Shipping Guides – Florida and Massachusetts

Shipping Guides – Florida and Massachusetts

Let’s face it – car shipping can prove to be quite a hassle when you’re shifting house, especially because there are more pressing matters to take care of besides taking the required measures to ship your car at an affordable price while being sure that no harm comes to it during the process. Asking your friends and family for recommendations on car shipping companies can work out. Still, it is always much better to do one’s research and suit their own needs and desires and alleviate one’s anxiety regarding the safety of one vehicle.


Florida is a bustling spot and is home to prime centres of attraction like Disney World, the Kennedy Space Center, and Universal Studios. As a result, many customers flock to using the premier services that allow them cheap and affordable shipping of their cars. They can avail themselves of the best deals after they do the requisite research and determine which shipper is best for them.

Massachusetts, located to the north of Florida, is situated almost 1350 miles (1344 to be exact) away from Florida, a distance which is in no way short. For this reason, to ship a car from Florida to Massachusetts could take around 3-5 days.

The Cost

The cost to ship a car from Florida to Massachusetts can vary according to the rates of shipping that each company provides. So, it could range from .44 USD/mile to even.50 USD/mile, depending upon the quality of their transport mechanism as well as their brand name and its credibility. Altogether, it could cost one a price of 650 USD to almost 750 USD to ship their car from Florida to Massachusetts, which is still a very fair price considering the distance of 1350 miles.

Steps to Ensure Maximum Security

One of the first things you need to do is avail the tracking option, so you can know where the specific location of your vehicle is as it is being moved. Although shipping companies usually provide insurance against car thefts or road accidents during the process of moving, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. Shipping usually takes 3-5 days, and the cost to ship a car from Florida to Massachusetts is also not too expensive, so do not be too anxious, be vigilant and conscious of the tracking, and you’ll be fine.

Secondly, make sure that there is sufficient fuel in your car to allow it to be suitably moved during relocation – no one wants to push a vehicle around, especially if it’s a heavy one. However, don’t add too much fuel – since that will only add to the car’s weight.

In conclusion, there is a large number of car shipping companies in Florida that will allow you to move your car from Florida to Massachusetts, travelling a distance of almost 1350 miles, in a matter of merely 3-5 working days! All you need to do is get your documents in order, take care of the Bill of Lading, keep contact with your shipping agent, and the rest will be taken care of!