Shipping A Fire Truck – Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know

Shipping A Fire Truck – Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know

Whether you work for a fire department and are interested in shipping a fire truck with the help of, or you’re just wondering how these massive fire engines are hauled to their destinations, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll discuss the basics of fire truck shipping and what you can expect from the process.

How Are Fire Trucks Shipped?

Fire trucks are typically shipped using a specialized flatbed trailer such as a lowboy. Lowboys have a very low bed height, so they help ensure that the fire truck’s height does not exceed state limits, which would require oversize load designation.

Typically, the truck will be driven onto the flatbed under its own power, but if the truck is inoperable, specialized winches and other machinery will be necessary to haul it into position and to unload it at its destination.

When shipping a fire truck, it’s important to work with a vehicle shipping provider that has expert drivers, trucks powerful enough to carry the load safely, and the tools and equipment required to secure the truck properly and keep it in place throughout the transportation and shipping process.

Do Fire Trucks Count As Oversize Loads?

This depends on the type of fire truck. If you go by the dimensions and size of the truck alone, most fire trucks don’t count as oversize loads, because they are designed and built to be small enough to operate on standard roads.

This means they usually are not wider than 8.5 feet, which is the most typical state-level width requirement for a load qualifying as an oversize load, and they are usually shorter than 48-53 feet, which is the typical length requirement to qualify a fire truck as an oversize load.

In addition, most urban and suburban fire trucks weigh in at about 35,000 lbs, which is far below the requirement for an oversize load (80,000 lb gross weight including the semi-tractor, trailer, and load hauled by the tractor).

However, some types of specialized fire trucks – like fire trucks with tanks to haul water for rural firefighting – may exceed 50,000 lbs. It’s best to discuss the specifics of the truck with your shipping provider to determine whether or not it counts as an oversize load.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Fire Truck?

This depends on how much the truck weighs, its dimensions, and whether or not it qualifies as an oversize load. Trucks that require oversize load designation will be much more expensive to transport, as permits will need to be secured, and one or more pilot vehicles may need to be hired to follow and lead the truck as it’s being transported.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to shipping a vehicle as specialized and unique as a fire truck. Each municipality has its own trucks that can vary widely in size, dimensions, purposes, and value, and this must be taken into account when you get a quote for shipping a fire truck.

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