What is Our Community Impact?

We at Ship Vehicles, understand that we have a large impact on the communities in which we work. Our company contributes to the local economy and the overall identity of these communities. We take our role in these communities very seriously and make a conscious effort to give back. It is our goal to support organizations, institutions and concepts that assist everyone while providing special attention to the under-served sectors.

Currently, we have a few ways in which we are working toward this goal and are always seeking new opportunities to enact positive change. We serve consumers all over North America and strive to make a difference in every state, city and county in which our business operates.

Charitable Donations

Charitable sponsorships and donations are perhaps the biggest aspect of our Community Impact programs. It’s very important to us to creating progressive, lasting change in the areas where we have a presence. We strongly support the countless nonprofits that work in and help to improve these communities. Additionally, at Ship Vehicles, we look to our employee family and provide support to organizations or causes that they stand behind.

In the past we’ve given back to initiatives that give aid to small businesses, mentorship programs for young and ambitious entrepreneurs, and the community resources that help businesses and communities alike. By supporting these nonprofits and community programs, we are able to improve and empower the local communities to the best of our ability. We are very passionate about always being a part of the solution.

Youth Sports Programs

Whether it be high school, college or recreational sports, numerous opportunities exist to support underfunded youth programs. We understand that sports are an imperative outlet and also an incredible way to appreciate working as a team toward a common goal. Sports teaches our youth essential life lessons about dedication, hard work and oftentimes sacrifice.

We contribute donations for equipment to youth leagues and teams, as well as corporate sponsorships for programs in need. Providing support to these programs is a very important piece of our business model. We are beyond proud and honored to be supporters of these schools and youth organizations that are fostering the leaders of tomorrow.


We are constantly seeking new and positive ways to make a difference in our communities. If you have an idea that you’d like to present to us, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with anyone from our team today.