking for the best cost-effective car transport service or something with more protection? You can check our open-air and enclosed transport options to Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Michigan, and beyond. Here are some of the benefits based on the positive feedback we receive from our clients:

    International and Long-Distance Shipping: Navigating Beyond Borders with Ship Vehicles
    • Customize Your Experience: Our  company will recommend the best method tailored to suit your needs. Instead of a tiresome experience, moving your car can become a memorable, personalized experience.
    • Protect Your Luxury Cars – When American Auto Shipping: You shouldn’t worry about your high-end, luxury automobile once it’s in our care. We offer exclusive enclosed car transport methods that will shield it from the elements.
    • Cost-Effective Shipping Solutions: Take advantage of our competitively-priced open-air shipping options and get incredible value for your money. Our business will ensure to account for every dime with the best services.

    Car Transport Overseas and Auto Transport Vehicle Imports

    Car Shipping Overseas? We Can Help With International Car Shipping – Get A Free Car Shipping Quote

    Relocating overseas can be so stressful, especially when moving from populous states like Michigan or Massachusetts, and even more so when vehicle shipping is involved. Whether your precious asset is as classic as a vintage Italian sports car, or as mighty as a marine vessel, from liveliest places like New York or a unique landscape like Louisiana, we have encountered several cases of vehicle shipping moving of cars across states and overseas.


    We have now successfully established a platform that yields efficient results, touching every corner from Minnesota to Maryland to handle the logistics, dispatch and export of your vehicle with easy procedures that meet the regulations of various countries.


    In the realm of vehicle transportation, dealing with distinct routes across borders or states like Minnesota, Arkansas, and New Jersey can be challenging. Our car transport business excels in confronting these challenges, working seamlessly with auto shipping companies to alleviate the stress related to such tasks.


    Our team handles all paperwork, car transport logistics, addresses low ground clearance issues, and provides regular updates while you await the delivery of your vehicle. Welcome to our blog where we answer all your auto transport quotes and provide expert advice.


    Our dynamic services cover everything from shipping sports cars in Maryland to trucks in Arkansas or marine vessels in Louisiana, across different countries. The goal is to ensure a comprehensive, one-stop solution for all your vehicle transport needs. Some of our overseas shipping services include:

    • Navigating International Laws: Dealing with different international laws on shipment by yourself can be pretty challenging. The team at our car transport organization has spent decades figuring this out. Now, we can help you navigate all import laws to ensure you don’t go against any of them.
    • Flexible and Cheap: Experience the ease of shipping internationally as you use our car transport business. We employ diverse methods to get your vehicle to you in perfect condition.
    • On-schedule delivery: You’ve got a deadline, and we understand that customs procedures might interfere with your deadline. Our team of professionals can help you avoid these delays and get your vehicle to you as scheduled.
    • American auto shipping, ship a car direct to you.
    Expedited and Efficient Services

    Testimonial From Our Clients

    We wanted to drive to our new place, but the distance was too much for our old truck. I was alarmed when I realized I needed to move the automobile, too- another added cost. Thankfully, my mom got us a perfect quote from this business that shipped the truck within one week. She said her colleague recommended them and I think their services are excellent!

    Hakeem L

    Somehow, my dad forgot that our automobile had not been booked, and we were relocated by the weekend. Thankfully, I met these guys online, who said they could offer last-minute shipping without hassle. And they did. The cost was just correct, it arrived at our new house in time.

    Monica V

    I use this agency each time I need to transport automobiles I sell to their owners. Their auto shipping service is fast, reliable, and quite efficient. It’s easy to take them at their word

    Kennedy W

    This car shipping firm made my day. I was so scared of moving my SUV across the country when my family relocated that I was willing to do it myself. Thankfully, my partner found this car shipping outfit, and they saved me from heartache. My car was delivered to me in one piece

    Grace N

    Factors that Affect Car Shipping Cost of American Auto Shipping

    We understand that cost is a crucial decision for placing shipping orders. Our company helps you consider these factors for choosing transportation services.

    Auto Transport Location

    In an industry as location-centric as ours, a key factor worth considering when calculating the cost is the journey’s distance. For instance, moving your car within the bustling city of Los Angeles would naturally incur a different shipping cost than moving outside the city, across states to Arkansas, or overseas to other countries.

    Auto Transport Across The Country – Best Auto Transport

    The transport of your car across the country, particularly through farther routes from New York to Louisiana, or even international travel, influences the shipping cost. However, with our platform, you can always expect accurate and competitive auto transport quotes for all our services.

    Size and Weight

    Size is another common factor that contributes to the cost. In straightforward terms, the larger the car, the more cost it will incur than smaller vehicles. For example, smaller vehicles like those often seen in the packed streets of New York, take up less space and are lighter to auto transport, differing greatly from the larger trucks in Arkansas. These size advantages can influence your choice of the transport type and control the cost to a significant extent.


    Large vehicles are often heavier and occupy more space on the trailer. The vehicle’s shipment weight determines the fuel consumption – or the gas needed throughout the journey and ultimately affects the cost. Whether you’re shipping from Maryland or to Louisiana, this holds true, from start to finish.

    Shipping Seasons

    As with other companies in the auto transport industry, moving throughout the year can see changes dependent on the season. From the snowy winters of Minnesota to the summer sun of New Jersey, auto transport of your car or any other shipments during winter, a peak demand season, is usually more tasking and expensive than moving your automobile during the summer. That’s why we provide regular updates to let you stay on top of the seasonal changes and how they affect your transport costs.


    Winter arrives with increased traffic and dangerous road conditions triggered by environmental occurrences. This season is no safe time for transporting vehicles; therefore, the cost will be higher, particularly when crossing challenging routes like the icy roads of Minnesota or New York’s bustling traffic.


    However, be assured that the price difference between the summer and winter seasons wouldn’t be so significant. We ensure that our customers from every corner of the country, whether from Maryland or Louisiana or any other states, can comfortably choose our services regardless of the season. We aim to offer control over your shipping costs, regardless of seasonal fluctuations.

    Vehicle Modifications

    Our auto transport company, with hubs in Canada, Colorado, Connecticut, FL, San Diego, and TX, prides itself on offering a personalized approach to different services to ensure a smooth experience for clients. If you modify a car, truck, or boat, or even a car transporter, it might require a unique sort of handling during transit, which might feature prominently in our range of products.


    These modifications may require adjusting to the vehicle or the truck levels to accommodate your non-standard car needs. These adjustments which may require mechanical restructuring, an aspect of our services prevalent from San Diego to Connecticut, can increase the cost for your car.

    The flexibility of Delivery Times

    Most customers are concerned about how long it will take for the auto transport company to move their vehicles to the desired location, be it Colorado, TX, Canada, or FL. Our range of services offers solutions for a variety of demands, ensuring your vehicle relocation needs are handled with efficiency and care. Our dedicated team, employing products specially designed for the task, keeps all our customer queries in mind, and with careful review, takes these into great consideration as well.


    Usually, the more expedited services you require, the more you will have to pay. For instance, choosing a quick pick-up and delivery from San Diego to TX will ultimately cost more than flexible shipping. But rest assured, we will provide regular updates every step of the way, keeping you informed from start to finish.

    Our vacation-ready car carrier services offer a quote calculator which allows you to calculate the most suitable time to ship your vehicles, including car transporters, providing peace of mind and the added dimensions of comfort and flexibility. Knowing the carrier availability in advance, you can plan your transport method, matching your budget and needs.

    Personal Items Shipped with Vehicle

    Customers from across the nation, from the icy roads of Canada to the warm highways of FL, often take advantage of the space in the car and load personal items in it. These could be anything from important documents to personal accessories.


    This mode of shipping is a popular choice for those anticipating a change and moving to a new location or wanting the auto transport of their goods. However, remember to secure an insurance policy for every item. Our products and services stretch from San Diego to Connecticut and beyond, offering protection against any unforeseen accidents.


    However, auto transport of personal items with your car naturally increases the vehicle’s weight to be loaded on the truck. The larger the weight, the higher the shipping cost, whether you’re in the picturesque landscape of Colorado or the bustling city life of TX. It’s crucial to factor this change in weight when using our quote calculator.

    Mode of Car Shipping

    You can select between open or enclosed transport, standard options of transporting vehicles, to accommodate your carrier availability needs. Our auto transport company offers both of these modes at standard rates, among the most competitive in the market, regardless if you’re in FL or Connecticut. We tailor our auto transport services to meet your unique preferences or accessories transported, whether it’s a small sedan or larger vehicles — the vehicle size never affects the quality of our service.


    Open-air delivery is the budget-friendly option that shields the car from extreme weather and road conditions. Most auto transport clients find that there’s usually no problem with this mode, save for unexpected bad weather or stray road debris, making it a popular choice for vacation-goers.


    On the other hand, enclosed auto transportation, offering relatively higher car transport costs, is a favorite among clients seeking the auto transport of classic, exotic, and antique cars — ensuring they’re well-protected from unfavorable weather conditions and road debris.

    Car Shipping With Personal Belongings

    If you’re planning a big move, say to Hawaii, and need to go through the rigmarole of getting quotes for car shipping prices, you might want to auto-transport personal items alongside your vehicle as you ship them across the country.


    Our auto shipping firm allows you to do this, provided the added luggage is no more than 100 lbs and can fit neatly in one box or a piece of luggage. However, depending on the transport distance, there may be additional costs involved.

    However, one thing to note is that we cannot help you move heavy luggage in your car as it is shipped across town because we’re not licensed to do so.


    Therefore, we advise you to choose an excellent household mover team to ensure good treatment of your items. You can find lots of articles online that offer advice on choosing the right moving team.

    Our car transport firm offers premium shipping strategies best suited for moving your specific type of car. You should check these out.

    We Do Car Shipping by RoRo

    The Roll on/Roll off strategy is one of the most cost-effective means of shipping your vehicle from one point to another. As the best company in the market, we secure your car onto the carrier’s deck during car shipping. Think of this strategy as parking your vehicle in a mobile garage.


    The most essential thing to consider when selecting this strategy is that the car should be able to be driven or towed on and off the deck. In case of an accident during loading or unloading, your insurance policy can give you peace of mind.


    With this method, we are excited to be your trusted auto transport provider, shipping all kinds of cars, trucks, trailers, recreational vehicles, and heavy equipment. Whether it’s moving a fleet of vehicles for a major event or a single ride to another city, we believe that shipping cars by RoRo is a fast, cost-effective, and versatile means of getting your cars to you.

    Easy Auto Ship Classic Cars

    Are you a proud owner of a classic car in your collection and need it moved someplace, perhaps for an exhibition or concourse where the stars of the show are vintage beauties? Our car transport firm specializes in helping you move your delicate cars. We are not like our competitors; we focus on providing extreme care during transit. Our method involves extensive labor and minute attention to detail to ensure the safe journey of your vehicle.


    Our team goes the extra mile to ensure that your car gets the attention it deserves. Whether you are shifting within the city or across different cities, our services take into account the total car transport costs, ensuring you get the best deal possible.

    Shipping Your Car by Container

    If a Roll on Roll off doesn’t suit your needs, which might be the case for stars attending a red carpet event who need their personal belongings with their car, you might want to consider a container. For this, being a one-stop auto transport provider, we offer a container that comes in handy.


    Standard containers come in 20′ and 40′ by length. As you may have figured, the 20′ can perfectly suit the shipment of one car, while the 40′ containers prepared by our labor can accommodate two average-sized vehicles. However, it’s worth noting that car shipping prices may vary based on many factors, including transport distance and the size of the vehicle.


    Our firm owns dedicated containers across multiple cities and beyond to aid quick pickup and delivery of cars. Unlike our competitors, we take great care, considering every detail, to ensure that your shipment arrives at its destination safely.

    Ship Direct by Air Freight

    Air Freight is one of the fastest ways to relocate your car, especially when moving overseas. If you’re planning to move across borders, our car transport firm can assist you with our Ship A Car direct service.


    Our firm ensures the use of specialized pallets with high tensile strength fabric straps to uphold your car. Our array of air freight services include collection, UK Airport & Airline Handling, documentation, screening, loading & securing your vehicle, and other customs formalities to make your move as smooth as possible.

    Easy Auto Ship using the R-Rak system

    Moving cars using the R-Rak, a name that is making considerable progress in the industry, is a new innovative way to ship a car direct in containers. This strategy, which our competitors are still catching up with, opens the door to enhanced efficiency and is designed to fit four saloon cars in an ISO standard container without a need for extra effort.


    R-Rak is a practical car racking system that allows the packing of various vehicles in containers. Our car transport firm uses this strategy to create more mileage in our containers. One of the reasons why we are able to carry more cars lies in the use of this efficient system.


    With concerted effort and strategic planning, we can move your vehicles across the country using the R-Rak, including moving your car overseas. It’s all in the name of ensuring that your vehicle reaches your desired destination unscathed.

    Expedited Transport

    Our car transport firm offers expedited car transport services for customers who require urgent or time-sensitive transportation to events or cities around the world. This strategy, custom-tailored to your progress and timeline needs, prioritizes the speedy delivery of vehicles to meet tight deadlines or accommodate specific timelines.


    Expedited car transport involves dedicated carriers or specialized teams making every effort to focus solely on transporting a single customer’s vehicle(s). This ensures fewer door-to-door stops, faster transit times, and minimizes the risk of scheduling conflicts or unforeseen circumstances

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    Our Core Values

    How Does Our Wheels Transport Firm Work for You?

    Honest Approach to Service

    We are one of the best car shipping companies and we’re quick to help customers choose what services best suit their demands. To this end, we open the door for diverse options, especially when moving vehicles during harsh climates or high-mileage scenarios. Moving vehicles during winter or amid natural disasters might incur delays, but we’re equipped with the knowledge and strategies to ensure progress continues, despite these challenges.


    With diligent effort, we’ve built a competent service provider network comprising the best in the business. Our team understands how excellent delivery contributes to our reputable name and ensures our service remains ahead of industry standards.

    We work hard at getting only the best hands for the job, making the door-to-door process seamless by vetting each driver before bringing them on board. Our skilled team also monitor the performance of all drivers to ensure they meet our high standards when it comes to car shipping.


    Our team at our company is committed to building client relationships that transcend beyond a one-time encounter. In an effort to ensure long-term customer satisfaction, we invest resources and services to ensure that our customers are clear about our processes and happy with our approach.

    We strive to maintain healthy correspondence between drivers and clients, making every effort to employ the best customer support agents in the industry to facilitate smooth client relations. It is through this communication that we continue to make a name for ourselves in the car shipping business.

    Community Support

    Our company is dedicated to giving back to the environment as much as we help people move vehicles from one point to the other. For this reason, we’ve put substantial effort into upgrading our services to reduce our carbon footprint and support the environment in which we operate.

    Multiple Auto transport Methods

    There’s no one way to ship all kinds of vehicles. This is why we offer flexible shipping methods and recommends the perfect one for your ride. Whether big or small, open-air or enclosed transport, we’ve got you covered.


    Open-air shipping is best during favorable seasons of the year where we move your automobile while keeping it exposed to weather and environmental conditions. It’s usually an affordable means of automobile moving.


    Enclosed transport is a much more secure means of having us as your auto transporter. You can opt for this while shipping expensive exotic cars and if you’d like to prevent unnecessary contact with the weather and environment. It costs more than open-air due to the extra care accorded to it.

    Drop-off and Pick-up Available

    Our sole aim is to take the burden off your shoulders as you relocate. Here, you can choose between our drop-off and pick-up car shipping services.


    Drop-off Services involve just moving between the pickup and delivery locations after you have brought it to us. Pick up Services means that we come to you, load and take it to the location you assigned us.

    High-quality Service

    Nothing speaks louder than quality, and our company consistently provides you with the best automobile shipping services. Our deliveries are rightly insured and will arrive on time, just as scheduled.


    We outlined our plans, arrangements, and bonuses to ensure that we prioritize your needs. We aim to please—to offer you a moving solution you can depend on any day.

    Why You Should Choose us Over other Car Shipping Companies

    Who We Cater To?

    Our Professional Touch

    Our firm is a top-rated company that lives up to its reputation, helping you get your car from one point to your destination without much hassle. We deliver your vehicle straight to your desired location using an expert team of professionals that have been shipping vehicles for years.

    Our team of experts is quite familiar with the arduous process of moving vehicles across places and can help you get past it without breaking a sweat. Our team is trained to handle your vehicle with care, just like our own.

    A Personalised Experience

    We are a car transport company that offers clients a personalized experience. Our team works alongside you to provide you with services that are tailored according to your demands along with a free car wash.

    Experience stress-free transportation when you choose a company that knows precisely what you need and streamlines its services to provide your needs. We transport your car or truck using an easy, painless process as you’d love.

    Committed Advisory Team

    Our team of advisors is passionate about keeping you satisfied while moving your vehicle. You can rest assured that your car is in safe hands when you allow us to handle it. With extreme security, we will supervise the shipment all through the process.

    Insurance Coverage For Your Car

    Most Vehicle Moving companies include insurance coverage in the quote, and ours is no exception. We ensure that our selected haulers carry liability insurance before qualifying to join our network of carriers.

    Our firm is very committed to ensuring your car or truck is transported with the most minimum risk possible. So, we only employ trusted hands to participate in our process.

    Zero Upfront Payment

    Of course, you just read that right. You can book a order without having to worry about the bill until later. Choose our business as your transport company that only charges you once the carrier has dispatched your order.

    It’s the safest payment method, and that’s what our organization offers to help you feel safer when you book our services. There are no hidden fees!

    Up-to-Date Information

    Our firm strives to stay on top of the latest international laws and complex import regulations. We prioritize staying informed with these changing trends to provide you with the right information and accurate quotes.

    Positive Customer Reviews

    Our client base is built mainly on referrals, more than through paid advertising. Because we structured our services at our firm, customers love to comment on our services.

    Round-the-Clock Service

    If you’re searching for ship a car direct service that runs 365 days a year, we’re your best bet. Our firm takes away time constraints and helps deliver transportation services whenever you need them. We’re always available to answer your questions about shipping vehicles, which makes us one of the best.

    Car Shipping Companies And Dealers

    Car dealers in the United States rely on us to handle daily shipping vehicles to various customers, other dealers, and auction venues. They trust our car transport firm to provide the proper inventory and deliver excellently to maintain their business standards.

    Whether large or small dealerships or dealer-to-dealer, we handle all of them efficiently. Our car transport firm uses the fastest and safest method to ensure extra protection when shipping car deals.


    People who’ve won bids on a vehicle at an auction love us to help get these cars to their preferred location. Our car transport team arranges to move vehicles as quickly as possible.

    You can rely on our incredible amount of expertise to ensure that your car arrives safely as you desire. If the auctioned vehicle requires special shipping modifications, we can organize that for you.


    Classic Auto Collectors

    We understand how fragile and valuable classic cars are, so we treat all classic vehicles with ease. Classic automobile collectors depend on us to ship these vehicles to their location in the same condition it was delivered to us.

    That’s our job at our automobile transport outfit! We ensure the shipping process stays as safe as possible and the value remains the same.


    Oversea Shippers

    Our team is always delighted to move cars for overseas shippers because it’s a thrilling experience each time. We take away the heartache of paperwork, bring in our accurate knowledge of international laws, and keep your vehicle safe from breaching them.


    Exotic Auto-Owners

    Exotic vehicle owners enjoy the privilege of exclusive automobile protection when using our automobile transport business alongside insurance coverage and damage free guarantee. If you’re planning transfer any of the exotic cars in your collection, you should let us handle it.

    We ensure that your luxury vehicles arrive in the same conditions as you left them, taking extra care with the most delicate aspects of your automobile.



    Yes, you! We’re here to serve all your auto-shipping needs as long as you need them. Our automobile transport firm is committed to taking your cars move them safely across borders.

    We do this every time, and we’re amazed by our output services.


    It was quite easy shipping my car out of Los Angeles to the island where I now live. I enjoyed the comfort, care, and convenience that this car shipping business offered my exotic ride. It was worth every cent!
    Pearce R
    This car shipping outfit helped me enjoy my moving process more than I thought it would. I didn’t go through stress at all moving my car. It’s like I didn’t have to lift a finger except to book a quote. I’m giving it a five-star rating.
    Kris M
    It was bad enough that we had to move during winter but we couldn’t find a container willing to ship our vehicle. We’d given up and decided to drive the car up to the house. I got wind of this car shipping business when I was almost done looking. They gave me their word and everything went so well. Apart from a little delay, I enjoyed their service.
    Gregg A

    Shipping Your Vehicle Is Easy

    Whenever and wherever—we get your vehicle from point A to point B, on time and in the same condition you left it with us.
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      Choose your shipment details

      Confirm your shipment details to lock in your quote.

    • 2
      Price match guarantee

      Found a better price? Show us and we’ll match it.

    • 4
      Receive your car on time

      We guarantee that you’ll receive your car on the date we promise.

    FAQ’s About Car Shipping

    Can I count on you for shipping luxury vehicles?

    Most definitely. We use advanced shipping methods to move luxury vehicles because we understand how valuable these cars are, we ensure extra security during the transport process. Fully-insured transportation is also added for exotic, antique, costly vehicles.

    Is it necessary to have license plates for auto shipping?

    Not necessary at all. All we need is your vehicle and its keys. You can keep the license plates with you for extra safety purposes.

    How long will it take to move my vehicle within Los Angeles?

    We can determine the estimated shipping time using the current location of your vehicle, your desired destination, and the preferred mode for shipping. All these factors put together will help us provide you with an estimate of how long it’ll take to ship your vehicle within Los Angeles.

    What about the auto shipping paperwork?

    That’s our specialty so that you can leave that bit to us. Our team of highly experienced professionals deals with all the necessary paperwork and documentation required for shipping your vehicle without any trouble.

    Can you ship a car in old and damaged condition?

    Yes. We ship all kinds of vehicles, whether brand new or damaged. No matter the vehicle’s condition, we help you transport it in and out of Los Angeles.

    Can you ship my auto & household goods?

    We can help move your household goods by referring you to our trusted partners from Three Men And A Truck. Ask for their two movers and a truck special:

    2 guys and a truck

    Can I ship my automobile during the winter?

    Yes, you can. But the best car haulage season is not winter. Bad roads, colossal traffic, storms, and hurricanes make shipping activities quite tricky during the winter. And it’s usually more expensive. We advise you to wait for the summer if you’re not in a hurry.

    Is my car insured during auto shipping transport?

    Absolutely. Your vehicle will be covered by cargo insurance. We also offer additional insurance for contingency purposes if the trucker’s policy fails to cover a concrete claim fully.

    When will my auto shipment be delivered?

    After you have received an estimated transit time for your shipment, you will receive a window showing when your car will be delivered. Transmit times are calculated based on moving distance. Each delivery is unique; however, be assured that our drivers will have your vehicle delivered to you in the nick of your estimated delivery time.

    Can I put personal items in the car when auto shipping?

    You may put personal items in the car up to 100lbs in one box or a single piece of luggage. This box or bag will be in the trunk of your vehicle during transit.

    How far in advance should I book a car transport service?

    It’s best to book your car shipping delivery service between 1 and 2 weeks in advance. This allows our expert team to carefully secure the auto transport service best suited for your vehicle on time.

    Perhaps, you require an urgent service and only have one day or two before your desired pickup date. We still offer trusted pick-ups. Contact our experienced team and clarify essential details such as price and timeframe.

    How much does it cost to ship a car with a car shipping company?

    The cost of shipping a car with a car shipping company can vary depending on several factors, including:

    • Distance: The longer the distance, the higher the cost.
    • Vehicle type: Sports, luxury, and other high-value vehicles typically cost more to ship than common vehicles.
    • Time of year: Shipping during peak season (summer and holidays) is more expensive than shipping during the off-season.
    • Type of transport: Open transport is cheaper than enclosed transport.

    Average car shipping costs in 2023:

    • Open transport: $0.60-$1.70 per mile
    • Enclosed transport: $1.00-$2.00 per mile

    Example car shipping costs:

    • Ship a car 500 miles via open transport: $550-$850
    • Ship a car 2,500 miles via open carrier: $1,400-$1,750
    • Ship a car 500 miles via enclosed carrier: $1,040-$2,409
    • Ship a car 2,500 miles via enclosed carrier: $2,080-$4,818

    Getting quotes from multiple car shipping companies before booking your shipment is important. You can also use a car shipping calculator to get an estimated cost for your specific needs.

    Does it cost extra for a car shipper to transport an inoperable vehicle?

    Yes, it typically costs extra for a car shipper to transport an inoperable vehicle. This is because inoperable vehicles require special handling and care. For example, the shipper may need to use a winch to load and unload the car, and they may need to take additional steps to secure the vehicle on the trailer.

    How do I find the best auto transport company to ship my car?

    When looking for the best auto transport company to ship your car, consider the following factors:

    1. Research and compare: Take the time to research and compare different auto transport companies. Look for companies with good reviews and ratings and a solid reputation in the industry.

    2. Get multiple quotes: Request quotes from several auto transport companies to compare prices and services. Be wary of companies that offer significantly lower prices than others, as this could be a red flag.

    3. Check for licensing and insurance: Ensure the auto transport company is licensed and insured. This will protect you and your vehicle in case of any damages or accidents during transport.

    4. Read the fine print: Carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the auto transport company. Pay attention to any hidden fees, cancellation policies, and insurance coverage.

    5. Ask for recommendations: Reach out to friends, family, or online communities for advice on reliable auto transport companies they have used in the past.

    6. Customer service: Consider the level of customer service the auto transport company provides. Are they responsive to your inquiries and concerns? Do they provide clear communication throughout the shipping process?

    By considering these factors and doing thorough research, you can find the best auto transport company to ship your car safely and efficiently.

    How much does online car shipping cost from pickup to delivery?

    You can generally expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1,500 for online car shipping from pickup to delivery.

    Does the auto transport service company provide vehicle tracking available online?

    Yes, many auto transport service companies offer vehicle tracking available online. This allows customers to see the real-time location of their vehicle as it is being transported.

    Which factors affect auto shipping costs?

    The following factors affect auto shipping costs

    • Distance: The longer the distance, the higher the cost.
    • Vehicle type: Sports, luxury, and other high-value vehicles typically cost more to ship than common vehicles.
    • Time of year: Shipping during peak season (summer and holidays) is more expensive than shipping during the off-season.
    • Type of transport: Open transport is less expensive than enclosed transport.
    • Inoperable vehicles: It typically costs extra to transport an inoperable vehicle due to the additional handling and care required.

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