Is It Safe to Ship a Car During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

While most were being required to shelter in place, auto transport companies and carriers continued to work. However, it isn’t quite “business as usual.” In March, the Department of Homeland Security declared Transportation as an essential sector during the pandemic. The Homeland Security websites states that critical infrastructure sectors are those, “whose assets, systems, and networks, whether physical or virtual, are considered so vital to the United States that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, national economic security, national public health or safety, or any combination thereof.”

Like almost all aspects of life during this unparalleled time, proper precautions and extra preparation have had to become the norm. So, is it safe to ship a car during the Coronavirus pandemic? The short answer is yes. However, in this article we’ll help to ease any worries you have about shipping a vehicle during a pandemic and why now might actually be a better time than ever.

Why ship a vehicle during a pandemic?

Despite the current pandemic, there are a variety of reasons why someone may decide to transport a vehicle. The virus has, believe or not, increased the need for auto transport services. Here are some examples why people are shipping their cars right now:

  • Students moving home from college – At the start of the pandemic we saw college campuses shutting down and students rushing home. Now that graduations have completed, many students are returning to campus solely to move out and gather all of their belongings. This includes the shipping of vehicles; especially if the student’s college campus is a far distance from their home.
  • Moving during the pandemic – Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons, many have been forced to relocate and move from their current situations. Whether they’re doing this to isolate themselves or because of financial hardship, it may make sense and be safer to ship any personal vehicles to your desired destination.
  • Gifting a vehicle to someone in need – With the current state of the world, a lot of people are struggling. If you’re planning on giving a vehicle to a friend, family member or just someone in need, shipping the car saves you the time it would be to drive it.

To protect yourself from the virus, the CDC recommends keeping a 6-foot distance as well as wearing a face mask or covering when around others. They caution to avoid any close contact and with these sorts of precautions in place, you might assume that avoiding auto transport is your best bet. However, it’s actually safer than transporting it yourself via a road trip.

When driving a vehicle from one location to another, you will inevitably end up making quite a few stops along the way. This is especially true if you are driving long distance and need to stop for lodging, gas, food, exploring etc. While these pitstops are typical during a road trip, they now have to be seen as a chance to possibly be exposed to the Coronavirus or risk exposing others. There’s no denying that staying home right now is the safest option and a long drive can greatly increase your risks.

This is exactly why auto transport is a better, safer option during these unprecedented times. In most cases, a transporter can carry more than a dozen vehicles at a time. Think of it like this: That is, at the very least, a dozen people who are not on the roads, not out in public and not potentially exposing themselves or others. Therefore, shipping your vehicle right now will actually keep you and everyone else safer from the Coronavirus.

How do I ship my vehicle safely?

In order to ship your vehicle safely during the pandemic, you’ll want to take all the necessary precautions. This includes, thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing your vehicle prior to transport and properly protecting yourself when meeting with the vehicle hauler.

Although it’s already recommended to deep clean and remove any personal items from your vehicle before shipping, you should also disinfect. Wipe down the interior of your vehicle with disinfectant in order to further prevent the spread of the virus and kill anything that could be harmful. The transporter of your vehicle will need to briefly be inside to move it on and off of the trailer. In order to keep your transporter and yourself safe, take the extra time to make sure the interior is clean and sanitized.

When dropping off and picking up your vehicle, you will have to come into contact with your vehicle hauler. In this case, you should follow all of the same protocols as you do whenever you go out to the grocery store, post office or anywhere else in public. We recommend using a mask, gloves and having sanitizer or disinfectant with you at all times. Also, be sure to stay the recommended 6 feet away from your vehicle hauler by placing keys or any documents on the car and stepping away. By not traditionally handling these items over to each other, you’re reducing contact and therefore reducing risk.

What precautions can auto transport companies take against the Coronavirus?

Although face to face interactions are still standard during pickup and drop off, due to the isolated nature of truck driving, drivers are guaranteed some level of protection. However, auto transport carriers are recommended to engage in the following safe practices to protect themselves and the vehicle owners:

  • Practice social distancing – Though truck driving is typically an isolated job, drivers will have to come into contact with people at pitstops and during pickup and drop off. They should keep the recommended six feet distance at all times.
  • Wash hands frequently – This is especially important on the road and when stepping outside of the transport.
  • Sanitize surfaces – When moving vehicles onto the trailer, drivers should disinfect the surfaces that they touch before and after.
  • If showing Coronavirus symptoms, stay off the road – Carriers should not drive and should seek medical attention immediately if they suspect that they have any symptoms. Drivers that have a history of respiratory problems or a compromised immune system should exercise extreme caution or consider suspending transporting for the time being.

Ready to ship your vehicle?

If you’ve concluded that, for whatever reason, you’re ready to have your vehicle shipped, you’re in the right place. In fact, vehicle transport quotes have not seen this much of a dip since the 2008-2009 Recession. Now is a better time than any to have your vehicle brought to you instead of sitting idly in a driveway or garage.

With so much to worry and stress about during this pandemic, we at Ship Vehicles would be happy to take the hassle of auto transport off your hands. Help protect yourself and others by staying off the road and hire a reputable auto transport company for the job. If you’re looking for a trustworthy transport company that will ensure that your vehicle arrives safely to its final destination, we’re here to help. Our experts are ready and willing to answer any questions or concerns that you may have during this time. Give us a call today or reach out online for more information and a no-obligation quote.