Shipping Your Car Across Country – A How To Guide

Are you preparing to move cross country and are not sure what to expect from a car shipping service? Today, we will break down all the variables that you should consider for a cross country transport journey for your vehicle so that you’re not left in the dark when preparing for your move.

What is cross country shipping?

Cross country shipping is a shipping service that travels, in this case, from state to state to deliver your vehicle directly to your home or to the nearest pickup facility.

How do I ship my vehicle across the country?

There are a number of ways and services to consider when shipping your vehicle across country. The first thing to consider is where is your vehicle ending up? Are you simply moving from the west coast to the east coast or vice versa? Or are you moving from the continental US to Hawaii or Alaska?

The reason that you’ll want to break this down first and foremost is because if you are shipping your vehicle through mainland US, there is no need to hire a vehicle transport service specializing in water shipping.

Another element to consider when preparing to ship your vehicle is your budget. Do you have the funds available to create a tailor-made shipping experience that puts your vehicle in the spotlight, or are you looking for the cheapest option to fit your budget? Considering your budget will effectively narrow in on which service works best for you.

How much does it cost to ship a vehicle?

Depending on which service you opt in for, the size of your vehicle, as well as the destination of your move, will affect the cost of shipping your vehicle. But here’s a breakdown of what to expect from your average servicer. On average, you will pay $1.96/mile for a short distance move (1-500 miles). For “medium” distance moves, you will pay $0.93/mile (500-1000 miles). And finally, for a long distance move, you are looking at a cost of $0.58/mile (1500 and plus miles). If you were to calculate the median mileage cost in all three of these scenarios, you respectively pay around $600, $950, and $900 to ship your vehicle.

Again, this is a rough estimate of what you will be paying for the land shipping of your vehicle as many services have varying costs.

Other things to consider when shipping your vehicle:

Date of shipping

Depending on what time of year you’re shipping your vehicle, as well as how far out you book your shipping date, your shipping costs will vary. It’s no lie that moving in the summer is by far the most expensive season to ship a vehicle. So, consider the time of year you are preparing to move and budget accordingly.

Are you booking a last minutes service? This will also effectively increase the price you will pay for your vehicle to be shipped. The best advice that we could possibly provide is to research what kind of service works for your needs ahead of time and to be prepared to book in advance for that servicer.

Type of Transport

Are you looking for a more tailor-made car transport experience? Where perhaps your vehicle is not exposed to the elements and is the only vehicle being shipped by your servicer? This will ensure that your shipping costs are more expensive, so be prepared for those added costs.

Looking for the cheapest way to ship your vehicle possible? Then you should opt in for the open-carrier shipping method. This method is used by thousands of movers each year and always presents a more budget-friendly way to ship your vehicle.

Looking for an even more budget friendly way to ship your vehicle? Consider a DIY method of shipping that involves either yourself, family, or friends pitching in to cover the shipping of your vehicle.

Shipping time

On average, it takes about two weeks to ship a vehicle. You need to know this ahead of time so that you are prepared to be without your vehicle for a prolonged period of time. If, however, you cannot be without your vehicle for this extended period of time, you can also find a servicer who provides a faster shipping service for an added cost.

What should I do moving forward?

Shipping a vehicle across the country is a time-consuming process that can make you feel limited in your choices. But the best way to move forward with preparing for a move is to find an auto transporter that is compatible with you. Whether that be through decades of experience, reliability, transport options, or quality customer service, there will always be someone there to fit your budget and needs.

Get ready for your next adventure!