The Cheapest Way To Ship Your Car

The Cheapest Way To Ship Your Car

Most people look for auto transport companies based on their costs, but that isn’t the right way to go about it. The cheapest way to ship car doesn’t mean choosing the company with the lowest rate or price. Several other factors come into play while choosing the company you need. Most companies, even after requesting quotes, end up charging you more through ‘hidden charges’, which is why it is important to look at all the fine print before making a decision.

Don’t worry, and we’ve explained everything below to make it a smooth ride for you.

  • Distance to be travelled

Distance is, of course, the first thing you will discuss with the auto transport company before anything else. But just deciding the miles isn’t the deal- that’s where there is a divergence. If you’re transporting along the same coastline, say the Eastern seaboard from Florida to New Jersey, the rates will significantly differ from if you’re transporting cross-country, such as from Pennsylvania to Nevada. Cross-country is more expensive and requires more services, making it essential that you choose the right company that offers you the best services.

  • Your car size, modifications, etc.

Do you own a sedan, SUV, minivan, or a vintage car? Are you transporting a boat? All these are questions that need answering, and the answers can change the weight of your wallet. Depending on the size of your vehicle, the transport company has to accommodate space in their transport trailer. The larger the vehicle, the higher the price. It would be best if you also discussed a scenario where your vehicle might take up more place than unusual; the company might not be able to transport a full load because of this, so that charges will differ.

  • Open or closed?

The type of transport you choose matters too. If you choose the conventional open trailer, you will only have to bear standard costs. But if you want your car to be safer, then you might go for enclosed transport. This will inevitably cost you more, although your car will be safer this way. Choose according to your needs.

  • Shipping season 

If you choose to transport your car during a peak time, such as during vacations, when most families or people move, your costs can go up. If the company is running frequent trips during the holiday season, then they will charge you more as well.

When you request quotes from different companies, you will notice that there is a big margin among two different companies, even though rates are pretty standard throughout the country. This is because companies operate by assessing the current rate of their transport, which means that if they’re heavily backed up by orders, they will end up offering you a low cost. Still, you will inevitably wait longer for your car to arrive. So final tip: choose a company that will insure you. This will ensure that they transport your car on time. Keep these factors in mind, and you can make a good decision and find the cheapest way to ship your car.