Sport Car Shipping

How to: Sport Car Shipping

Sports cars, exotic cars, classic cars, antique cars, and vintage cars all need special accommodations in order to be shipped safely. The cost to repair damage to these types of vehicles can be incredibly pricey, creating a much more stressful situation than it should be. Auto transport is intended to take the headaches out of relocating your car, not create more. This is why it is absolutely vital to ensure that the auto shipping company you are working with is reliable and has the necessary experience to handle the transport of sports vehicles.

Sport Car Shipping

I’m sure that we’ve all heard the terms “exotic” and “sport” to describe high-price, sleek, and often advanced vehicles. However, what exactly constitutes a sports car and what types of vehicles fall under this category. In short, sports cars are typically rear-wheel drive, with two seats, two doors, and are designed for aesthetics and acceleration. At Ship Vehicles, we have safely shipped the likes of Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Lotuses, and so much more. Many auto shipping companies offer services to transport sports cars and Ship Vehicles is of no exception.

Sports cars necessitate special care before, during, and after transport and Ship Vehicles can provide you with the options you need. Enclosed auto shipping is often your best bet when it comes to shipping a sports car, as it will be protected from rain, snow, air, heat, sunlight, etc. While this service does come at a premium price, when it comes to one of your prized possessions we guarantee you it is well worth it.

Why Enclosed Transport for Sport Car Shipping?

Although you can certainly choose open-air transport, the most affordable and popular method to ship a car, this service is never recommended for sport cars or any vehicle of an especially high value. Sports cars are considered a luxury, meaning they require much more care than your standard vehicle. This is why we always recommend and why most sport car owners choose to use enclosed carriers.

Enclosed transport offers the necessary protection from outside elements, dust, insects, and other possible road hazards or flying debris. For additional protection, you can even opt for single car transportation, in which your sports car will be alone in its carrier with no chance of being scratched by other vehicles during the loading and unloading processes. However, most traditional enclosed carriers can haul between 2 and 6 vehicles at a time. Drivers of these carriers are specially-skilling in both carefully maneuvering sports cars onto the truck, as well as securing them.

It should be noted that some sports car models will not fit inside of an enclosed carrier. If this is the case, you’ll need to work with your transport company to ensure they know how to handle it and take special precautions to properly care for your vehicle. Always provide the most detailed information about your sport car to your agent, that way they can assigned you the proper carrier. Although enclosed carriers are large, they are considerably smaller than the conventional open carriers. Because of this, more security harnesses are used to tie down the vehicles in order to limit movement during transport.

Consider Location

When you need to ship a sport car via enclosed carrier, you want to keep the location of both pickup and drop off in mind. Since enclosed carriers occupy a large space and need ample room to safely load your car, make sure your pick-up location is in an open area. Enclosed carriers are generally not suitable for loading and unloading on residential streets. Instead, choose a location that is free of low hanging branches, low clearance cable, crowded streets, and other obstacles. Places like large commercial parking lots often work great for this purpose. Choosing the proper pick up and drop off locations helps to further ensure the safety of your sports car. In general, the more space your hauler has, the faster and easier it will be to properly load and unload your vehicle.

Sport Car Shipping Insurance

Per the United States Department of Transportation (DOT), auto transporters are legally required to carry liability insurance. However, this only applies to companies and brokers who contract shippers are not responsible for having insurance. When you look at statistics, less than five percent of all cars that are transported report any damage during the process. Regardless, you should always protect against potential issues and insurance gives you additional security and peace of mind.

When it comes to enclosed transport, these carriers are fully insured for the value of your car and all the others that are being transported on the trailer. With a claims rate of less than 1 in 1,200 vehicles, 99.92% of our auto shipments are delivered just as the owner expects. That means that, your sports car is in good hands when you partner with Ship Vehicles. In the highly unlikely even that anything does happen to your car, we are with you every step of the way.

Booking Your Sport Car Shipping

The first step in any auto transport is to request a shipping estimate and begin the booking process. When it comes to sport cars, you’ll want to be as detailed as possible when speaking with your agent. This not only ensures that you get the most accurate quote, it also helps the shipping expert book the proper carrier and necessary equipment needed to ensure the safety of your sports car. Consider the following:

  • Sports cars have unique models that must be considered in order to provide the proper accommodations while transporting. The more details you deliver, the more knowledge the agent has to protect your car from damages that can be caused by missing or incorrect information.
  • Many sports cars consist of modifications that have altered the standard model. Most of these alterations change the overall size of the car. If your car is especially unique, make sure to note these specifics to your agent. That way, the hauler will know exactly how to handle the uniqueness of your vehicle. Or, if these modifications can be easily removed, detach them prior to transport to avoid potential damage.
  • If your sports car is any lower than five inches from the ground, make sure that you mention this during your booking. The majority of trucks cannot load cars that are less than five inches from the ground. Special accommodations will be required in these instances.

How Much Does Sport Car Shipping Cost?

Overall, you can expect shipping a sports car to be more expensive than your standard four-door sedan. This generally has to do with the fact that sports car owners care about their vehicle and usually choose the most secure options. These additional safety features during transport come at a premium price. The cost to ship a sports car depends on a number of factors.

  • As a general rule of thumb, the vehicle’s make, model, and any modifications will affect the cost.
  • The distance and exact location of pick up and drop off also plays a role. The longer the distance, the more car shipping costs. Whereas, transporting between major cities can cost less since haulers have more opportunities to find loads quickly.
  • Auto transport industry supply and demand fluctuations. When demand is high, truck space is limited and it can be more expensive to ship.
  • The transport type you choose. Your choice is between and open and enclosed carrier. As previously mentioned, enclosed transport is highly recommended for sport car shipping.

Since the cost of shipping a sports car is so dependent on your particular situation, you should go right to the source to receive the most accurate estimate. Fill out our online request form or call us directly for your fully customized no-cost, no-obligation sport car shipping quote.