Ship Vehicle to Hawaii: Guide for Military POV

If you are in the military and you’ve recently received orders requiring you to ship out to Hawaii, you likely want to have your vehicle come along with you. Members of the military are permitted to ship one POV to Hawaii, or privately-owned vehicle, at the government’s expense. However, there are some limitations and restrictions that exist in regards to what types of privately-owned vehicles can be shipped, and under what circumstances. If you are a member of the military and need to have a vehicle shipped to Hawaii, your best course of action is to partner with a dedicated auto shipping company. At Ship Vehicles, our team of experts are well-versed in all the particulars involved in the shipment of military POVs and can help walk you through the entire process.

As you begin preparations, you’ll most likely have a lot of questions and we’re here to help! We’ve outlined all the necessary information to be aware of when shipping your POV from the mainland to Hawaii, or from Hawaii to the Mainland.

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Are There Restrictions or Requirements for Shipping a Military POV to Hawaii?

Whether you have a leased vehicle or privately-owned vehicle, you want to have it shipped at the expense of the government to your new duty station, see the link to learn more about the entire process. You are permitted to ship your POV yourself but you will still be required to check with the transportation office and your sponsor to have them authorize clearance. If you have a second private vehicle, you will most likely have to pay an import duty but this specific information can be obtained from your local transportation office.

For leased vehicles, you must attain approval from the lien holder. The authorization needs to be provided on the dedicated leasing company’s letterhead. This documentation should contain complete information in regards to your vehicle including the make, model, year, VIN and contact information for both parties.

Keep in mind that not all branches will have the same requirements for importing your POV. However, the following general guidelines apply.

  • Air Force and Army personal vehicles are accepted for shipment as long as they are transported to the port within three months after the departure date of the service member.
  • For the Navy and Marine Corps, personal vehicles are permitted when at least twelve months are left in their term to serve.
  • As a universal rule, only passenger vehicles that serve as the primary means of transportation are considered for military car shipping.

The POV is also required to have DOT and EPA stickers that guarantee the vehicle is compatible with state environmental laws.

How Long Does It Take to Ship a Military POV to Hawaii?

The transport timeline will depend on the West Coast port that you are shipping your POV out of. Another important factor that affects the delivery timeline is when the cargo ship is scheduled to leave the harbor. Keep these aspects in mind and plan accordingly. In general, you can expect the timeline for shipping a military POV to Hawaii to be between two weeks and a month.

How to Prepare a Military POV for Shipment to Hawaii

Before your privately-owned vehicle can be shipped it needs to be properly prepared and you need to gather all the necessary documentation. The particular documents your military POV needs for shipment to Hawaii include:

  • Your proof of identity. You will be required to present a valid state or government issued identification. Bring this with you to the port and provide it to your auto shipping company.
  • Proof of entitlement. Bring a copy of your official orders and amendments.
  • Proof of vehicle ownership. You can verify that you are the owner of the vehicle by bringing your proof of registration or the vehicle’s title. If the vehicle is leased, you must provide the authorization letter from the lien holder. Either documentation is required to have the service member’s name on it.
  • Fill out the IAL form. The IAL form needs to be printed, filled out and presented prior to shipment of your POV.
  • Additional lien holder authorization. In addition to the proof of ownership from the lien holder, you also need to provide a letter from them stating the authorization for vehicle exportation. Make sure you also have the lien holder’s information readily available should they need to be contacted to verify.

To ensure that your POV is fully prepared for shipment, it should be cleaned both inside and out so that it is completely free of any debris. Make sure to not neglect cleaning the truck, doors and underneath the seats too. Also, empty the vehicle of any personal belongings or loose items; nothing can be left inside the POV.

Any POV that is transported is required to be fully operational and have a working emergency break. Check for windshield cracks, fluid leaks and have the vehicle serviced prior to shipment to confirm that it is functioning properly. At the port, if the vehicle is deemed unsafe to operate, it will not be eligible for shipment. All vehicles are subject to inspection at the port in order to certify that the vehicle is clean, prepped and ready for transport. Any pre-existing blemishes will be notated and you must sign the DD788 Inspection Form.

How to Register a Military POV in Hawaii

Once your vehicle arrives in Hawaii, you are required to register it with the Hawaii Department of Motor Vehicle Registration within your first 30 days. More information in regards to this is available on the Hawaii of Motor Vehicle Information website or can be obtained from your auto shipping representative.

For each renewal, new registration or transfer, non-resident active duty military personnel are required to complete and submit the Non-Resident Certificate, Form CS-L (MVR) 50. This form along with Form CS-L (MVR) 50A are available through your unit or your military personnel office.

In order for your vehicle registration to be approved, the POV must pass the Hawaii State Safety Inspection. You can do this at various auto garages throughout the state. Just call their office to schedule an appointment and make sure that they offer Safety Inspections as a service. Once the inspection is passed, you can continue the registration process for your vehicle.

Quick Tip: Based on your home state, rules of the road may be different in Hawaii than what you’re used to. For example, driving while talking on the phone is against the law. Additionally, passengers are permitted to ride in the bed of a pickup truck if all the seats are occupied in the truck’s cabin. While off base, motorcyclists are not required to wear helmets. You will, however, be required to wear a helmet if you ride a motorcycle on base.

Are There Military Discounts for Auto Shipping?

Most auto shipping companies offer military discounts for both active duty and retired members of the military. When you get in contact with your prospective vehicle shippers, make sure to mention your affiliation and inquire about any available price reductions due to your status in the military. The discounts can range from a minor $25 off your quote to over hundreds of dollars saved.

At Ship Vehicles, we can handle your POV or any specific military vehicles that need to be shipped to Hawaii. Contact us toll-free or fill out our online quote request form today to receive your free estimate and begin scheduling the shipment of your vehicle to Hawaii.