What’s The Cost of Shipping a Vehicle From the USA to Germany? [2023 Edition]

Are you thinking about shipping a vehicle from the United States to Germany?

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Shipping a car might seem like a headache, especially when you’re sending it to another continent—but it doesn’t have to.

We’re here to present and answer the essential questions that relate to shipping a vehicle from the US to Germany so you can approach the process with confidence. While we answer important shipping questions, we’ll provide helpful tips to further point you in the right direction.

We know you’re waiting for an answer on how much shipping a car to Germany from the US costs.

Let’s cut to the chase:

What is the Price of Shipping a Vehicle to Germany from the USA?

On average, it runs between $900-$1300 to ship a single vehicle from the United States to Germany. To get a more exact figure, you’re going to have to contain an understanding of what components go into calculating a specific rate.

First off, the above quote of $900-1300 to ship a single car represents port-to-port shipping costs and does not include:

  • Vehicle collection
  • Destination fees
  • Import duties + Insurance

There are also different types of shipping methods that can either raise or reduce your overall cost, something we’ll dive into next.

Before we talk about shipping methods, here’s a quick list of factors that will impact your final shipping rate from the USA to Germany:

  • Model and year of your car
  • Your geographical location
  • The shipping service’s availability
  • Final destination within Germany
  • Vendor fees
  • German taxes and duties

What Methods Are Used to Ship Vehicles to Germany From the USA?

Shipping companies use three different methods to transport vehicles from the United States to Germany. These three shipping methods include air freight, shipping containers, and roll-on, roll-off. Shipping containers and roll on, roll off involve loading your vehicle onto a freight ship that travels across the ocean, while air freight travel utilizes a cargo aircraft during shipment.

The roll-on, roll on method is the most cost-efficient way to ship your car overseas from the US to Germany. Professionals drive your vehicle onto a ship’s deck and use fixing devices to secure your vehicle. Even though this method is the most cost-efficient, the major downside relates to exposing your car to outdoor elements during transport on the ship’s deck.

If you’re shipping a luxury vehicle, you might want to opt-out of sending your car via the roll-on, roll-off method.

Shipping containers lead the way as the most common method of transporting vehicles from the USA to Germany. While shipping containers cost a bit more than roll-on, roll-off transport, your car will be better protected through a complete enclosure. Shared containers can help you save some extra money if you’re concerned about the higher cost of shipping container transport.

Freight travel is the most expensive way to ship your vehicle. Since freight travel costs are so high, the types of people that send cars through the air tend to be transporting modern luxury or rare vintage vehicles.

After deciding which shipping method is right for you, it’s natural to wonder how far in advance you should book your transport.

How Do I Know When to Book My Time to Ship a Car to Germany?

First, you want to identify the soonest time you’ll be available to ship your vehicle. When shipping a car domestically, experts recommend booking your appointment at least 2-3 weeks in advance—but for international transport from the US to Germany, it’s better to book a couple of months ahead of time.

It’s vital to give yourself as much time as possible when booking to transport a vehicle from the United States to Germany. Sending a car across the ocean is more involved than shipping your car short, or even long-distance domestically. As a prospective shipper, you should also account for the standard waiting periods for shipments that average about 4-7 days before your vehicle makes it onto the transport device in addition to the paperwork.

How Much Time Does It Take to Ship a Vehicle to Germany From the USA?

While the general length of time it takes to ship a car from the United States to Germany is between 12-30 days, nailing down a more exact time frame depends on the location you’re sending from within the United States.

Here is a list of transit time estimations from Eastern, Midwestern, and Western portions of the United States:

  • East Coast: 11-21 days
  • Midwest: 21-33 days
  • West Coast: 28-35 days

What Is Door to Door Car Shipping?

When taking a closer look at shipping a car, it’s essential to consider the exact location that you want your car to be delivered. Door to door car shipping means that your vehicle will be delivered as close as possible to the location you provide.

People often choose door to door car shipping to save themselves the hassle of driving long distances to pick up their car from locations such as ports. After providing a door-to-door delivery location, expect to meet the shipping company at a nearby street or parking lot to receive your vehicle.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of shipping a car from the United States to Germany, let’s look at some other questions that people looking to transport their vehicle often have:

Can I Place Items in the Vehicle I Ship?

Yes, you are legally allowed to pack personal items in the car you’re shipping to Germany. It’s important to note that while packing items within your vehicle for transport is legal, shipping companies don’t take responsibility for any loss or damage that occurs to these items.

Who Should I Choose to Ship My Car?

When looking for companies that go above and beyond in transporting vehicles from the USA to Germany, consider working with Ship Vehicles.

Transparency and the availability to answer questions are a big part of what helps Ship Vehicles satisfy customers.

Here’s how Ship Vehicles works:

The first step in working with Ship Vehicles is requesting a quote. You can either call Ship Vehicles or fill out the online quote form to get a price estimate on shipping your car from the US to Germany. On business days, you can expect Ship Vehicles to get back to you within 24 hours.

After receiving your quote, the next step would involve preparing your vehicle for shipping. Cleaning your car, sealing vehicle fluids, and disabling your car alarm are all great first steps to take. Verifying that your car’s documentation is up to date is equally as important.

Ship Vehicles offers both open and enclosed transport options. Private enclosed transports are the most expensive option, but it will get your car where it needs to be quickly and safely. Care helps define the business practices of Ship Vehicles. Edges contain cushioning to provide extra protection for your vehicle with a guarantee that your car will be delivered in the condition that it was initially received in.

Positive customer feedback, over 30 years of service, and a customer satisfaction rate of nearly 100% serve to represent Ship Vehicles as a top-tier company. When evaluating companies to ship your car from the USA to Germany, working with Ship Vehicles is a safe bet.