Shipping Car from Miami to Jamaica

During any overseas car transport, it’s important that you do plenty of research and stay organized. If you’re planning on shipping a car from Miami to Jamaica, there is a lot involved in the process. When you partner with an experienced and reliable auto transport company, they will manage the entire process and even help you obtain all the necessary Customs requirements.

The preparation required for shipping a car from Miami to Jamaica takes a considerable amount of time to accomplish. Therefore, if you need any sort of international auto shipping service, you should start speaking to a transport company at least two months before the vehicle must be shipped out of Miami to Jamaica.

Determining Import Eligibility

If you plan on importing a car to Jamaica, it is in your best interest to know and understand all of the regulations that control shipping a car to the country. In some cases, your vehicle may not even be eligible for import into Jamaica. For example, new cars are permitted to be shipped to Jamaica, but there is a three-year age limit on used vehicles. This means that any used vehicle older than 3 years cannot be imported to Jamaica. Commercial vehicles older than 4 years are also denied from being shipped into the country, while some cases permit antique or classic cars.

Additionally, if you are a resident of Jamaica who has been out of the country for an extended period of time, you are limited to importing 2 vehicles (one for commercial use, and one for personal use) every 3 years. You also are not allowed to sell a vehicle that is newly imported until after 3 years, whether it’s new or used.

Shipping a Car from Miami to Jamaica

After you’ve determined that your vehicle is eligible to be shipped to Jamaica, the following are some other factors you should consider:

  • You must acquire a tax registration number. Even if you do not plan on working with an auto shipping company, this must be done prior to shipping your car to Jamaica. You can obtain your tax registration number through the Jamaican Tax Administration.
  • Be familiar with your destination in Jamaica. Some areas of Jamaica, particularly Montego Bay, Spanish Town, and Kingston, experience very high levels of crime and violence. Jamaica, overall, has one of the highest murder rates in the world. With that being said, tourist-friendly resort areas and major metropolitan areas are less of a risk and should be your best bet to ensure a safe visit to Jamaica.
  • Select the appropriate shipping method. For shipping cars from Miami to Jamaica, the Roll-on Roll-off shipping method is likely your best option. It’s affordable, popular, convenient, and your vehicle will be in good hands during its journey. If you desire more protection for your car, you can opt for the container shipping method.
  • Keep in mind that you’ll need to obtain a proper import license and failure to do so could result in seizure of the vehicle and a fine that is 3 times the value of the car.
  • Once imported, the car must get a valuation report. This is generally required by the insurance company.

Shipping a car from Miami to Jamaica is a very involved process and you shouldn’t go at it alone. At Ship Vehicles, we specialize in the transport of vehicles of all shapes and sizes, from the most compact car to the biggest agricultural machinery. Whatever you need to ship to Jamaica, we’ll help you get in there in one piece.

What Documents Are Required When Shipping a Car to Jamaica?

The documents required by your auto shipping company may vary from company to company. However, when importing a car to Jamaica, you can expect most of them to require the following:

  • Your Passport, and sometimes a second form of government-issued photo identification.
  • The import License (as noted above). This is used by the Trade Board Limited and serves as authorization for the importation of the vehicle.
  • A copy of your Driver’s License.
  • Bill of Lading. This can be obtained from the shipping agent. It contains information relating to the port of entry, the date the vehicle landed in Jamaica, and the condition of the car prior to shipment.
  • The vehicle’s original Title and Registration.
  • Bill of Sight. This document is where the specific details are recorded on the vehicle that is to be imported. It will be prepared and signed by the Broker then certified by Customs.
  • An invoice from the supplier is required, regardless of the motor vehicle being imported to Jamaica.
  • Tax Compliance. This can be acquired from the Tax administration Certificate (TCC) Services Department.
  • Import Entry (C87). This form serves as the primary import document. All of the particulars of the vehicle, duties and shipping information are recorded on it. It is also completed by the Broker and then submitted to Customs for review and authorization.

If you have any questions relating to the process of importing a vehicle to Jamaica, our shipping experts are always standing by to provide with the valuable information that you need. You can reach out to us by filling out our online request form or calling us directly at (888) 231-0113. We understand how intimidating it can be to ship a car from Miami to Jamaica. However, we’re here to help. We can manage the process from start to finish and will handle all the required documentation to ensure a successful import of your vehicle to Jamaica.

Importing to Jamaica

When you need to import a vehicle to Jamaica, one import question you should be asking yourself is: How does the customs clearance process work? Well, the first step is to determine which Jamaican port you will be importing to. Kingston and Montego Bay are the two available ports in Jamaica to import cars. In general, the Port of Kingston is known to be Jamaica’s biggest and most popular port for all of the island’s auto shipments.

When your vehicle arrives in the country, you will be required to pay a small tax to clear the vehicle through Customs. This is one of the many things that we’ll take care of. We’ll negotiate the payment for this tax but be prepared, as you may be required to pay up to 67% of the value of your car as a duty upon import to Jamaica. Overall, the cost of this tax rises in relation to the size of your vehicle.

Once your vehicle has cleared customs and has been imported into the country successfully, your American driver’s license remains valid for one year. After the year mark, you must obtain a Jamaican driver’s license. Additionally, before you can drive away from the port with your vehicle, you need to acquire insurance from a Jamaican insurance company and provide proof to customs.

How Do I Prepare My Vehicle to Be Shipped from Miami to Jamaica?

There are a number of things you should do to prepare your vehicle for transport and ensure that it successfully clears customs in Jamaica. While all transport companies will carry their own individual preparation tasks, much of them are the same across companies. These tasks are very basic and will not require much of your time to complete.

  • Clean the inside and outside of the vehicle. This includes hosing down the under carriage, as the vehicle will be inspected upon entry to Jamaica for any invasive species from American dirt or soil.
  • Make sure that the gas tank is no more than ¼ full. This ensures the safety of your vehicle and those who will handle it during its transport.
  • Top off all other fluids. You should also verify the tire pressure.
  • Document pre-existing damage to the vehicle. Take several photos of both the inside and outside, along with close ups of any damage for future reference.
  • Disable alarm systems or anti-theft devices. Depending on your method of transport, you may also be required to disconnect the battery.

When you properly prepare your vehicle for transport, it is at much less of a risk for damage. If you’re ready to begin the process of shipping your vehicle from Miami to Jamaica, give us a call today to learn how you could save up to 20% on our auto shipping services!