Thinking About Shipping Cars Overseas? Here’s The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

Thinking About Shipping Cars Overseas? Here's The Only Guide You'll Ever Need

So, you’re finally making that big overseas move you’ve always dreamt about; but the only thing that worries you is how to get on about shipping cars overseas? Congratulations, you have landed on the right page. By the end of this article, all your worries will dissolve into nothing.

While getting your car shipped may seem like a daunting task, in reality, it’s much more relaxed than you think.

Yes, it may appear expensive, but it’s way better than buying a new car after your move.

What are ways of getting your car shipped?

There are two straightforward methods of shipping cars overseas, by water and by air:-

By water

Most people opt to get their cars shipped by water. You pay an overseas f to get your vehicle transported; they place it on an international ship and deliver it to you when the craft arrives at the destination.

By air

There’s only a handful of people who will prefer to get their cars shipped by air as not only is this method very costly it’s also considerably unnecessary. Therefore, the only circumstances you may want to consider getting your vehicle shipped by air is if your car is truly unique, valuable, and expensive.

How to find the right company that offers overseas car shipping?

There are some steps you must follow to find the best possible company for shipping cars overseas:

  • Research

Channel your inner researcher and get going. Go to your favourite search engine and begin. The display results will show you quite a few companies. Visit their websites, note down the details of a handful of them, ensure that they offer what you are looking for, and compare the prices. Ensure that they ship from and to the location you are looking for, are a verified and insured organization, and work with freight carriers who are also verified and protected.

Any companies that don’t meet your criteria cross them off the list and look for another until you find one having everything you are looking for and is under your budget.

  • Documents

Overseas car shipping involves paperwork, including vehicle export papers and certificates of the vehicle title. If your car is under lien, you have to present the lien holder’s permission to transport the vehicle overseas. If you are still unsure about what documents to take, connect with your port of entry directly.

  • Make your car travel-ready

The only things that can go with your car are those with direct relation to it. Therefore, ensure that you remove any documents, valuables, and other items from your vehicle. The company you pick will likely inform you about what and what not to put in your car while exporting and the fuel limit allowed in the automobile.

  • Costs and shipping time

Depending on the country and the company, shipping cars overseas costs may vary, and the shipping time will also depend on the distance your vehicle will be travelling.

The car gets checked for illegal pests and rubble on arrival; hence it’s best to get your automobile washed before it reaches the port of entry.