Classic Car Shipping Services

1970 Oldsmobile 442

Are you a classic car aficionado looking to ship that beautiful vintage car that you just bought from another state to your home? We at Ship Vehicles understand your worry about your beautiful new purchase and how important it is to work with an experienced auto shipping service.

As with antique, exotic, and luxury vehicles, classic cars require more care and attention than standard models, especially if you’re shipping them long-distance.  Naturally, you want your vehicle to arrive in the same condition as when it was picked up.  Therefore, it’s important to find an experienced, reputable classic car shipping company like ours, that offers the highest quality service at the greatest value.  We know how much your classic car means to you and we will ensure that it is handled with the same amount of care that we provide with our own vehicles.

Does my vehicle qualify for classic car shipping?

While the definition of a “classic car” varies from one definition to the next, we consider this type of vehicle to be older (20 to 40 years old) and be significantly interesting from a historical standpoint.  Furthermore, it is a vehicle that is considered to be a collectible as well as worthy of preserving and restoring.  To learn more about classic vehicles, you can visit the CCCA (Classic Car Club of America) website, an organization dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of these vehicles.

What are my transport options?

Most auto transport services offer their clients the option of shipping their vehicles in an open or enclosed trailer.  However, with classic cars, it is always recommended that you ship yours in an enclosed container.  Granted, open carrier is the most common and cost-effective method to use, but your vehicle is by no means common and warrants extra special treatment.  If you’re still unsure about which shipping method to choose, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you concerned about certain weather elements such as ice, rain, or snow?
  • Do you worry about your classic car being exposed to dirt, dust, pollution, and other road debris?
  • Is additional protection against theft and vandalism something you require?
  • Was your vehicle a large investment?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, the enclosed transport option is the right choice for your vehicle.

Classic Car Shipping Services How do I prepare my classic car for shipping?

The company you choose to ship your classic car will know how to handle your vehicle based on their industry knowledge and years of combined experience.  However, you can prepare your vehicle for the journey by taking the following steps:

  • disable, disconnect, or turn off your alarm system
  • fill all fluids
  • fold down or fold in your side mirrors
  • leave no more than 1/4 of the gas tank filled
  • make sure any leaks and other mechanical issues are repaired beforehand, otherwise, you should notify the shipper about these issues
  • make sure the battery is fully charged and secured in its harness
  • make sure the tires (including the spare) have been properly inflated
  • remove all after-market, custom, and non-built in accessories
  • remove or retract all antennas
  • remove your personal belongings
  • secure the top (convertibles only)

Our classic car shipping service has a vested interest in your classic vehicle and will ensure that no damage results during shipping.  It’s important that you check for any existing damage and take the following steps:

  • wash and detail the vehicle thoroughly
  • make a record of any cosmetic damage such as dents, dings, scratches, etc.
  • take photos of your vehicle from several different angles including close-ups of any damage (see above)
  • be sure to date all photo graphs and written records
  • verify that transport company has made notes in addition to yours

Classic Car Shipping ServicesWhy do I need to insure my vehicle for shipping?

No, although we do recommend it.  Although our services are fully insured, we do offer additional coverage plans so that you have peace of mind.  If, for some reason, your vehicle is damaged in transport, we will assist you with the steps to take in order to ensure that the damage is corrected.  Be aware that we take extra care with all vehicles.  The primary reason for having your classic car shipped in an enclosed container is to protect it from a range of environmental elements so that no damage occurs.

Keep in mind that our entire team of professionals has been thoroughly trained in all facets of classic car shipping and will take extra steps to ensure that your vehicle travels safely and securely so it arrives at its intended destination in pristine condition. Let us walk you through the process and if you have any questions, please call us or schedule an appointment to discuss the details on the classic car that you want to ship. We are always here to help you.