Want To Choose Auto Transport Services With Good Car Shipping Rates? Here Are Tips to Follow

Want To Choose Auto Transport Services With Good Car Shipping Rates? Here Are Tips to Follow

The two most common ways of transporting a car are by driving it to the destination. One can do it or hires a professional driver to do it for them. But these arrangements seem a bit dangerous no matter who drives. Another option is to hire Auto Shipping Companies. This service will ship the vehicle through an open or enclosed carrier. This method is safer and also saves up the cost spent on gas and maintenance.

Many transporting companies provide this service, so it is not difficult to choose them. But do base the decision after thorough research is done and after finding car shipping rates.

Since one will trust the service providers with a very expensive possession, the decision should be made carefully. Use the below-mentioned tips to make the right choice:

Open or enclosed transportation

There are two types of auto shipping, open and enclosed. The open trailer is mostly used and is cheaper compared to the enclosed services. In open auto shipping, the trailer is open-air, and it ships the car from one place to another.

The enclosed shipping uses a closed trailer that protects the vehicle from any damage due to weather conditions. However, it is costly and mostly preferred if one owns pricy or antique cars.

Check the authenticity

Make sure to check the authorization and authenticity of the registration and license status of the service provider. If searching the MC number, it comes to be not authorized, then do not take the risk of hiring them for their transport services.

Customer review

It is never harmful to do some research by reading reviews left by previous customers. The reviews will give one an overall idea about the company’s customer service and work ethics. However, please do not read the reviews from any site that supports the auto transport industry, as it is very much possible that the reviews are paid.

Try reading the ones mentioned in general search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Don’t get satisfied after reading a few good comments, dig deeper, find car shipping rates, and read the one-star comment. This will give one a holistic view of the company’s customer support.

Cargo insurance

When it comes to shipping vehicles, every hauling company needs to have cargo insurance. So, in case of any damage caused to the property during the transit, the insurance policy will take care of the repair cost. Therefore, do not go for any auto shipping company with an active cargo insurance policy.

Years in the business

Since there are many shipping companies in the industry, many were unable to compete and left. Also, some companies may have had a bad reputation and ended up closing the firm. And later open a new one with a new name. Such companies should be avoided, as they do not have the right experience and knowledge to transport them safely.

So, do thorough research before settling for a company. When one’s car is at stake, one should take extra care in making the decision. Start looking for an auto shipping company early so that one is ready with a contract by the time of moving day, and the car is ready to be shipped.