What Is Piggy Back Truck Transport? Explaining Everything You Should Know

What Is Piggy Back Truck Transport? Explaining Everything You Should Know

Wondering how semi trucks are transported between different parts of the country? In most cases, a method of transportation called “piggy back truck transport” is used. In this guide from Shipvehicle.com, we’ll take a look at how this type of transport works, why it’s used, and more. Let’s get started.

What Is Piggy Back Truck Transport?

Piggy back truck transport is a special type of vehicle transport that involves using a single tractor-trailer to haul up to 3-4 more trucks, depending on the length and weight of the individual truck cabs. The way it works is simple.

First, the front tractor-trailer has a truck attached to its “fifth wheel” hitch. Then, another truck is attached to the back of this truck – until up to 4 trucks have been attached to the tractor-trailer that will actually be pulling the load.

By attaching the trucks together in this way, a single truck can be used to pull up to 4 more trucks. While they’re being transported, only the rear wheels of each truck contact the ground, while the front of each truck is securely attached to a fifth wheel mount.

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Why Is Piggy Back Truck Transport Used?

Piggy back truck transport is used because it’s very cost-effective, particularly if multiple trucks need to be sent to the same location. The trucks can easily be loaded and unloaded using some special heavy hauler equipment.

In addition, the trucks are highly secure, since they are attached using the fifth wheel hitch. There is virtually no chance of any of the trucks coming loose during the transportation process. There’s also no need for any other specialized equipment to haul the trucks – such as lowboys or gooseneck trailers – so this further simplifies the logistics of piggy back truck transport.

Also, only a single driver is needed to haul the load once it’s been attached, so this helps save some money and labor by eliminating the need for other drivers and specialists while shipping trucks.

How Many Trucks Can Be Shipped At Once With Piggy Back Truck Transport?

In the US, the maximum limit is 4 trucks, but this depends on the specifics of the trucks that are being transported. Some types of trucks are longer than others, so you may have to ship 3 trucks at a time in some cases. We recommend consulting with your truck shipping carrier for more information and to see if you will be able to ship 4 trucks or if you will be required to ship 3 trucks at a time.

Safety Considerations For Piggy Back Truck Transport

There are two important things to consider during piggy back truck transport. First, care must be taken to ensure that the maximum load limits of each truck are not exceeded during the transportation process. An experienced truck shipping company will ensure that the loads are properly balanced and avoid overloading the trucks.

In addition, the rear tires of each truck must be in good condition, and properly inflated to ensure they roll smoothly, as these are the only points of contact that the piggy backing trucks have with the road. Worn-out or damaged tires must never be used. If one of the “piggy backing” trucks has a tire blowout, this could cause the truck driver to lose control, and may result in a serious crash.

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