How to Ship a Vehicle from New York to Florida

Are you preparing for your next move down the coast to Florida? Or are you perhaps escaping the sunshine state for the big city life of New York?

Today, we are going to walk you through exactly how to ship your vehicle up and down the coast!


First things first

Something to consider about this route of shipping a vehicle is knowing exactly what you are getting yourself into. Aside from summer being one of the busiest seasons to move, this route is quite the traveling debacle considering one select group of people. These people are called the snowbirds and they frequently ship vehicles out of state.They are the individuals who escape from the cold northern states (New York) to the warm sunshine state of Florida. They migrate bi-annually and because of their migration, this shipping route becomes one of the most complicated shipping routes for any vehicle.

What do we recommend doing?

Like any wise person will tell you, moving does not have to be difficult. There are sound steps to take to alleviate tension and overall ensure a much easier move. That same logic can be applied here. Being aware of the snowbirds, helps set expectations for the shipping service you will receive. If higher rates and longer shipping times do not sound appealing to you, then there is a way to simplify this process.

Know the migration season

Since the snowbirds are what you want to avoid, knowing exactly when they start their migration to Florida is essential. This migration begins at the start to the middle of October. Now that you know when the season begins, you’ll also want to know when the switch back to New York occurs. In this case, most snowbirds head back to New York around the end of March to the start of April.

Aside from the migration season of snowbirds, there is also one season you cannot forget, and that is summer. This is hands-down the busiest season to plan a move. So our advice is to avoid it altogether if you can.

Although it may seem impossible considering that you will want to avoid two seasons of travel, this actually leaves a perfect chunk of time to make a seamless trip from New York to Florida for your vehicle. If that is what you are looking for, of course.

How much does it cost to ship?

Depending on your starting location as well as the size of the vehicle you are shipping, car shipping rates vary from $1100- $1600 from New York to Florida.

Keep in mind, there is not a one-size-fits-all shipping method that we all must follow in order to have a successful move. The rate above is calculated as the price of hiring a transport service to take care of the shipping for you This will include open and closed carriers that many people depend on.

That however does not mean that you cannot get creative with shipping your own vehicle. Many people do not have the money to invest in hiring a servicer to ship their vehicles. So, of course, many opt-in for the do-it-yourself method. Relying on yourself or commissioning your family and friends to drive a vehicle for you is always an option. This is also the perfect method for those seeking a more scenic route from one destination to another. Therefore, there is always a way to cut down on costs if you are willing to put in a little creativity and effort.