Long-Distance Car Buying and Having it Shipped

cost to ship a car CA to NY

Nowadays, long-distance car buying is much more common and there are numerous benefits involved in purchasing a vehicle out of state. In most cases, you’ve found your dream car that only comes along once in a lifetime, has the perfect options, low mileage and is within your price range. With plenty of reputable online car-buying websites (insert link to “best online car buying sites of 2020” article) in 2020, you’ll often find that shopping is more convenient and easier than ever. Using the array of internet search tools, you are able to browse a much larger pool of new, used and specialty vehicles than you would navigating between dealerships.

So, you’ve found your ideal vehicle however, it’s located in another state. What happens next? After you’ve completed your long-distance purchase, you’ll need to consider how to have the car shipped to you. Thankfully, transporting a car via an auto transport service is even simpler than buying one. We’ve outlined the steps you need to take to have your new car shipped and also shed some light on the entire sight unseen buying process.

Why purchase a car from out of state?

You may choose to search for your new vehicle outside of your city or state and there are a lot of good reasons to do so. Most likely the best reason to pursue purchasing a car out of state is the price differences. Also, a lack of options at local dealerships that fit within your desired make, model, year or option packages is another great motive to shift your search to online.

If you’re looking to find a deal, you’ll notice these price differences in many cities around the country. Places like Miami, typically have more cars than they do buyers and therefore, prices are more practical. However, in a city like Los Angeles owning a car is essential and the population is high so vehicle prices are generally higher. Thankfully, car buyers in pricier cities can turn to online car-buying to find great deals and then just have it shipped to their location.

However, finding the best deal may not be your motivation for searching long-distance. Perhaps dealerships in your area simply do not have what it is you’re looking for. The online car buying market is especially popular among those that are searching for classic, unique or exotic vehicles. Car collectors can often, very easily, find the vehicle of their dreams by shopping long distance. Now that most dealerships across the country are listing their inventory online, the options are endless.

Where do I look for cars when shopping long distance?

Nowadays, purchasing a car online and paying for an auto transport service could actually be easier and less stressful than buying locally from a dealership. Online car buying websites (insert link to “best online car buying sites of 2020” article) like AutoTrader and CarsDirect provide advanced filtering tools and helpful resources to aid in your search. With these sites, you have the opportunity to browse an inventory of millions of new and used vehicles for sale by dealerships and private dealers. There are also auction sites to help you find an even better deal online.

In addition to online car-buying websites, you can search for vehicles in online newspapers in the classified section. Like anything, you’ll want to use caution when buying off the internet. However, you are in great hands with the numerous amounts of trustworthy and reliable services online. Do your research, take a good look at the car history reports and consider hiring a mobile inspector to vet the vehicle before buying.

How do I buy an out-of-state vehicle?

You might assume that you need to have cash on hand to purchase from a long-distance dealer. However, you can still apply and be approved for a car loan even if you’re not purchasing from a local dealer. Oftentimes, you’ll find better deals on financing through your own bank than the dealership. Each lender will have differing terms and conditions but most of them will allow borrowers to use their car or personal loan to buy a vehicle from a different state. Keep in mind that the lenders may not include the auto transport or tax expenses in your loan.

Why use an auto transport service to ship your car?

Although you could choose to fly to the seller’s location and drive your new vehicle home, shipping your car is the smarter option. Shipping is safer, hassle-free and won’t add any additional mileage to your vehicle.

The Interstate highways throughout the U.S are incredibly dangerous and accidents occur frequently. Reduce your risk by opting to let the professionals handle the transport of your car. Additionally, road trips, especially if long-distance, can put wear and tear on your vehicle resulting in future costly repairs. Not to mention, the substantial number of miles that will be tacked on to your odometer.

The price of a cross-country road trip is comparable to the price of having your vehicle shipped. In fact, driving across the country may actually be more expensive in the long run. Also, depending on the distance, it could be a significant time commitment. The cost of gas, food and lodging along the way can end up costing you more than it would cost to use an auto transport service.

How does car shipping work when buying from an out-of-state dealer?

Your first step after purchasing your vehicle from another state is to speak with a car transport company. Have peace of mind and know that your car will arrive safely and securely by putting it in the hands of professionals.

In order to better understand auto transport services, we’ll help you recognize how the following impacts the price you pay:

  • The distance your vehicle will travel – You can typically expect to pay more money when shipping your vehicle longer distances. However, when your car is traveling further, shipping costs will usually be lower per mile.
  • Size of the vehicle – The weight of your car is heavily factored into your shipping cost. The heavier the vehicle, the more you will pay because the more fuel truckers will need to use. Also, heavily modified, extra-long or extra-wide vehicles will typically cost more to ship because they can be difficult to load and take up more space on the trailer.
  • Pick-up and drop-off locations – Shipping to and from major metro areas with easy access to major highways may result in a lower quote. Whereas, retrieving your new vehicle from a more rural location, that is inconvenient for haulers to access, will typically end up costing the company more money. Therefore, you’ll be charge more in order to compensate.
  • Specific options you choose – You have the option to choose been open and enclosed transport as well as private or shared. Depending on the options you decide to go with, your quote will vary.
  • Time of year – The auto transport industry has high and low seasons just like any other. Prices change with the demand throughout the year. The literal season will also affect your quote because weather plays a huge role in the possible delay of shipping. Take a look at our article about “The Best Time of Year to Ship a Car” (insert link to this article) to learn more.

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