Ship Vehicle from Hawaii to Texas

If you need to ship a vehicle from Hawaii to Texas, partnering with Ship Vehicles will be the most affordable and reliable route to go. Coupled with our extensive network of nationwide transporters and numerous sailings every week, we have the ability to give you the best rates and effectively simplify your vehicle’s shipment from Hawaii to Texas.

As you begin the process of shipping your vehicle from Hawaii to Texas, you’ll likely have many questions. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s explore all the various factors involved in shipping a vehicle from the breathtaking state of Hawaii to The Lone Star State, Texas.

Vehicle Shipping from Hawaii

At Ship Vehicles, we service the ports located in Honolulu, Hilo, Kawaihae, Kahului and Nawiliwili, make vehicle shipping convenient on all of the major Hawaiian Islands. If you are shipping your vehicle from Hawaii to the mainland, and then continuing on to Texas, you will need to provide the below information upon dropping off your vehicle at the port.

  • Your shipping / booking number. You will obtain this from one of our Ship Vehicles representatives.
  • A government-issued photo identification.
  • Your vehicle’s title or an authorized letter from the Lien holder. This will depend on if you own or lease your vehicle.
  • The vehicle’s current registration form. It does not matter what the issuing state is for this form.

It’s important that the person dropping off the vehicle at the port is the same person listed on the booking form. If it is dropped off by someone else, the vehicle is not permitted for shipment. Additionally, keep in mind that if someone other than the legal owner is dropping off the vehicle, you must provide a notarized letter that states permission for the vehicle to be shipped. The institution who holds the lien on the title will also need to provide written permission for the vehicle to be transported from Hawaii to the mainland.

Upon dropping off the vehicle at one of the Hawaiian port facilities, a shipping representative will examine your vehicle and begin filling out the Bill of Lading. They will notate the vehicle’s current condition and any damages at the time of drop off. Your vehicle will then be secured either on the deck of the ship or in an airtight container for its shipment to the mainland.

Please note the following additional port information when shipping a vehicle out of the state of Hawaii:

  • There are no Hawaiian ports other than Honolulu that directly service the mainland. All vehicles that leave Hawaii for the mainland are transferred by barge from all other islands to the Port of Honolulu.
  • Shipping a vehicle from the Port of Honolulu to the Port of Oakland: Ship departs every Thursday.
  • Shipping a vehicle from the Port of Honolulu to the Port of Long Beach: Ship departs every Saturday.
  • Transit time from Hawaii to the mainland: 17 – 21 days.
  • Our team will be notified once the vehicle arrives at the port on the mainland. Ship Vehicles will then arrange for the vehicle to be picked up and transported to its final destination in Texas.

Vehicle Delivery to Texas

We offer delivery directly to your door in Texas, whether it be a residential or business location. Once your car arrives on the mainland, a certified transporter will be dispatched to its location. After an additional inspection of the vehicle, it will be loaded onto the carrier. Your vehicle will then make its journey to your preferred destination within the state of Texas.

When the vehicle reaches its final destination, the transporter will unload it from the carrier and perform a final inspection. This will ensure that the vehicle was delivered in the exact condition that it was in when it was dropped off at the port in Hawaii.

Some of the most popular locations that we service throughout Texas include Dallas, Houston, Austin, Laredo, San Antonio, El Paso, Fort Worth, Corpus Christi, Arlington, Plano and all other surrounding areas.

What are the steps to ship a vehicle from Hawaii to Texas?

Let’s examine the process of shipping a vehicle from Hawaii to Texas step-by-step. The following is exactly what you can expect if you’re planning on scheduling a relocation to Texas.

Step 1: Obtain a free quote. It’s always best to start the conversation with your auto shipping company as early as possible. You can receive your free shipping estimate by filling out our online quote request form or calling our office at (888) 231-0113 to speak with one of our dedicated transport experts.

Step 2: Choosing a method of transport. When you ship a vehicle from Hawaii to Texas there will be two legs of the journey. The first is the shipment across the Pacific to the mainland and the second is from the mainland port to the final destination in Texas. For the transport from Hawaii to the mainland will you choose roll-on/roll-off, a shared container or a private container? In regards to the land transport from the port to Texas, you can choose open or enclosed transport depending on your preference.

Step 3: Selecting a transport date. After you’ve hired your vehicle shipping company and decided on your preferred methods of transport, you’ll work with one of our representatives to secure the date you want your vehicle to be shipped.

Step 4: Preparing the vehicle. Prior to transport you’ll want to clean the vehicle inside and out and remove any personal belongings. You’ll also want to make sure that it is functioning properly, has been serviced recently and has no more than ¼ of a tank of gas.

Step 5: Vehicle drop-off. When the date for transport comes around, you will need to be in charge of the transport of the vehicle to the port in Hawaii. Land transport to the dedicated Hawaiian port is not an available service.

Step 6: Transit time. Overall you can expect the transport from Hawaii to the mainland to take anywhere from 17 to 21 days. The shipment from the mainland port to Texas will take around 3 – 5 days for a total transit time of 20 – 26 days.

Step 7: Delivery. As the driver of the carrier approaches the destination in Texas, you can expect to receive a call 24 hours in advance to establish a delivery window. The final portion of the Bill of Lading will be filled out upon delivery to ensure that the vehicle arrived in the same condition that it was dropped off in Hawaii

Step 8: Leaving a review. The final step in the entire process is to leave a review for your auto transport company. If you are happy with our service or have any feedback, please tell us about it! We care about what you think and always want to ensure that our customers have the best and most stress-free experience when partnering with Ship Vehicles.

Ready to ship your vehicle from Hawaii to Texas?

Now that you have a better overall understanding of the process, working with a professional auto shipment company like Ship Vehicles, you will be well equipped to seamlessly and securely ship your vehicle from Hawaii to Texas. Give our office a call today at (888) 231-0113 to begin scheduling your auto shipment.