What are The Pros and Cons of Auto Transport Brokers?

When you use a broker, it may be a little more expensive due to the broker fees.  It is easier to contact a broker than the carrier directly.  When you go through a broker, you will have several options.  They will have access to hundreds to thousands of trucks.  Brokers may not be completely honest with you.

There are many reasons why you should use a broker; however, there are many reasons why you should not.  The choice is yours, and your preference.  Keep reading, and we will go in detail about some of the pros and cons.

Why are Auto Transport Brokers More Expensive?

Brokers charge you a higher price for their services.  They have access to thousands of trucks and hundreds of transport companies.  Your price pays for all the resources they have available to you.

Working with a carrier directly will only give you access to a small number of trucks.  This will make it harder for you to transport your vehicle.  When you work with a broker, they have a list of companies they work directly with.  Most of the time these are big transport companies.

Brokers will also add to the price if there are any issues along the way with the transport.  These car shipping costs will be added to the amount you pay for their services.

What are Some Advantages of Auto Transport Brokers?

A broker has access to a lot of trucks that will meet the needs of their customers.  They could easily find a truck that meets all your needs.  If the transport truck breaks down, a broker can find a truck that will pick up your vehicle.  This way, you do not have a significant delay in your shipment.  It is easier to communicate with a broker.

There are some good and bad brokers.  It is like shopping for a new car or that designer dress.  You need to shop around and look for a lower price.  It is the same with brokers.  You need to shop around and look for the better brokers.

If you want a broker who you can trust, they will have a list of transport companies who they trust and a list of who they do not trust.  It is reassuring if you have a broker who knows which companies are the best.

Finding a great broker can be a challenge.  Communication is essential for making your shipment run smoothly.  You will want a broker who is always available and answers questions.  Keep in mind, this does not mean hey answer the phone 24 hours a day.  However, they will always answer the phone or return your calls during their office hours.

What Are Some Disadvantages of Auto Transport Brokers?

Some brokers will lie about the status of the transport to cover the fact they did not have your car scheduled to be transported.  Sometimes, a broker will give you a quote and then tell you they need to adjust the price, and it is more.  You need to watch out for the hidden fees.  They may try charging you fees for door-to-door service, insurance, and any fuel surcharges.

Brokers are not perfect.  They make mistakes.  Sometimes, they forget to get your vehicle scheduled for transport.  Most people will understand if this happens if it gets taken care of.  However, auto transport brokers will lie to cover up their mistakes.  They do not want you to know your vehicle is not on the schedule.  In fact, they are probably getting it scheduled while you are on the phone telling you it has already been scheduled.

Sometimes, these lies are because they lost track of the truck with your vehicle.  They do not want you to know thy lost your car.  It is their job to keep track of everything, and they want to ensure you still have faith in them.

Watch out for the brokers who bait and switch.  They will give you a quote.  You think, “wow, that is a great price.” Then they change the amount when you start to talk to them.  They will claim they made a mistake and need to charge more for the service.

Keep a lookout for any of the hidden fees.  They may be charging you for every little thing.  You may get charged a surcharge for the fuel the truck uses in transport.  They may charge you for providing insurance for your vehicle.  If you asked for door-to-door service, they might charge you.

You are not the most essential client a broker has.  People usually only transport their vehicles once during their lifetime.  A broker knows you are a one-time client.  Therefore, they will focus on the dealerships.  Those clients are regular clients.  This will bring it back to another reason why they will lie to you about your vehicle being shipped.

Where Can You Look to Find a Good Broker?

One of the best ways is through the Better Business Bureau and search for the company you are going to go through.  You can also check the companies website if they have one.  Try looking at the reviews on Yelp.  Those will be the most honest ways of finding a good broker. People’s criticisms of the brokers will give you a good idea of the company and how they operate.

Yelp will usually give you the most honest reviews.  It is possible to look at reviews though google and other sites.  However, they can easily be manipulated with spam.  Regardless of where you find the reviews, start looking at the lowest ranking fist.  Work your way to the highest rating.  Read each review carefully.  Find out why they gave that ranking.  Determine if it was due to things out of the brokers’ hands or if it was directly related to the broker.

Remember, these are trucks.  They have issues.  Perhaps they broke down.  It is essential to do your research.  Things happen that the is out of the brokers’ control.  However, some brokers try to lie so they can get more money or explain why the transport is so late.  They are trying to cover what really happened.

You need to look closely at all the reviews and an even closer look at the negative reviews.  Be cautious of the broker you use.  Find a broker that meets all your requirements.  Using a broker can be a great experience.  Just remember what you should be looking for.

I have shown you some advantages and disadvantages of working with a broker.  If you are the type of person who wants to know where your vehicle is along the way and have someone at your disposal, which is tracking it, a broker is a great way to go.

If you are the type of person who cannot handle the disadvantages of using a car shipping broker and cannot handle the added costs, then you may not want to go this route.  The choice is yours.  You must weight the good and evil.  It is convenient to use a broker.  Although there is a lot to consider when searching for a good one.