How to Ship a Car from Anchorage to Seattle

Preparing for a move is already an undertaking, preparing to ship your car overseas is an even greater task. We’re here to help you breathe easy and offer insight on how to ship your car from Anchorage to Seattle, or vice versa.

Surprisingly enough this shipping process is one of the most common of oversea shipping services. That should be encouraging, right? It is. This service has been perfected since its popularity, so what are your options?

What’s the Canada route?

For those that are trying to stay away from all possibilities of shipping a vehicle overseas, this option is appealing. Going through Canada is even more tempting if you are trying to gain as much control of your shipping process as possible. Here’s why.

Drive it Yourself

If you’re willing to take on the task of shipping your vehicle yourself, you can do just that with this option. Longing for adventure? This is the perfect time to start planning. The drive from Anchorage to Seattle amounts to 42 hours across 2,260.4 miles. Sounds perfect for those looking for some scenic views along the way. And let’s face it, there’s so much simplicity in getting a car and driving it yourself.

The only problem?

Well, let’s be honest there are quite a few variables here that are cause for concern. One of them being safety. If you know your car well and know that it can handle a multitude of terrains and nonstop driving, then this is still a highly sought after option. But what if you’ve never taken a road trip with your car before? Or how about if you are driving an older model? All of these factors can cause you stress. The likelihood of your car breaking down is increased with this driving route.

Another point of contention is with your wallet. As you continue your drive through Canada, you’ll soon discover the expenses along the way. Gas prices are much higher there as well as food. So, it’s very likely that this trip could become more expensive than a shipping service rather quickly.

And finally the big area of concern is time. Your time is valuable when moving. And one of the benefits of hiring a shipping service is that it takes the time and energy that you could have spent on moving your own car and applies it to adding time for more relaxation or ensuring that you have the most successful move.

Overseas Shipping

This is by far the most popular option of shipping a vehicle to or from Anchorage. The reason for this is that it avoids the hassle and expenses of Canada. You’ll also find that this option can be much cheaper than hiring a shipping service that will drive your car through Canada. Again, it’s all thanks to those Canadian expenses that are racked up along the way.

This option is wonderful for the mover that is looking to wipe their hands clean of work. There are many ships and barges capable of massive, hundred cars at a time transport. And the best part? Whether you’re moving to Seattle or Anchorage, both cities are located by ports, so once your vehicle arrives at port, you don’t have to worry about driving loads of miles to get to it.

Overland Shipping Service

If pricing the shipping of your car is really not a concern for you, then this option is perfect. There are fewer companies that will transport your car, however, if this is the method that speaks to you than by all means take it on.

Because fewer companies are willing to make this drive, you can rest easy knowing that car transport service is highly skilled at what they do. So your car will definitely be in good hands.

Again, the best thing to do in this case is research your options, read reviews, and match yourself to the best car transport company for you.

Whichever way you choose to ship your vehicle, your adventure awaits.