How to Ship Multiple Vehicles

Preparing Your Vehicles

How To Ship More Than One Car

If you need to ship multiple vehicles, the process should not have to be a struggle. In fact, shipping multiple vehicles at one time can actually help save you money as you may quality for specific discounts depending on the auto shipping company you work with. This notion of saving money may sound strange to some people. To put things into perspective, if it costs $800 to ship one vehicle, one might assume that shipping two vehicles costs double the price, or $1600. However, this is almost always untrue.

In most cases, just like buying anything in bulk, the more you purchase at once, the cheaper it becomes per item. Consequently, you can generally expect to experience reduced rates per vehicle when shipping more than one at a time. The exact price you’ll pay to ship multiple cars will entirely depend on the shipping company you work with, the make and model of the vehicles, overall distance and other factors.

Let’s dive into all of the various factors involved in multi-car transport. This guide, straight from our dedicated team of experts, will help provide you with the ins, outs and advantages of shipping multiple vehicles.

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What is Multi-Car Transport?

The term “multi-car transport” is exactly as it sounds; a service that ships multiple vehicles at once. Generally, this service is used to describe a situation where an individual owner has more than one car that needs to be transported.

This type of transport is usually done using freight haulers that can move up to 10 vehicles at a time. These trucks can either be configured as covered or uncovered and the selection will depend on the customer’s preference.

For multi-vehicle owners, collectors and dealerships, multi-car transport combines vehicle shipping in order to provide a variety of benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Shipping Multiple Cars?

By far the greatest advantage associated with multi-vehicle shipping is the cost. Using the same provider to ship multiple cars at once is almost always more affordable than choosing separate companies and/or shipping the vehicles at different times. If you need to ship more than one vehicle, you should seriously consider having them shipped by the same auto transport company, at the same time to ensure you receive the best deal in the long run.

Another benefit of shipping multiple vehicles at a time is the convenience. Aside from a simplified scheduling process, you’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that all your vehicles will arrive at the exact same time to the same place.

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How Much Does It Cost to Ship Multiple Vehicles?

Just like any other product or service, it is more cost-effective on a per car basis when you transport more than one at a time. However, this does not mean that the overall cost is going to be cheap. In fact, it can still be rather expensive but, there are more savings involved when you ship more than one car at the same time.

In general, most shippers will not begin their delivery route until they’ve reached full capacity, or close to it. This is due to the fact that the company’s profit margins heavily rely on filling up their trucks. With a full truckload, it’s much simpler to plan and schedule the shipment routes based on each car’s individual destination. Once the hauler has a truck full of vehicles, the most efficient delivery path for each vehicle will be determined and then an overall logistics plan is established for the entire load.

When you ship multiple cars at once, you are contributing to the company reaching their goal of a full truckload. Additionally, if your vehicles have the same delivery destination, this makes the overall route much easier to map and achieve, with the smaller number of stops. Because of these factors, there are generally discounts associated with shipping multiple cars. Time is the biggest expense for auto shipping companies and when the load is full, the savings is based down to the customers.

The actual price you will expect to pay will depend on all the typical factors that influence vehicle shipping prices. However, the following chart outlines some of the potential savings you may experience when shipping multiple cars:


Number of Cars Shipped


Expected Savings (on a per car basis)
2 cars 7%
3 – 4 cars 15%
5 – 7 cars 30%
8 – 11 cars 50%


Each load will be different and prices will fluctuate based on demand and seasons. To obtain the most accurate price estimate for shipping multiple vehicles, get in touch with one of our multi-car transport experts. You can do this by submitting our online request form or phoning out office directly at (888) 231-0113.

How Can I Save Money When Shipping Multiple Cars?

While there are specific discounts offered when you ship more than one car, the overall price can still be considered expensive. Because of this fact, you may be wondering how else you can save money when you need to ship multiple vehicles. Even though you’re already in a good position to save money, there are other avenues that should not be disregarded. Some of the most common deals and discounts offered by auto shipping companies that transport multiple vehicles include:

  • Booking deals. Another great way to save you some money is booking both ends of your shipment in advance. Haulers always appreciate the advance notice and it will be more convenient for you to not have to worry about scheduling the shipment of your car back to the same location. As a general rule of thumb, always start the booking process ahead of time and as early as possible.
  • Aside from the discounts already associated with shipping more than one car, there are a number of other ones offered by auto shippers that you may qualify for. Whenever you ship a car, it’s important to ask what discounts the company provides so that you can determine where the potential savings may be. In general, most auto transport companies offer discounts to AAA members, first-time shippers, snowbirds, military personnel (active and retired) and many more.

Give us a call so that you can learn just exactly how we can save you money when you ship multiple vehicles. Whether you need to transport your car across the state, country or world, we offer an affordable way to get it there. All of our price estimates are always no-cost and no-obligation. Start scheduling your multi-vehicle transport today!