Transporting Luxury Vehicles

Moving a car, particularly a valuable asset like a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or McLaren, can be quite an endeavor. Given the significant value of these high-end, luxury cars, they are often considered prized possessions that may represent a lifetime of hard-earned savings. A professional auto transport company like our car transportation services, featuring a seamless link of coast to coast services with a whole fleet of transporters at their disposal nationwide, can be your personal chauffeur. The decision to entrust such exquisite automobiles for transportation and shipment is wise, considering the alternatives involve unnecessary mileage, wear and tear, along with potential damage. Therefore, a driver with experience and professionalism becomes your best ally during shipment.

Entrusting your luxury car transport to a company that embodies reliability, dependability, and expertise in auto shipping is paramount. By requesting a quote and discussing the details with a professional shipping solution, customers ensure a perfect balance between quality and cost. It’s crucial they treat your vehicle with the utmost care, understanding the nuances of your car’s make and model, whether it’s a shiny Ferrari or a sleek McLaren. The goal is not just ensuring your car reaches its destination in the same pristine condition as when picked up for shipping, but also, if your journey involves shipping the car across the country, fostering peace of mind.

We meticulously explore all available options for transporting premium cars to provide you with peace of mind. By partnering with Ship Vehicles, you’re not just ensuring the safety and security of your precious automobile; you are also opting for a premium service tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our car transportation services’ expertise encompasses everything from classic car transport to exotic car transport services. We offer a door-to-door service, using enclosed auto transport for maximum protection. Your vehicle, be it a cherished Ferrari or McLaren, will have a dedicated driver and is covered by insurance throughout the shipping process. Our nationwide team of truck drivers takes pride in treating your luxury car with the utmost care during the journey.

Enclosed Car Transport for Luxury Vehicles

When it comes to transporting your luxury or exotic car, you have a choice between an open-air carrier and an enclosed transport method. While the open-air option is more budget-friendly, we strongly recommend the enclosed approach for high-value vehicles like a Ferrari or a McLaren.

Enclosed carriers provide exceptional protection against potential road hazards and adverse weather conditions. Your luxury car is cocooned on all sides by robust, impact-resistant walls ensuring that your high-value asset arrives at its destination safely.

Air Freight Shipping for Luxury Autos

Interstate or intercontinental — whatever your need, we have the solutions to your problems. For international shipment of your exotic or luxury vehicle, the fastest and most secure delivery method comes into play — air freight shipping.

transporting luxury vehicles

Ocean Freight Shipping for Luxury Vehicles

Ocean freight shipping is the go-to choice for transporting your luxury vehicle overseas. This method suits a variety of customers, from those moving abroad to luxury car collectors who have splurged on a foreign masterpiece. As with all our services, our professional team’s main goal is to ensure safe delivery to your specified location, whether it’s a coastal mansion or an uptown penthouse, all with complete transparency and professionalism.

When considering a car transport service for your precious vehicle, like a luxurious Porsche or even a sturdy pickup, the method of transport offers two alternatives: roll on/roll off service or container transport. Regardless of the option you choose, rest assured that your car will arrive safely and securely at your intended location.

Across America, many individuals turn to the roll-on, roll-off approach for vehicle transportation. This method involves driving your car onto the ship, or in the case of larger vehicles like trucks, onto the dedicated platforms, and securing it to the deck to prevent any movement during the voyage.

As a customer who may need any support with information or have questions about this process, it’s worth noting that this method leaves your vehicle exposed to the elements throughout the journey. This is why we offer cargo insurance to help protect your property against anything that may physically affect it during shipment. Especially when transporting from or to places with harsh weather conditions like New York, this method might not be your recommended choice for ultimate protection.

On the other hand, we have the container service, which acts like a shield providing an additional layer of safeguarding. Your luxury car or pickup is snugly placed within a fully enclosed shipping container, thereby giving you peace of mind. The shipping options we provide, answer the call for the need for added safety during long voyages.

If you are a customer in New York, for instance, and you have questions about the process, our dedicated network of professionals is ready to provide clear and concise responses. You have the rights to choose a dedicated container solely for your vehicle or a larger one to accommodate your household items alongside the car. While container transport may come with a slightly higher price tag than roll-on, roll-off, the added assurance it provides is invaluable for luxury car or truck owners.

Door to Door Shipping for Luxury Car

When choosing a car transport service in America, in addition to the shipping method, you also have a say in the type of transport service for your luxury vehicle or truck. There are two main options – terminal-to-terminal shipping and door-to-door shipping. Terminal-to-terminal shipping requires you to drop off your vehicle at a specific shipping terminal designated by your auto transport company. Similarly, you’ll need to collect your vehicle from the destination terminal upon arrival. This approach can save you around $500 at each terminal, but it involves your vehicle being driven to and from specific locations in our network, which might not always be convenient.

Conversely, door-to-door shipping offers an elevated level of convenience at a slightly higher cost. With this service, your vehicle is picked up and dropped off right at your doorstep, be it in the heart of New York or any other city. The final cost depends on various factors, including road conditions, terrain, and any potential space constraints that might affect manoeuvrability. Indeed, if your chosen location doesn’t have enough space for a large truck or doesn’t offer ample space for the transport trailer, you may need to consider a more accommodating site.

How to Get Your Luxury Vehicle Ready for Transport

When preparing your luxury vehicle for shipment, there are essential steps to ensure a smooth and secure process. These steps are crucial for your precious car’s safety and for avoiding any unwanted surprises during transit. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get your high-end vehicle ready for transport:

  • Empty Your Vehicle:
    Before the transport, ensure that your precious vehicle is entirely empty. Remove all personal items and any non-factory equipment. Empty your glove box and consoles to prevent items from shifting during transit.
  • Remove Loose Accessories:
    Take off any loose accessories like antennas or bike racks. These items can be removed to prevent damage during shipping.
  • Thoroughly Clean Your Car:
    Clean both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. This step is essential for a precise inspection of any preexisting damage. Take photographs to document your car’s condition before shipping.
  • Operational Requirements:
    If you’ve opted for roll on/roll off shipping, your vehicle must be operable. For this method, your car will need to be driven onto and off the carrier. Provide an extra set of keys to the auto transport service and keep a spare set for yourself.
  • Fuel Level:
    Ensure your gas tank is less than 1/4 full. Carriers often request a lower fuel level, and not adhering to this requirement might result in additional fees.
  • International Shipping:
    For overseas transport, specific paperwork is needed. You must provide three notarized copies of the title and a letter from the lien holder if applicable. These documents are necessary for customs clearance at the destination port.
  • Maintenance Check:
    Perform regular maintenance checks on your vehicle. Examine brake lines, ensure the battery is charged, and top off all fluids to guarantee your car is in optimal operating condition.
  • Disable Alarms:
    Deactivate any alarms or anti-theft devices installed in your car before shipping to avoid any unnecessary inconveniences.
  • Odometer Record:
    Record the mileage on your car’s odometer. This record will be essential for comparison upon delivery to ensure that no extra miles were accumulated during transport.

At Ship Vehicles, getting your precious vehicle ready for transport is an essential part of ensuring a safe and secure shipping process. Our support is always available to answer your call and address any questions or concerns you might have. By meticulously following these steps, you can protect your high-end automobile, such as a Porsche or a pickup, and keep it safe throughout the transportation journey.

Providing Classic Car Transport Services

Expertise for Private Owners

When it comes to classic car transport, private owners like you deserve the utmost care and expertise. At Ship Vehicles, we understand the unique value and sentiment attached to classic cars, whether it’s a vintage Porsche or a classic pickup truck. Regardless of the shipping options you choose, you can count on our team for anything you need. Our professionals have vast experience in handling and answering customer questions about classic car transport for residents in areas like New York and beyond.

Our network is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and secure transport process. With a logbook chock-full of data from successful transport stories, we draw from not just a lot of experience but also a vast database of information that enriches our operation. We put our extensive cargo expertise to work in transporting vehicles safely and promptly. We also maintain a continually updated blog where we share essential insights and updates in the vehicle shipping industry.

Classic Vehicles at a Reasonable Price

At Ship Vehicles, we name excellence and affordability as the pillars of our classic car transport services. We understand that classic car owners appreciate the value of their cherished vehicles. Our professional car transport service is a reliable network designed to put the customer first, ensuring that all your questions and concerns are addressed promptly. Whether you’re in New York requiring a truck or Porsche to be picked up, shipped and safely delivered to its destination, or even all the way from Los Angeles, we have the solutions you need.

That’s why, as the owner of this reputable business, my team and I review our rates regularly to provide reasonable prices that align with your budget while maintaining the highest quality standards. We value all of our clients and their unique car transportation needs. When you choose us, you can enjoy premium classic car transport services anywhere without breaking the bank, a promise demonstrated consistently in our stellar customer service reviews.

Line Equipment for Classic Car Transport

In the classic car transport business, each client’s request is like a distinct event requiring special arrangements. The transport of classic autos requires specialized equipment and precision. It’s a major cargo that requires utmost care. Our classic car transport services feature top-of-the-line equipment designed to ensure the safety and security of your valuable cars. Operating anywhere in your area, we use industry-leading tools and technologies that cater specifically to classic car transportation. With Ship Vehicles, our well-trained staff treats your classic cars as their own, prioritizing their protection throughout the journey.

Fuel Economy and Classic Car Shipping

When it comes to the business of classic car shipping, fuel economy plays a significant role in the process. Ship Vehicles, with client satisfaction and environmental health in mind, is committed to environmentally responsible practices by optimizing fuel efficiency throughout classic car transport. Our strategies track and review fuel usage data not only to reduce our carbon footprint but also to help you save on costs. We’re dedicated to providing classic car shipping services that are both eco-friendly and cost-effective, aligning with your values and needs.

Our Services and Locations

Pick Up Location and White Glove Service

At Ship Vehicles, we offer a range of luxury car transport services tailored to meet your specific needs, accommodating clients from a wide area. Our flexible pick-up locations, which span from New York to Los Angeles, ensure convenience and accessibility. As the owner, I take pride in our “White Glove Service,” which guarantees the highest level of care for your vehicles. From the moment we collect your cars to their final destination, you can trust Ship Vehicles to deliver exceptional white glove service that prioritizes the well-being of your prized automobiles. Clients’ positive reviews attest to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Services Vary Depending on Your Needs

We understand that each client’s event or situation has unique needs and requirements for their car transport. Our services are adaptable to your specific situation. Whether you’re relocating, selling, or exhibiting your vehicles, Ship Vehicles is the business that can tailor our offerings to match your objectives. We collect the necessary data and review each client’s unique situation to ensure a seamless and personalized experience in delivering customer service. Ship Vehicles is your partner in classic car transport, offering services that vary based on your distinct requirements.

High-End Vehicles and Road Debris Protection

High-End Automobiles Demand Special Care: When it comes to high-end automobiles, nothing less than exceptional care will suffice. Our team at Ship Vehicles understands the unique needs of luxury cars and exotic vehicles. From the moment your prized possession is in our hands, we sort out the logistics to ensure its safety and well-being during transport. As the business owner, I guarantee unparalleled customer service, ensuring your classic cars are handled with special attention and care.

Our experienced professionals ensure safe transport throughout the continental United States, and even across borders to Canada. Here at Ship Vehicles, we pride ourselves on having a team of committed individuals, dedicated to ensuring the safe transport of your exotic car. Gathering quotes and feedback from people who have used our service, we see how we have managed to provide satisfactory answers to our customer’s concerns, earning the trust of businesses and individuals alike.

Extra Protection for Your Classic Cars

Ship Vehicles goes the extra mile to provide protection for your classic cars. We understand the exceptional value they hold and the sentiment they carry. That’s why we offer supplementary protection measures to safeguard your classic vehicles throughout the transport process. Our commitment to ensuring the safety and security of your cherished classics sets us apart as the trusted choice for classic car transport.

 Your One-Stop Solution for Luxury Exotic Car Shipping

High-End Automobiles Demand Special Care: When it comes to high-end automobiles, nothing less than exceptional care will suffice. Our team at Ship Vehicles understands the unique needs of luxury cars and exotic vehicles. From the moment your prized possession is in our hands, we take extraordinary care to ensure its safety and well-being during transport.

Experienced Professionals Ensure Safe Transport: At Ship Vehicles, we pride ourselves on having a team of experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring the safe transport of your exotic car. We bring years of expertise to the table, making every effort to meet your specific requirements and provide you with peace of mind throughout the journey.

The Benefits of an Enclosed Trailer: When it comes to safeguarding your high-end automobile, our enclosed trailer service offers an extra layer of protection. We understand that luxury cars deserve the utmost care, and our enclosed trailers shield your vehicle from road debris, inclement weather, and other potential hazards. Your investment is in safe hands with Ship Vehicles.

No Hidden Fees with Ship Vehicles: Transparency is at the heart of our service at Ship Vehicles. Unlike some other transport companies, we believe in upfront pricing with no hidden fees. When you choose Ship Vehicles for luxury car shipping, you can trust that the price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay, and there will be no surprises along the way.

Transporting Your New Vehicles with Precision

Shipping New Vehicles to San Diego

If you’re transporting your new vehicles to San Diego, Ship Vehicles offers a reliable solution. We understand the importance of your new car arriving in pristine condition, and we have the expertise to make that happen. Trust Ship Vehicles for seamless and secure transport to your desired destination.

transporting luxury vehicles

Choose the Right Transport Type for Your New Car

Selecting the right transport type for your new car is crucial. Ship Vehicles offers a range of options to suit your needs, whether it’s open car transport or enclosed auto transport. We work closely with you to determine the best method for your specific vehicle, ensuring it arrives in perfect condition.

Fully Insured Auto Transport Services

At Ship Vehicles, we provide fully insured auto transport services. We understand that your new vehicle is a valuable investment, and our insurance coverage offers you peace of mind during the transport process. Your new car is protected from pick-up to delivery.

Transit Time and Pick-Up Scheduling

When you choose Ship Vehicles, you can expect precise scheduling for pick-up and reliable transit times. We value your time and aim to make the process as convenient as possible. Rest assured that your new car will reach its destination safely and on schedule.

 Specialized Services for Your Luxury Exotic Cars

Tailoring Services to Your Luxury Exotic Car

Every luxury exotic car is unique, and our services are tailored to suit your specific vehicle. Ship Vehicles provides customized transport solutions that consider the distinct requirements of your high-end automobile, ensuring it receives the care it deserves.

Antique Car Transport with Full Insurance Coverage

For antique car transport, full insurance coverage is non-negotiable. Ship Vehicles offers a comprehensive insurance package to safeguard your precious antique vehicle during transport. Our dedicated team knows the value of these cars and takes every precaution to ensure their safety.

Exotic Car Shipping with Our Team

Exotic car shipping demands a team that understands the value and intricacies of these unique vehicles. At Ship Vehicles, we have the expertise to handle exotic cars with the care they deserve. Your exotic car is in safe hands with our experienced professionals.

The Safety of Enclosed Auto Transport

Regarding the safety of your luxury exotic cars, Ship Vehicles offers enclosed auto transport as the ultimate solution. We go the extra mile to ensure your vehicle’s well-being by protecting it from external elements. Trust Ship Vehicles for a secure and reliable transport service.

 Why Choose Ship Vehicles for Your Car Transport Needs

  • Classic Car Transport Expertise: At Ship Vehicles, we bring classic car transport expertise to the table. We understand the sentimental and monetary value of classic cars, and our team is dedicated to ensuring their safe and secure transport. Your classic car is in the hands of professionals who appreciate its worth.
  • Exotic Car Shipping and Quality Service: Our commitment to quality service extends to exotic car shipping. Ship Vehicles is the trusted choice for transporting your high-end exotic cars. We handle these vehicles with precision, ensuring they arrive at their destination in the best possible condition.
  • Antique Car Transport for Your Precious Vehicles: Precious antique vehicles deserve specialized care during transport, and that’s precisely what Ship Vehicles offers. We understand the sentimental value of antique cars and provide them with the utmost care and protection, making sure they reach their destination safely.
  • Your Trusted Partner for Auto Shipping: Ship Vehicles is your trusted partner for all your auto shipping needs. We offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure the safe and reliable transport of your vehicles. When you choose Ship Vehicles, you’re choosing a team dedicated to providing exceptional care for your prized possessions.
  • Exceptional Protection for Classic Cars: At Ship Vehicles, we prioritize the safety and security of your classic cars, offering supplementary protection measures to ensure their well-being during transport.
  • Enclosed Trailer Service Benefits: Discover the numerous benefits of our enclosed trailer service, providing an extra layer of protection for high-end automobiles against road debris, inclement weather, and potential hazards on the open road.
  • Transparent Pricing Policy: Ship Vehicles stands out with a commitment to transparency in pricing. We believe in upfront pricing with no hidden fees, ensuring that the quoted price is the final amount without any unwelcome surprises or hidden costs.
  • Reliable Luxury Car Transport to San Diego and Beyond: Whether for individuals or businesses, Ship Vehicles is the trusted solution for transporting new vehicles across the United States, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition.
  • Customized Transport Options: Ship Vehicles provides a range of transport options, including open car transport and enclosed auto transport, with a focus on engaging extensively with customers to propose the most suitable method for their specific vehicles.
  • Fully Insured Auto Transport: Recognizing the considerable investment in your vehicle, Ship Vehicles offers fully insured auto transport services to grant peace of mind throughout the transport process.
  • Punctuality in Transit: At Ship Vehicles, we understand the value of your time. Expect precise timings for pick-up and consistent transit times when you choose us for transporting new vehicles to any state in the United States.
  • Specialized Transport for Luxury Exotic Cars: Every luxury exotic car is unique, and Ship Vehicles tailors its services to meet the individual characteristics of each vehicle, providing specialized transport solutions to ensure the care it deserves.
  • Full Insurance Coverage for Antique Cars: Recognizing the value of antique cars, Ship Vehicles mandates full insurance coverage for transporting these treasured vehicles, taking all necessary precautions to ensure their safety during the journey.
  • Expertise in Exotic Car Transport: Trust Ship Vehicles with the transport of your exotic cars across the United States, as our team understands the value and complexities of these distinct vehicles, delivering contentment to customers knowing their pride and joy is in safe hands.

When Your Luxury Vehicle is Delivered

Once your vehicle arrives at the destination, there must be someone ready to receive it. If this person is someone other than you, make sure that they are aware of the tasks they need to do in order to complete a thorough inspection. Particularly, take photos of the condition and check the odometer to compare against the information you collected before transport.

Also, verify that the tires haven’t experienced any unnecessary wear and tear. Through careful documentation of the luxury vehicle’s condition, if needed, you’ll be to fill out insurance claims more easily.

Suppose you’ve determined that you need to transport your luxury vehicle to a new destination. In that case, it is absolutely vital that you find the right exotic car shipping company for the job. Look no further than Ship Vehicles for all your luxury car transport needs. Take some time to fill out our online request form or you can reach out office directly at (888) 231-0113. Your vehicle will be safe and secure in the hands of our dedicated shipping experts.