Classic Car Shipping Rates

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When it comes to auto transport, classic cars are in a league of their own. Although much of the shipping process is the same when compared to a traditional vehicle, there are some intricacies to shipping a classic vehicle. For example, classic car owners take special care in the condition of their vehicle, and they have high expectations for the shipper in regards to safety.

While it may be perfectly expectable to transport a Toyota Corolla atop an open-air multi-vehicle carrier, this shipping environment is not at all suitable for a 65’ Ford Mustang. Because of the extra element of safety that classic cars require, it’s important to work with a reputable auto transporter that has the necessary expertise and experience. You’ll also likely never consider transporting the vehicle by driving it yourself.

One of the many services that you should consider when working with a professional auto transport company to ship an antique vehicle is enclosed shipping. Opting for an enclosed carrier ensures the complete protection of your vehicle, keeping it free of any dust, dings, or other potential damage that could occur while in transit. It is highly recommended to use an enclosed carrier when you need to transport a vehicle of a high-value, which typically applies in the case of classic cars.

Ship Vehicles ships classic cars worldwide, and we’ve been doing it for over 30 years. If you’re looking to receive an estimate on the cost to ship your classic car, fill out our online request form or give us a call. After you provide us with some details about the car, your location, and destination, we’ll be able to give you a fully customized shipping rate.

What to Look for When Hiring a Classic Car Shipping Company

If you own a classic car, its safety is most likely very important to you. Therefore, you’ll want to select a transporter that takes this seriously and also has considerable experience with shipping classic cars. When you’re searching for the right classic car shipping company for the job, look out for the following:

  • Proof of Insurance: When shipping a classic car, it’s important that you have ample insurance coverage. Your transport company should be able to provide you with proof of insurance when you request it. Make sure to inquire about what kind of damage is covered and what you may be responsible for in the rare case of an accident.
  • Offers Door-to-door service: This service is not only the most convenient, it is also preferred among most classic car owners. Choosing door-to-door shipping eliminates the hassle of having to drive to a terminal to drop off your classic car and also to retrieve it from the destination.
  • A history of transporting classic vehicles: All the best auto transport companies with have a long, documented history of shipping classic cars. You want to avoid a new company that may simply shove your classic car into a truck with as many vehicles as possible. An established, reputable, and long-standing company will offer the peace of mind knowing that your classic car is in experienced hands.
  • Expedited delivery options: This service is the ideal choice for when you need to have your classic car delivered by a particular date. If you require a particularly speedy transport and have to get your vehicle somewhere quickly, many transport companies offer an expedited delivery service for an added fee.
  • GPS tracking while in transit: This is a fantastic feature that allows you to track your classic car by GPS and know exactly where it is at all times while in route. Look for companies that offer this service to enjoy additional peace of mind.
  • A reasonable auto transport quote: You should expect to receive a quote for around the same price as others you’ve received. Make sure to collect multiple in order to properly compare them. A quote that is too low could very possibly be too good to be true and you might end up getting scammed.
  • A straightforward claims process: In the improbable event that your classic car becomes damaged during the shipping process, you want to be able to file a claim both simply and quickly. Your transport company should be able to assist you with this so make sure you check with them.

In order to ensure that you select the right company to ship your classic car, always ask tons of questions, do plenty of research, and weight your options. After all, you want a transporter that will protect your investment just as much as you do.

Why Door-to-Door Shipping?

As previously stated, the most popular method of delivery for classic cars is door-to-door shipping. Instead of having the car delivered to a terminal where you will retrieve it, your classic car can be dropped off right to your garage. When you select a smaller enclosed carrier, you’ll have a major advantage since the truck should not have any trouble getting through tighter spaces.

You can have your classic car picked up and dropped off at your residential address, business, or virtually any location that is convenient to you. This service also offers the utmost point to point protection.

Classic Car Shipping Rates

Just like any other auto transport, the cost to ship a classic car depends on a number of factors. These include, timeframe, distance, vehicle type, transportation method, and even the time of year. However, it costs an average of $3,38 a mile to ship a classic car less than 100 miles and roughly $1.14 for less than 1000 miles.

Let’s take a look at some classic car shipping rates. Note that these estimates are based on door-to-door, enclosed auto transport, as these are the most widely used methods for shipping a classic vehicle.

  • Atlanta, GA to Los Angeles, CA – $1,300
  • San Francisco, CA to Chicago, IL – $1,225
  • Seattle, WA to Nashville, TN – $1,130
  • Denver, CO to Philadelphia, PA – $950
  • Detroit, MI to Tucson, AZ – $1,070
  • Miami, FL to Denver, CO – $1,300
  • Baltimore, MD to Dallas, TX – $865

Ship Vehicle’s Expertise

At Ship Vehicles, we have spent over thirty years perfecting the art of classic car shipping and consider ourselves experts on the subject. Over the years, we have shipped for customers that buy and sell through online collector car traders, for customers participating in the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auctions, as well as those just looking to relocate their prized possessions. We have transported countless classic and collector vehicles across the nation and even internationally.

When you partner with Ship Vehicles, you and your classic car receive the utmost respect and care. We provide competitive, yet professional, relocation services that are dedicated to the safe, secure, and streamlined delivery of your incredibly valued car. So, if it’s classic car shipping services that you seek, look no further than Ship Vehicles for the job. We offer an array of shipping options and services that are suitable for any vehicle.

Have any additional questions, or want to receive a classic car shipping rate? Our fully customized quotes are always at no-cost and no-obligation to you. Give us a call today at (888) 231-0113 to find out how you could save up to 20% on your next transport!