How to Ship 2 Vehicles at Once

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While the notion of shipping two cars may seem strange, there are a number of reasons why someone might ship 2 vehicles at once. Nowadays, many families, large and small, have more than one vehicle. They may have one dedicated “work” car and another “family” vehicle that is designated for running errands, family functions and various daily activities. If a family is relocating to a new county, city, state or overseas, it’s essential that they have both of their vehicles transported in order to resume their normal schedule when they arrive.

On the other hand, you may be moving to a new location and in addition to your regular everyday commuter vehicle, you also have a classic, collectible car. Regardless of the individual situation, shipping 2 vehicles at once is possible, very simple and can even be a cost-effective way to transport both to your intended destination.

What Are the Advantages of Shipping Two Cars at Once?

Contrary to popular belief, hiring a professional auto transport company to ship both of your vehicles, instead of managing the transport yourself, comes with a number of benefits. These include:

  • Both vehicles will be delivered to the same destination on the same date and time.
  • Most auto shipping companies offer discounts for shipping multiple vehicles.
  • Shipping two vehicles together means less planning and worrying over separate shipments.

Transport companies are always looking to fill their carriers up to capacity and maximize their earnings when shipping cross country. This fact is a very good thing for those who need to ship two or more vehicles at a time.

How to Save Money by Shipping 2 Vehicles

If you’re planning on shipping 2 or more vehicles, make sure that you speak with your auto transport company in regards to discounts. Depending on how many cars are shipped at given time, these discounts can range from $50 to $75 per car. Discounts for multi-vehicle transport are incredibly common in the auto shipping industry, so much so that you may not even want to consider a company that doesn’t offer them.

Another way to greatly reduce the cost of shipping 2 vehicles is by booking well in advance. The general rule of thumb is to start scheduling with your auto shippers three to four weeks out for your desired shipping date. When you wait until the last minute to book, you’ll pay more for the late notice, but still receive the discount for multiple vehicles. Providing sufficient notice is not only courteous, but it also helps ensure that your auto transport company has ample amount of time to coordinate the tricky shipment of several cars.

What Are the Domestic Shipping Options for 2 Vehicles?

When you need to ship more than one vehicle within the continental United States, you have two options: enclosed transport and open-air transport. Choosing between the two methods will depend on how much security you want for your vehicles, your budget and your overall shipping preference.

Open Air Auto Transport: When you choose open air shipping, your two vehicles are placed on the bed of a big rig truck with two levels. They will be secured and transported to your intended destination. This is the cheapest method for shipping 2 vehicles. While it is more cost-effective, some clients prefer the added protection associated with enclosed transport.

Although accidents and damages seldom occur, it’s always recommended to use enclosed shipping for luxury, exotic, classic or otherwise expensive vehicles.

Enclosed Auto Transport: With the enclosed shipping option, it is still possible to transport multiple cars. Multi-car trailers generally transport three cars or more at a time. You may find that either your cars have their own container or, they could be housed with another client’s car. Keep in mind that, depending on your auto shipping company’s policies, you might be required to pay for any unoccupied space in your trailer.

Within the enclosed trailer your vehicle is completely shielded from any flying objects or inclement weather conditions during its entire journey. This option is especially preferred if protecting your vehicle’s cosmetic appearance is of the utmost importance to you.

How to Ship 2 Vehicles Internationally

As opposed to shipping two vehicles domestically, international shipping for multiple cars is considerably more complicated. The process involves much more time, effort and paperwork. However, when you partner with a reliable, experienced auto shipping company, they will handle all the heavy lifting and guide you from start to finish.

The main obstacle that you will face is getting U.S. Customs to approve the transport of both of your vehicles out of the country. You will not only be expected to fill out the proper paperwork with U.S. Customs, you will also be required to adhere to the precise rules and regulations that are in place in your destination country.

In order to effectively clear U.S. Customs, you must collect quite a bit of information. The following list includes all the various documents that you will be required to present at the Customs Office.

  1. Bill of Sales. The bill of sale for both vehicles is required in order to transfer ownership. Although you may already be the owner of your cars both before and after shipment, the Bill of Sales will help simplify the process.
  2. Original Titles. The original title for both of your cars will help prove to Customs that you are in fact the owner of the vehicles. For legal reasons, they need to verify that only your property is being shipped, and not someone else’s.
  3. International Passport or EIN. Both an International Passport and an Employer Identification Number will prove to the U.S. Customs that you are exactly who you say you are. If you are a US citizen, you’ll need to provide an EIN. Whereas, an international passport is required for all non-citizens.
  4. Power of Attorney: Prior to shipment, it is essential that you transfer power of attorney to your auto transport company. This is especially important should the company have to make any decisions regarding your vehicles during transit.
  5. Shipping Form: When you book with an auto shipping company, you will be required to fill out standard shipping forms. These forms include vital information about the vehicles being exported, as well as the logistics of the transportation process itself.

Overall, you should take special care in filling out the necessary forms and collecting all the required information for U.S. Customs. Mistakes made during the shipping process could possibly result in heavy fines or even jail time. In order to ensure that your vehicles are fully prepared for overseas transport, follow these tips:

  • Double and triple check all of your documentation to verify that it is filled out and completely accurate.
  • Check that all outstanding loan, debts or liens are entirely paid off on the vehicles.
  • Make sure that if you are not available to pick up your vehicles that you designate someone to do so.
  • Inquire about insurance coverage with your shipping company and purchase additional, if necessary.

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