According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, transportation accounts for nearly a third of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the United States. More specifically, highway vehicles constitute 72 percent of the total transportation emissions.

Undoubtedly, vehicle emissions have a major impact on environmental and even personal health. It’s essential that companies all across the globe work to reduce their emissions and help decrease the overall pollution.

Factoring in these emissions and the ever-increasing cost of fuel, it is our mission at Ship Vehicles to always pursue sustainability. Our main goal is to be an exemplary green company for our customers and our planet.

What are we doing to reduce our environmental footprint?

Here are some of the many steps and substantiality efforts that we, as a company, are doing to prevent any negative impacts on our world:

  • We provide “green training” for all our employees and hold frequent meetings and conferences to discuss topics relating to sustainability.
  • Our break rooms in our office are always fully stocked with reusable, eco-friendly utensils and cookware.
  • We’ve upgraded all our light bulbs to energy efficient, LEDs. This saves energy and money!
  • Most of our correspondence is email or internet based. We avoid the use of physical paper wherever possible and instead use virtual, digital paper trails.
  • Our employees initiate sleep mode and/or a power saving feature on any equipment to reduce our power consumption. We also shut off any unnecessary power when our office is not in use.
  • We primarily use local vendors for our business purchases. Things like office supplies, business cards and catering are purchased locally and therefore, helps stimulate the local economy.
  • Proper recycling, waste and compost receptacles are provided and easily accessible throughout our office. They are also labeled so everyone knows what goes in each.
  • Recently, our office bathrooms have been outfitted with low-flow toilets to help conserve water.
  • We also avoid using any paper towel products in the restrooms. Instead, we have air hand dryers provided.
  • Bike racks are installed in the front of our building to encourage employees and customers to bike to work.
  • Our community service policy for our employees offers many volunteer opportunities throughout the year.
  • We’ve gifted all of our employees personal reusable water bottles so we can prevent any paper cup waste.

We are also doing everything within our power, outside of the office, to encourage conscientious use of energy and other natural resources. In order to cut down on emissions and annual cost of fuel, all of our trucks are fuel efficient.

Our Next Big Step

As a California business, it is our goal to become certified through the California Green Business Program. This program certifies local California businesses that meet the highest principles of sustainability and environmental performance. We want to align our business with our values and that is why we are currently seeking certification.

Stay tuned as we continue to improve our sustainability efforts to better serve our consumers and our planet as a whole!