Interstate Vehicle Shipping

Maybe you’re preparing to move from one state to another? Or you’re selling your vehicle across state lines? Or perhaps, you’re even moving a vehicle for your college student to another state? Whatever the reason is for shipping your vehicle across state lines, we’re here to walk you through what interstate vehicle shipping looks like.

What are my options for interstate vehicle shipping?

When it comes to interstate shipping, you’ve got a few options of shipping to fit your budget and needs.

Drive your vehicle yourself

This method is self-explanatory. Maybe you’re struggling to scrape up cash to pay a vehicle shipping company or perhaps have issues trusting anyone else to deliver your vehicle in one piece to its final destination? This method gives you individual freedom over your move.

Not only do you have more freedom to do whatever you please with this shipping method, this option is very appealing to those of you who are looking for a more scenic experience to vehicle shipping. By all means, you can construct an entire scenic tour of the U.S. with this option.

Hire a vehicle shipping transporter

This is described as one of the safest options when it comes to vehicle shipping. Not only are you dealing with a service that hires individuals who specialize in the shipping of vehicles short and long distances, you’re also choosing an option that could potentially be overall cheaper than you driving your vehicle yourself.

Additionally, if you research the best auto transporters within the industry, your vehicle will also be fully insured by the transporter.

The only downside to this method is the extensive amount of research needed on your end in order to find the service that best fits your needs as well as your budget.

Hire a driver

Perhaps the idea of hiring a vehicle shipping transporter does not appeal to you because it does not fit the image of what car transporting looks like? Then another option to consider would be hiring a driver to transport your vehicle.

This option gives you more freedom in the planning and execution of your interstate vehicle shipping.

Perhaps you even know someone within your family or friend group that would handle your car with the utmost care?

Still, if you do not have someone in your personal life that is willing to drive your vehicle across state lines or better yet, no one you trust with vehicle transport, there are a number of industry professionals who drive vehicles fit for interstate moves.

How to hire an auto transporter or driver for my interstate vehicle shipping?

There are a number of ways to find the proper auto transporter or driver for your interstate shipping needs.

When looking for an auto transporter, we recommend narrowing your search on servicers who understand and operate throughout all 50 states. This will ensure that you are hiring the best of the best in the industry. We also recommend looking for the most reliable transporters before committing to a service.

Interstate vehicle shipping means that the overall process of shipping is elongated and committing to a servicer that is often evasive will frustrate you more than help simplify your move.

This same mentality goes for hiring a driver to ship your vehicle. In the case of hiring family, friends, or other people you are acquainted with, communication will likely be high, ensuring that your vehicle is in good hands and you are stress-free.

Although hiring a professional driver to handle your vehicle can be nerve-racking, this option is much more open to communication as compared to hiring a car transporter. What will likely ensue when hiring a car transporter is that your hauler will be transporting a number of other vehicles along your route, leaving less of a personalized experience in your interstate vehicle shipping. With a driver, you can build a rapport that eases your stress at the thought of someone shipping your vehicle

Still feeling apprehensive?

We get it. Moving a vehicle is the undertaking of the century. However, there always are options to customize the overall experience for you.

Start ahead. Contemplate if you are comfortable driving your own vehicle from one state to another. If that doesn’t work, there are always family members and friends willing to help out. But even if that isn’t an option, there are professional drivers who specialize in vehicle transport. But maybe that option doesn’t appeal to your needs? Well then, there is always an auto transporter.

See, your options really are endless. Just breathe and think about what the perfect move is for you and just go with it.