How to Ship Car from California to Boston – Do’s and Don’ts

How to Ship Car from California to Boston – Do’s and Don’ts

Traveling from one place to another, or shifting from one location to another, usually entails a hoard of other headaches besides the usual clamor overbooking tickets. Moving a car from one state to another can be a tricky process indeed unless you know the ins and outs of shipping companies that offer the shifting of vehicles.

The Basics

First and foremost, you’d need to do some proper research to figure out your budget and which shipping company you want to hire for the job. Once you contact the agency, the next step is to get in touch with your shipping agent and provide him with the necessary details like your address, required date and time, model of car, etc.

The distance between California and Boston is around 3000 miles, with the former located on the western edge of the United States, looking out into the North Pacific Ocean, and the latter on the eastern edge, looking out into the North Atlantic Ocean. It takes approximately 45-50 hours to travel between these two places by car.

Steps to Ensure Maximum Security

One of the first things you need to do is avail the tracking option, so you can know where the specific location of your vehicle is as it is being moved. Although shipping companies usually provide insurance against car thefts or road accidents during the process of moving, it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

Secondly, make sure that there is sufficient fuel in your car to allow it to be suitably moved during relocation – no one wants to push a vehicle around, especially if it’s a heavy one. However, don’t add too much fuel – since that will only add to the car’s weight.

The Bill of Lading

The Bill of Lading is an important legal document issued by one party to the other, carrying the specifics about the car being moved – its weight, price, color, owner details, and so on. In other words, it is the bill of a contract between the owner of the car and the shipping company and helps to warrant car insurance against theft, damages, etc.

Big Vehicles vs. Small Vehicles

As is evident, the cost of shipping big cars is significantly greater than the cost of moving small ones. You need to contact the shipping company and ask around for the requisite measurements, weight, model numbers, etc., and get pricing on the shifting. Since the smaller cars are loaded onto trucks, a bigger car (or a truck itself) may induce heavier charges owing to the difficulty in maneuvering, shipment, etc.

In conclusion, a large number of websites and agencies will allow you to move your car from California to Boston in a matter of 6-8 working days. All you need to do is get your documents in order, take care of the Bill of Lading, keep in contact with your shipping agent, and one will take the best care of!