What are my options to pay for my car transport?

Different Payment Options for Car Transport

Whether it’s the first time you’ve ever transported a vehicle, or you’re trying to prepare for a move years in advance, we’re here to guide you through the kinds of payments you can expect from the industry.

Something to note before continuing your reading and research is that there are thousands of vehicle transporters in the U.S. With that being said, payment options and plans look different depending on which company you hire to ship your vehicle. However, we will break down the most popular options for vehicle transport payments so that you can be on your way to choosing the best method for you and your needs.

What is cash-on-delivery?

 Cash-on-delivery or COD is the most common way of paying for a car transport service. If you have chosen a door-to-door carrier or an enclosed carrier method that delivers directly to you, a driver will arrive with your vehicle to your home and you can either pay them with cash, check, or a money order then and there.

What is cash-on-pickup?

 Cash-on-pickup or COP is another option of payment. This method, though not used as often as a COD, has customers pay their transporter upfront. This method may seem much simpler in theory, but most carriers prefer to be paid once a service has been completed.

Why COD is a better method

 It’s no secret that cash-on-delivery is the preferred payment method for most carriers. But here’s exactly why that is the case. Once a carrier has completed a delivery and has been paid for those services, there are more options for what they can do with that money when it’s on-hand. Think of it in this way, if you have already paid for your transport upfront, your driver must take time away from their route to collect that money, which creates inefficiencies.

This method overall protects you, the customer as well. If you have paid for a service and it was not completed or did not meet your level of satisfaction, collecting that money is going to be much more difficult if it’s in the hands of someone else.

Why even use the cash-on-pickup method?

 When you book your car transporter online, and not directly through a carrier, you must pay a broker. What this usually entails is that you, as the customer, must pay a deposit before your vehicle can be shipped. However, many brokerages have different payment options depending on your set of circumstances.

Is financing or getting on a payment plan common?

 You may be surprised to hear that financing the shipping of your vehicle is oftentimes not an option. Here’s why: Most people do not directly book their vehicle shipping through a carrier.

Because this is the case, there are two companies involved in the shipping of a vehicle. The first is your broker. Brokers ask that you pay a deposit in order for them to book a carrier to transport your vehicle. Because these individuals work separately from one another, financing is not a viable option for you.

In addition, carriers pay a lot for the transporting of your vehicle. Consider this: a carrier must pay for gas,  other expenses on the road, and a driver’s salary throughout their operation. If a carrier is not paid the whole amount for services rendered, they do not make a profit, which is detrimental to effective functioning of their business.

You’ve got this

 We understand that shipping a vehicle can be stressful, but if it’s also essential for your upcoming move, more stress is added into the already boiling pot of your mind. The best advice that anyone has given to us and that we can give to you is to plan ahead.

You have the power to exponentially cut down on the amount of stress plaguing you during a move when you take the time to research and find a shipping method that works best for you. Don’t give up, and know that there are hundreds of options out there for you!