Vintage Vehicle Shipping Services

The Best Vintage Vehicle Shipping Services

Preparing to move anything can be stressful. Preparing to move a prize possession such as a vintage vehicle is terrifying. There’s no need to fear, though because we’ve got you covered on the best classic and vintage vehicle shipping services in the industry to put your moving mind at ease.

Where should I begin my vintage car shipping search?

Anyone will tell you that before you can even begin to prepare your vehicle for shipping, you’ll need to conduct your own research on car shipping services. There are already many services on the market that may make you feel like your head is going to explode, but the best way to ensure that your vintage vehicle is going to be taken care of with the utmost respect is to search endlessly.

Don’t know where to begin? Start with customer reviews. Search for the best services in your area and see what customers have said about their experience with them.

Vintage and classic cars will always remain a novelty. Anyone will tell you that driving on the road and passing a vintage vehicle is a breathtakingly beautiful spectacle to witness. Because of this, you should never settle on a vehicle shipping service that does not understand the financial and emotional importance of your vehicle. Always be inquisitive in your pursuit for the perfect servicer because lower rates don’t necessarily mean that you are getting the best deal/care for your vehicle.

Who comes out on top?

There are quite a few vintage vehicle shipping services to date. But there will always only be a few standout players in the game and here’s our list of the top four services out there:


What sets uShip Auto Transport apart from the rest of the competition is how versatile their services are. Whether you’re looking for door-to-door transport, enclosed shipping, online tracking, or a lift gate, uShip has got you covered.

In addition uShip offers competitive rates for their service so you can always end up saving on your shipping service.

Another thing to note about uShip Auto Transport is that they are not a transport company, rather they are a transport marketplace looking for the best auto transporters so you don’t have to.

A-1 Auto Transport

Another extraordinary service to be on the lookout for is A-1 Auto Transport. Much like uShip, A-1 Auto Transport offers the same door-to door transport, enclosed shipping, online tracking, and lift gate options. They specialize in the transport of vintage vehicles and are seen many times at trade shows to continue learning more about vintage vehicles.

If you’re interested in a more family-friendly servicer, they are family-owned and operated and have been a top competitor for the past decade for your vintage car shipping needs.

Passport Transport

This legend of a cross country car shipping service has been around for forever! They are in fact the first company licensed to take care of vintage cars in the United States. Knowing that this competitor has been around for ages and revolutionized the care of vintage vehicles is enough to pique anyone’s interest.

Just the same as Intercity Lines and uShip, Passport Transport offers door-to-door transport, lift gates, enclosed transport, and vehicle tracking to all customers. Knowing this, on top of their service expertise when it comes to vintage cars, should put them as a top competitor on your radar.

United Routes

Our final competitor for vintage vehicle shipping transport would have to be United Routes. Much like uShip, United Routes is not a car transport company. They are instead a brokerage looking for the best carrier specializing in your needs. Because they are a brokerage, they know exactly which transport companies to contact with the expertise you need in a vintage car shipping servicer.

On top of knowing exactly which carriers to get you in contact with, they are incredibly transparent. There will never be any hidden fees when working with United Routes and they excel in their customer service department.

Want even more excellence? They offer guaranteed pickup so you are never left wondering how long your vehicle will take to be transported which is a very common fear amongst car shipping customers.

Our final thoughts

We understand that shipping a vintage vehicle is not as easy as it sounds. There are many unqualified car shipping services out there. But know that there is without a doubt diamonds in the rough who are qualified and specialize in the shipping of your vintage car.

So, move forward with your head held high, because you deserve only the best for your greatest possession.