Student Vehicle Shipping Discounts – Save Money On Shipping A Car

Student Vehicle Shipping Discounts – Save Money On Shipping A Car

If you’re a student going to college a long way from home and you need to ship your car back home, or you need to transport a vehicle for any other reason, you may be wondering if you can qualify for any special student vehicle shipping discounts.

The answer is “yes”! Lots of auto shipping companies offer special discounts for students, so you may be able to stretch your budget and ship your car for less if you choose one of these companies. Learn more below, and see how you can save when shipping your car back home.

How Can I Find Student Vehicle Shipping Discounts?

If you’ve already found a car shipping provider that you’re interested in using, one of the best things to do is just check out their website. They may list student discounts online, along with other discounts for seniors, veterans and active US military service members, and first responders like police and firefighters.

If you can’t find any information on the website, you can also call the car shipping provider directly to inquire about student vehicle shipping discounts. It never hurts to ask – and you could save quite a bit of money by asking around!

How Do I Prove That I’m A Student & Get My Discount?

Depending on the shipping provider, you may need to provide one or all of the following documents to prove your student status and get student vehicle shipping discounts.

  • Student ID – Your school-issued photo ID is usually the first thing an auto shipping company will ask for to prove your student status, so make sure to scan or photocopy your ID, and make sure it’s still valid.
  • Student email address – In some cases, a .edu email address from your college or university will be required to prove your student status.
  • Official school correspondence – Enrollment letters, course sign ups, acceptance letters, and other official school correspondence may be required by some car shipping companies to ensure you’re currently still in school.

How Else Can I Save Money When Shipping My Car?

Student vehicle shipping discounts help make car shipping more affordable, but there are also some other steps you can take to reduce the cost of shipping your vehicle.

  • Plan ahead – In general, the longer in advance you ship your car, the less you’ll pay. In contrast, if you need to ship a car urgently on a short schedule, you’ll pay more – so try to plan ahead and keep your schedule as flexible as possible.
  • Choose open-air transport – Open-air transport is cheaper than closed trailer transport, so it’s a better option for most students.
  • Pick terminal-to-terminal shipping – In this type of shipping, you need to drive your car to a shipping terminal, and then pick it up at a shipping terminal near its destination. This is in contrast to “door-to-door” shipping, where your car is picked up and dropped off directly at your door. Door-to-door shipping is convenient, but is usually more expensive, so terminal-to-terminal shipping is a cheaper option. Is Here For Students Who Need Affordable Car Shipping Services

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