Everything About Military PCS Vehicle Shipping

Everything About Military PCS Vehicle Shipping

Serving the nation as military personnel is an honor, but serving includes moving and relocation. The Permanent Change of Station or PCS move includes many challenging tasks. But you can make the Military PCS Vehicle Shipping hassle-free and easy with the help of a reliable auto shipping company. The auto shipping company specializes in international and local auto shipping, and they can make PCS vehicle shipping easier for military personnel. The auto moving company can make the process easy, and they are just a call away from you.

The auto shipping companies take pride in serving the Military and their families with the best military car shipping services. They help relocate your military cars efficiently and quickly. They have tested and tried methods for secure and safe transportation of military PCS vehicles. The auto shipping agencies have their domestic fleet of trucking departments to pick up and drop the PCS vehicles across the nation and in a matter of days.

Military PCS Vehicle Shipping With Best Auto Shipping Company

When you hire the best auto shipping company for Military PCS Vehicle Shipping, you can access the advanced racking system in intermodal containers. It helps you to ship your military vehicle in a fully enclosed coast-to-coast container. It also allows you to ship your vehicle using the over-the-road trucking model. It ensures that the vehicles are shipped in the same way the manufacturer uses to ship the new car. The auto shipping company specializes in shipping the following cars.

  • Modern passenger cars
  • Historic vehicles
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Modern pick-up trucks
  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Classic pick-up trucks
  • Classic passenger cars
  • Oversize vehicles
  • Moderns minivans and SUVs
  • Boats and yachts


With the auto shipping company, one can get reliable door-to-door auto shipping services for military cars and vehicles. The company also offers you guaranteed condition reporting with pictures and documentation. You also get the transit times without any exposure to the environmental factors, and there is no brokerage involved in Military PCS Vehicle Shipping.

How Does The Military PCS Vehicle Shipping Work?

The Military PCS Vehicle Shipping involves an easy process for booking the vehicle for shipping. It is entitled to the selected members of the military who are assigned to a new duty station across the country. The auto shipping company transports only one person operating the vehicle at a time, and it is shipped at government expenses. The payment for personal shipping car is paid off to the auto shipping company, and in return, they ensure the highest safety of the car during transit.

Besides, the Military PCS Vehicle Shipping also involves shipping the military vehicles at government expenses. However, the process is different in transporting military vehicles. First, you have to book the car for pickup and then get estimate charges for shipping.

As the approval is passed, the auto shipping company comes and picks the vehicle for shipping. The vehicle is transported in an enclosed trucking system for safety, and as it reaches the destination, it is delivered to the new duty station. However, you have to contact different companies for free quotes and hire the within budget and promise to offer reliable shipping services.