Shipping Your Car From New York To Florida

Shipping Your Car From New York To Florida

Auto transport along New York and Florida is one of the busiest routes in America. So if you’re planning a move to Florida, permanent or temporary, you’ll need a shipping company to transport your car.

Driving the entire distance will be tiring and expensive. The distance between New York and Florida is approximately 1,100-1,400 miles. So, you’re looking at a drive that can last around 19-22 hours!

Most people who head down to Florida are looking to beat the New York winter and get some Florida sun. If you’re a part of this seasonal migration bunch, then you will have realized that shipping your car is the safest way to get it to Florida.

Below we’ve answered some of the basic questions that you might have, especially if this is the first time that you’re shipping your car from ny to Florida.

  • How long does it take to ship the car?

Depending on where your starting and ending location is, the distance can range from around 1,100-1,400 miles. The time for transit also depends on the mode of transport you choose. If you’ve chosen conventional closed transport, it will take about three days if they cover 500 miles per day. Hence, auto transport companies might offer you a window of 3-5 days within which they can transport your car to the location.

  • What is the approximate cost?

An average quote given by a company can range from $1,100-$1,700. This depends on the kind of car that is being transported- the rate will differ for cars, SUVs, trucks, sedans, and vintage cars. The mode of transport also determines how much the transit will cost you. Closed transport will cost more than open transport, and air transport will cost more than truck carriers.

  • Is there a good time to transport your car cheaply?

The routes between Florida and New York are some of the busiest routes year-round, especially during the holiday seasons and prior to the vacations. The busiest times are between October and March, the main time period that holiday-goers use for travelling. The busiest times mean higher rates for transport. The time slot we recommend for you to ship your car from ny to Florida is early September and mid-April.

  • Does the type of car make a difference?

Yes, a lot of difference. As mentioned before, if you’re shipping a car, the rate will differ from that for an SUV, truck, and so on. Vintage cars need more care, and thus you would opt for enclosed transport, which is more expensive. If you need a boat transported, the requirements for safe transit change and will have a bearing on the costs.

Ultimately, your car needs to be transported safely. The services provided by the company should also be looked at. When requesting quotes, check for insurance coverage. Companies that are willing to insure your car while transporting are more responsible and will deliver on time. Choose according to your needs and comfort.