Ship Car from Miami to New York

Ship Car from Miami to New York

When it comes to domestic auto shipping, the route between Florida and New York is one of the most frequently used in the nation. In fact, Miami is at the top of the list for auto transport pickup locations in the entire United States. Located in the southern region of Florida, Miami is known as the economic, financial, and cultural epicenter of the state. Whereas, New York is the most populous city in the country and remains a major hub for business activity. I-95 is the interstate that spans the two locations and is an incredibly convenient course for auto transport carriers. Aside from vehicles, a lot of goods are transported between Miami and New York on a daily basis, making this route very familiar to both drivers and carriers.

Thankfully, for those that need to have a car shipped from Miami to New York, this means that you have many options. With so many choices, you are likely to save some money on most auto transport services. Additionally, I-95’s close proximity to many other major cities such as Savannah, Jacksonville, and Washington, DC help to keep the prices for shipping vehicles comparatively low.

Your first step in the process of shipping a car from Miami to New York is to get in touch with auto shipping companies and obtain a shipping cost estimate. This will put you in the perfect position to make the most informed decision about choosing an auto transporter.

To receive a free estimate for shipping a car from Miami to New York, fill out our online request form. We have offices in both Miami and New York, along with many of the major stops along the way. Reach out to us directly by calling (888) 231-0113 and learn about how you can save between 15% and 20% on your auto transport from Miami to New York.

 How to Book Your Auto Shipment from Miami to New York

While you have endless options in regards to auto transport pickup locations, Miami is a very popular choice. After you receive your free quote and decide on the services required, your booking is submitted. Your vehicle is then scheduled for transport based on the first available date.

Quick Tip: In order to receive your desired transport date or one that is within your intended timeframe, begin the booking process as early as possible. You can also save money by speaking with your auto shipping company as early as 2 to 3 months before your car needs to be shipped.

Ninety percent of our shipping orders are assigned within a one-week span of initial contact. Once the order is allocated, your vehicle will generally be picked up within a day or two of the assigned transport date. We will contact you ahead of time with all the details and help you to prepare your vehicle for shipment.

Miami to New York Auto Shipping Options

When you partner with Ship Vehicles, you have many choices for transport methods. The method that you choose will have a direct impact on your shipping quote, as some services cost more than others. If you need to have your car shipped from Miami to New York, you can choose from the following services:

  • Open – With this method, your car is transported by way of an open-air trailer. This is the most common way to ship a car domestically and generally hauls between 4 and 12 vehicles at a time. You’ve most likely seen these transports on the highway carrying loads of cars between dealerships. The cars are stored in two levels and the loading and unloading process is much easier than other methods. Since open-air transport is convenient and ships multiple vehicles at once, it is the most affordable way to transport a car.
  • Enclosed – Enclosed carriers are designed to transport a fewer number of cars, typically between one to four at a time. Since the vehicle is completely enclosed on all four sides during its journey, the loading and unloading process is much more involved. The covered nature of this method offers a substantial amount of protection, security, and discretion when transporting a car. The enclosed shipping method is most desirable for exotic, classic, vintage, or any other high-value vehicle. While it offers the most protection, this service does come at a premium price. When compared to open transport, you can expect to pay about 30-40% percent more for enclosed shipping.
  • Door-to-door – When you choose standard auto shipping services, your vehicle is picked up and delivered to a dedicated transport terminal. However, for added convenience, you can opt to have your vehicle delivered right to your home, business, or any other desired location. To enjoy this premium service and the extra convenience of door-to-door shipping, expect to pay a much higher price.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car from Miami to New York?

The cost to ship a vehicle is often the top concern of most customers. While the price will vary based on the type of vehicle, season, transport method, total distance travelled, fuel prices, carrier availability, and other factors; the average cost to ship a car from Miami to New York is $814. This estimate is based on the shipment of a compact vehicle or small truck on an open-air carrier with standard delivery (not door-to-door). To help put things into perspective, here are some other estimates (using the same conditions) for other popular locations in both Florida and New York.

  • Jacksonville, FL to Syracuse, NY – $700
  • Tallahassee, FL to New York City, NY – $625
  • Tampa, FL to Buffalo, NY – $775
  • Orlando, FL to Albany, NY – $760

Based on these numbers, the cost to ship a car from Florida to New York falls between $700 and $800.

The Miami to New York Auto Shipping Process

After you’ve received your free quote, decided on a shipping method, and scheduled the transport, you’ll want to prepare your vehicle for shipment. This generally involves tasks like removing personal items from the car, making sure the fuel tank is no more than a quarter full, cleaning the interior and exterior, and documenting any pre-existing damage. For a full list of the recommended preparations steps, speak with one of our shipping experts and they will be happy to walk you through the process.

Once you’ve prepared your vehicle and the shipment date comes around, your auto transport driver will arrive at the pickup location in Miami. Before your car is loaded onto the carrier, it will go through a detailed inspection and all the information will be recorded on the Bill of Lading. This document is used to note any scratches, dents, or missing parts to the vehicle. Both you and the driver will sign the Bill of Lading and you will receive a copy. Your car is then loaded and secure onto the carrier for transport to New York.

When your vehicle arrives in New York, the driver will call you to confirm the delivery location. During the duration of your vehicle’s journey, you will receive updates about its location along with the driver’s contact number should you have any questions. Upon arrival, you and the driver will complete another inspection to ensure that no damage occurred during transport. Once the same Bill of Lading is signed at delivery, your vehicle is released to you and our transport services are complete.