The Best Car Shipping Companies in Florida

The Best Car Shipping Companies in Florida

Let’s admit it – car shipping can prove to be quite a hassle when you’re shifting house, especially because there are more pressing matters to take care of besides taking the required measures to ship your car at an affordable price while being sure that no harm comes to it during the process.


Florida is a bustling spot and is home to prime centres of attraction like Disney World, the Kennedy Space Center, and Universal Studios. Many customers flock to using the premier services that allow them cheap and affordable shipping of their cars, and they can avail themselves the best deals after they do the requisite research and find out which shipper is best for them.

Ship a Car

The company Ship a Car also referred to as Military Vehicle Shipping, is a renowned car shipping company based in Florida. It has got lots of positive reviews from customers who say that the time of pick up/time of delivery is absolutely on the money.

RCC Auto Transport

RCC Auto Transport is another great vehicle shipping company in Florida. They maintain efficient communication with their customer for quick and easy navigation to the destination/shipping address. Quick shipping, efficient delivery, they’ve got it all!

Dynamic Auto Movers

Customers at Dynamic Auto Movers claim that this company offers the quickest delivery of vehicles. However, lesser time could equate to rough handling of a vehicle, and many customers seem to be wary of this particular factor. However, at Dynamic Auto Movers, there is no cause of worry since previous customers have attested that they handle the vehicles with extreme caution, and there was no remark of scratches or mishandling after the shipping process.

Ride a Way Vehicle Transport

Ride a Way Vehicle Transport is another great alternative to the problem of vehicle shipping. Based in Florida, it is said to offer brilliant offers and deals, providing discounts of up to 30% compared to other shipping companies in and around Florida. The service representatives are also extremely well behaved, and they take great care to maintain communication with the customers, which is a bonus.

National Transport

National Transport is a famous shipping company around Florida, which guarantee the fastest delivery of your car, often claiming to fulfill interstate shipping within two days, which is extraordinary indeed. Previous customers at National Transport seem to be satisfied with their performance and recommend using their services for an easy and reliable shipping experience.

Car Transport Express

Another good alternative, Car Transport Express, boasts of an unparalleled user-friendly experience. Their representatives take it upon themselves to guide the customers through every detail, policy and route plans, etc., so that they get the most transparent process in all of Florida. They also provide premium and fast delivery of your car, which is greatly sought after, especially if you need urgent services.

Cautionary Remarks

It is always better to err on the side of caution, so do your research carefully and take care so that you later don’t regret it. However, these car shipping companies in florida are both reliable and premium ended, so you need not worry about frauds and thefts.