How To Safely Ship Your Car From Florida To New Jersey

How To Safely Ship Your Car From Florida To New Jersey

Planning a move from Florida to New Jersey? Need to know the safest way to ship your car from Florida to New Jersey? And want it cheap?

We’ve got you covered. When moving your car, there are certainly some pointers that you need to know before shipping your vehicle. There are many aspects involved while deciding the transit of your car. Here we shall discuss some of the basics involved in car shipping, so keep reading.

Logistics of the transit

The distance between Florida and New Jersey is 1200 miles. Since they are both located on the Eastern Seaboard, there is no need to check for cross-country car shipping companies. Transit time is estimated to be around 2-4 days, depending on the shipping company.

Expedited shipping is available if you need your car to be delivered faster, although it will cost you extra. Standard shipping rates are between $200-$800, with the type of vehicle, your preferred mode of shipping, distance, and such factors impacting the final costs you will have to bear.

How to make the right choice of company 

The golden thumb rule for choosing car companies is first to get a quote. Request a quote from 3-4 companies to ship your car from Florida to New Jersey. Before requesting, make sure to go through the company’s website and see what all services they offer. Check whether they have options on transportation, expedited shipping services (if you need it), and other options.

When you request a quote from a company, they offer you various rates that differ by different services. It is up to you to make an educated choice, which is why we recommend that you get quotes from a minimum of 3 companies. Some companies will even lower their price if you can show them another company that offers a lower rate for the same services. They offer to match that rate, which is an advantage for you customers.

Factors to look out for 

While deciding a rate, one thing you should remember is that most companies calculate their rates on a rate-per-mile basis. This is standard procedure, but you need to make sure that you get a few extra services as well. Go for companies that offer full insurance coverage in case of damages incurred during transit. Online and SMS tracking is a prerequisite these days. Read up on the company’s customer reviews if they have a website. Decide on the mode of shipping as per your need, whether you need open transport, enclosed transport, door-to-door shipping, terminal-to-terminal shipping, and so on.

Discuss these rates and factors beforehand with the company. Their agents will certainly help you in providing information.

Shipping a car isn’t easy, but choosing the right company for your car can make the transit a lot smoother and stress-free. Most importantly, choose your company according to your needs. It doesn’t matter if it’s cheap, but only if it delivers.