Shipping a Vehicle via Train

For a number of reasons, shipping a vehicle across the country via train may be one of the many car relocation options you are considering. For example, if you own two cars and are moving a long distance away, it may make the most sense to load one car up with your family and ship the other on a train with the help of an auto shipping company. This method is often the most economical option when your vehicle needs to be shipped across a long distance. Additionally, auto shipping via train is very popular among auto dealers and individuals who need to ship a car that was bought or sold in another city.

Overall, it’s becoming increasingly common to ship a vehicle via train due to the large number of vehicles that are shipped on a daily basis. Because of this, the pricing for this method of auto transport is quite competitive. At Ship Vehicles, we offer first class services to those individuals who wish to ship their vehicle by train. By booking this service, you’ll save money on toll fees, fuel costs and lodging while simultaneously reducing the risk of potential damage or accidents if you were to transport the vehicle yourself. In addition to reducing these dangers and costs, you will also have the convenience of immediate access to your vehicle when you arrive at your final destination.

In the past, shipping a vehicle by train only encompassed Northeast-to-Southwest routes. Now that more auto shipping companies are making this service an option for their clients, shipping a vehicle by train is possible for most of the main transport destinations. The accessibly, paired with the cost-effective nature of shipment by train, makes this method increasingly more desired among consumers and transport companies alike.

While it can take longer to ship a vehicle via train than it would by air or road carrier, this method is much more fuel and energy efficient. Trains have a great MPG rating and since they use less fuel and make fewer stops, they do not contribute to as many greenhouse gas emissions. Unlike transporting via road, the rates for auto transport do not fluctuate based on gas prices. This is, by far, one of the most desirable qualities associated with shipping a vehicle via train.

How much does it cost to ship a vehicle via train?

Just like any other form of auto transport, there are many factors that influence to price you can expect to pay for shipping by train. Depending on the size of your car and distance between the start and end locations, the average rate to ship a vehicle by train is $1,000. This cost estimate may or may not factor in the price to have the vehicle hauled to and from the train depot. However, you can always save money by opting to drop off and pick up the vehicle from the designated location yourself.

In general, it’s often much more cost-effective to ship a vehicle by train when the distance exceeds 750 miles. For the most accurate cost estimate, make sure that you gather several quotes from auto shippers so that you can compare them and find the best option to fit your needs.

Open or enclosed transport?

Just like the more conventional auto transport by road, you will have two options for shipping your car via train: open carriers and enclosed carriers. Similarly, the open transport option will leave your vehicle exposed as it rolls across the tracks. While this method is considered to be a very safe and secure option, you do run the risk of possible damage due to inclement weather or any other possible hazards along the journey. Regardless, you can definitely expect your vehicle to need a good cleaning after it arrives, to clear off any dirt or bugs it collected along the way. Your car transport insurance will cover any sort of dings or small scratches that occur on the route and while it’s unlikely, make sure you verify insurance coverage with your auto transport company.

On the other hand, shipping your vehicle via train in an enclosed container offers much more security, but at an elevated cost. It will completely protect your car from any damage caused by severe weather and possible flying debris. Your vehicle will arrive to its destination in essentially the same condition that it was dropped off in. This option is often preferred for those who own classic, luxury or collectable vehicles, as well as motorcycles.

Another added benefit of shipping your vehicle via train in an enclosed container, is the ability to fill up any of the additional space with your personal belongings. You can save money on shipping costs by shipping the contents of your home along with your vehicle. The price you pay includes the entire container so you might as fill all the space and effectively maximize your costs.

How to Ship a Vehicle via Train

If you’ve chosen to ship your vehicle by train, your first step is to contact an auto shipping company that specializes in this type of transport. It’s important that you choose the right shippers that will guarantee the protection of your vehicle and provide qualified service in a timely manner. When you partner with Ship Vehicles, we will offer you a fully customized quote based on your individual situation. Your quote will be determined based on the type and size of the car you wish to ship, the distance and availability within your intended timeframe.

It is always recommended to begin the booking process as early as possible to guarantee that you receive your desired delivery date and the best possible price. To ship your vehicle via train, following the below steps will ensure a seamless process:

  1. After you’ve done plenty of research, select and hire a reputable auto shipping company to transport your vehicle via train.
  2. Determine your desired transport method – open or enclosed rail car.
  3. Arrange your shipment at least a week or two in advance. You should also allow for up to a month for delivery. Enquire with your shipping company about delivery dates and ask about express shipping options.
  4. Prepare your vehicle for shipment by train. To properly prepare your vehicle for transport via train, you’ll want to empty the vehicle of any belongings and valuables. Similar to other auto transport methods, make sure that the vehicle is cleaned and in safe operating condition. You should also deactivate any alarms and verify that the fuel tank is no more than a quarter full. If the vehicle isn’t appropriately prepped prior to transport, it may be prohibited from being loaded onto the train.
  5. If you’ve chosen door-to-door transport, we will arrange to have the vehicle picked up from your home and transported to the nearest rail terminal where the shipment will begin. If you did not choose this service, you will be responsible for having your vehicle dropped off at the designated hub for shipment.

Keep in mind that your auto shipping company may recommend a different type of shipping method if your vehicle’s size exceeds any limitations in regards to shipping a vehicle via train.

Ready to begin shipping your vehicle via train? Call now to speak with one of our dedicated shipping experts and find out how you could save up to 20% on your next auto transport. We’re always available to answer any questions you may have about shipping a vehicle by train and will help guide you through the process.