Do I Need Enclosed Auto Shipping Services?

Whether you’re moving and need to ship your vehicle to your new home, you’re buying or selling a car, or you’re shipping a vehicle for any other reason, you may be wondering if enclosed auto shipping services are right for you. Is it worth paying more for this service? Find out in this guide from Ship Vehicles now.

What Are Enclosed Auto Shipping Services?

As the name may suggest, enclosed auto shipping services use a special car carrier that’s completely enclosed in a standard semi-trailer. Your car is loaded into the trailer and secured in place using specialized equipment, and is transported to its destination without being exposed to the elements.

In contrast, open auto shipping uses a car carrier that’s not enclosed, and is open to the elements. Open auto shipping can be used to ship more cars at the same time, so it’s usually cheaper. However, the vehicle will be completely visible and exposed to the elements and road debris.


Do I Need Enclosed Auto Shipping Services?

You may want to choose enclosed auto shipping services if you’re shipping an exotic or luxury car, a classic vehicle, or a highly-customized or modified vehicle. Or, you may want to ship your car in an enclosed carrier to protect it from theft and vandalism, or to prevent wear & tear.

  • Transport an exotic/luxury car – Expensive exotic cars, luxury cars, and sports cars are usually shipped using enclosed auto shipping services. This way, even the most valuable vehicles can be shipped without exposure to the elements. Due to the high cost of repairing and refinishing these types of vehicles, enclosed auto shipping services are definitely worth the higher cost.
  • Protect a classic or unique, modified vehicle – Classic cars are also ideal candidates for shipping in an enclosed car carrier. This protects their paint and exterior, and ensures they are not exposed to the elements.You may also want to ship a unique or modified vehicle with enclosed auto shipping. For example, if you have a customized paint job or vinyl on your car that you want to protect, enclosed auto shipping services are the best choice.
  • Get additional protection from theft & vandalism – Your vehicle will not be visible at any point when you choose enclosed auto shipping services. It will be completely contained in a locked, strong car carrier that will only be accessible to the driver. This means there is absolutely no risk of theft or vandalism. Your car will remain completely safe and secure.
  • Avoid wear & tear – This is particularly beneficial for cars that are going long distances. Exposure to the elements including rain and snow, as well as road grit, gravel, and debris that may be encountered while driving on highways can end up damaging the paint job of your vehicle.While this damage is rarely serious, it can still affect the value of your car. If you’re shipping a car that you’re selling, for example, you may want to choose enclosed auto shipping services to protect its value and make sure it arrives at its destination without any unexpected dents, dings, or scratches.

When Should I Pick Open Auto Transport Instead Of Enclosed Auto Shipping Services?

Enclosed auto shipping services are great, but not always the best choice for your situation. Open auto transport is a better option for low-value vehicles as well as cars that have seen plenty of use already. It may also be a good option if you’re on a tight budget, since open auto transport is cheaper.

  • Lower-value cars – If your car is only worth $10,000, for example, it may not be worth paying more money to have it transported in an enclosed car carrier and you might want cheaper services. This depends on your personal preferences, of course.
  • Used vehicles – A primary reason that drivers pick enclosed auto shipping services is to keep their vehicles in mint condition. If you have a used vehicle that already has some wear & tear – such as minor scratches and dings on the paint job – it doesn’t really make as much sense to pay for more expensive enclosed auto shipping services.
  • Affordable service – The cost of enclosed auto shipping is usually about 40-50% higher compared to open air auto shipping. This is because it’s a more specialized service, and trucks are not able to carry as many vehicles at once with an enclosed car carrier. If you are on a tight budget to ship your vehicle, open auto transport might be a better option for your needs.

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Whether you think that enclosed auto transport may be a good option for your vehicle, or you’re looking to save some cash and want to choose open auto transport, Ship Vehicles is here for you. With our vast network of auto carriers in America, we can ensure you get the service you need – at the best rate.