Shipping A Sprinter Van – What You Should Know About Commercial Van Shipping

What You Should Know About Commercial Van Shipping

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a very popular van platform, and a wide variety of companies use Sprinters in their fleets. From utility workers to home contractors, logistics partners working for companies like Amazon, and many more, Sprinters are a common sight throughout the US.

But if you’re interested in shipping a Sprinter van, you may be wondering how this works – or if it’s even possible to work with an auto shipping company to ship your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Find out in this blog from

It’s Possible To Ship A Sprinter Van With Any Major Auto Transport Company

Auto transport companies don’t just transport passenger vehicles like minivans, trucks, SUVs, and smaller coupes and sedans. They can transport just about any commercial vehicle, too, and that includes Sprinter vans.

If you’re interested in shipping a Sprinter van – either a short distance or across the country – you’ll have no trouble finding an auto shipping company to take on your job. There are many reasons you may need to ship a Sprinter van, such as:

  • Transporting a newly-purchased Sprinter to your location
  • Selling an old Sprinter and shipping it to the buyer
  • Moving Sprinter vans around between multiple cities or states
  • Shipping a van to a shop for refitting, repairs, or upgrades

Shipping A Sprinter Van Is More Expensive Than Shipping A Passenger Vehicle

While you can definitely ship a Sprinter van, you should expect to pay significantly more to ship your van compared to shipping a passenger car. This is because, while Sprinters are not significantly heavier than passenger vehicles, they are much taller.

In fact, Sprinters and comparable cargo vans like the Ram Promaster 3500 are so tall that they cannot usually be carried on traditional open air car carriers. You’ve probably seen these on the highway – they can be used to carry up to 10 cars or more at a time, depending on the size.

Sprinters are too tall and bulky to be carried on a standard car carrier, so they usually must be shipped on the back of a flatbed. At most, 2 Sprinters or other similar large trucks or vans can be carried on a flatbed.

So in a traditional car carrier, you’re sharing the costs of transport with up to 9 or more other vehicles – but with flatbed Sprinter van shipping, you may have to pay the entire cost yourself. This leads to a higher overall price.

Will All Auto Shipping Companies Help Me With Shipping A Sprinter Van?

This depends on the auto shipping company. Some auto shippers focus only on passenger cars, and don’t have the flatbeds, experienced drivers, and powerful trucks you need to ship Sprinter vans.

We recommend contacting a prospective shipping partner directly to ask about their commercial vehicle shipping services, and to find out if they will help you with shipping a Sprinter van.

Need Shipping For A Sprinter Or Other Commercial Van? Get In Touch!

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