How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Vehicle to Canada?

cost to ship a vehicle to Canada

The Role of Car Shipping Companies

Whether you’re relocating, as a driver, to states such as Indiana or Missouri, or just planning an extended stay for work in bustling cities like Chicago or Las Vegas, you understandably might want to bring your vehicle along for the ride. This, however, can prove to be a hassle for many reasons, prompting the need for professional car shipping assistance. This is where professional car shipping companies come into the picture as an integral solution. The idea is, they are able to ship your car, motorcycle, or any other forms of transportation items to the USA easily, even to outlying states like Arizona or New Mexico. Shipping cars is a lot more complex than it seems, hence the need for a car shipping company. Ensuing is an extensive article about ways these companies work, featuring some tips for potential clients.

Logistics and Export Management

Beyond Transportation: A Comprehensive Approach

Most people residing in the USA, for example in areas like Colorado or Michigan, opt for these companies, backed by solid logistics, offering services such as car transport through truck carriers. Whether you’re in the sunny climes of Florida or the green landscapes of Oregon, or even in bustling Canadian cities like Toronto or Vancouver, this process involves not just transportation, but also detailed logistics, and even export management, presented in a comprehensive form to take the burden off your shoulders.

Benefits of Hiring a Car Shipping Company

The Intangible Value

While hiring a car shipping company might require a substantial amount of money, it is usually higher on rates in most cases when compared to moving your car across the border yourself. But the overall value of this option is intangible. It reduces wear on your beloved vehicles, saves time, handles documentation details, and more importantly, gives you the peace of mind derived from having a professional team manage the job. Not to mention, it’s also an assurance of your belongings’ safety, assuming you have them transported inside the car, whether you’re shipping them to Las Vegas from Oregon or Arizona to Indiana, or even Toronto to Vancouver. It turns out, you might actually end up saving on fuel, lodging, and other expenses you would’ve incurred while driving the vehicle yourself.

Understanding Costs

Exploring Financial Considerations

Any type of car shipping involves various costs and it’s crucial you know the details. A burning question for most people considering professional transport for their car is, “how much is it going to cost?” Final rates may vary depending on several influencing factors including the route from Chicago to Miami or Michigan to Texas, total distance, the chosen shipping method, and vehicle specifications like make, model, and size.

Cost Example

Nevertheless, to provide an example, according to details available on the A-1 Auto Transport website, the average cost to ship a vehicle to the USA ranges between $700 and $2,500.

Planning the Shipment

Considerations for Vehicle Import

Needing auto transport to or from the USA? Whether it’s from New Mexico to Colorado or Florida to Oregon, or perhaps from Toronto to Vancouver, we recommend running the specifics through our cost calculator, or consider using the one on compare prices for different carrier options. This could potentially save you money and you will find the assistance provided by their team most helpful, with an interface that’s easy to navigate.



Is my vehicle an import or not?

Your shipment planning process to the USA should start with considering if your vehicle is going to be imported. This is crucial as the category determines the shipping requirements. If the USA is going to be the vehicle’s final destination and it isn’t leaving, whether it’s a short-term stint in Michigan or a move to Florida, then it’s an import with a unique set of logistics details.

Contrarily, if you’re just visiting the country or you’re a foreigner attending school in Chicago or working temporarily on a visa in Las Vegas, your vehicle is not considered an import. For imports, taxes and duties are required. For these reasons and more, many opt for professional car shipping companies to handle the process.It’s prudent to account for these expenses while planning as depending on the distance the car is traveling, such as from Oregon to Arizona or across the vast ocean from one case to another, fees can escalate to as much as $2,500. Remember, luxury, antique or oversized cars, or even a rare collectible, may attract additional charges above standard transport fees, just like shipping any valuable item would require special insurance from an insurance company to cover potential damages or loss.

How does vehicle size affect the cost of shipping to Canada?

Oversized SUVs and large trucks that cannot fit within the standard trailer space can impact the export process and will cost more to ship than a sedan or other compact vehicles. Just like someone with specific needs, these vehicles require specialized handling, and delivery to their destination may take a few more logistical tricks than usual. Depending on your auto transport company, they usually have a size cut off beyond which they start charging as oversized, this is pretty standard across not only the United States but also in the Canadian provinces. So, to review, the type of vehicle you’re shipping is a factor affecting the overall expenses, whether you’re moving it from Indiana to New Mexico or Missouri to Colorado.

When initially gathering quotes from auto shipping companies make sure that this is one of the questions that you ask!

Remember, in your dealings with a professional transport company, it’s vital to remember you have rights as a customer, and a well-reputed transport company will always respect them. Be sure to ask them questions regarding their policies and experience in handling such operations. They should be courteous and professional, offering transparent information and a clear breakdown of all costs involved. This will, in many ways, reflect their commitment to making your auto shipment to the USA a seamless one. In this instance, when shipping a vehicle to or from Canada, you must factor in a variety of things to ensure you receive a service that fulfills your expectations while fitting your budget. Shipping costs aren’t just influenced by the distance and the road travel involved, which are admittedly crucial items to consider.

How does distance influence the price of shipping a vehicle to Canada?

Whether you’re shipping from Wisconsin to California or Minnesota to Massachusetts, carefully accounting for each mile covered as part of the transport price is an invaluable part of the preparation. However, whether you’re shipping to New Jersey, Maryland, or Vermont, the weight of the vehicle, the type of container used for shipping, the nature of equipment involved in loading, and even the country of origin can all have an impact on the overall cost.

State-specific factors such as the ones in New York, North Carolina, or Arkansas come into play as well, so it’s not just the miles covered that matter. Most auto shipping companies charge based on a price per mile system, applying discounts for longer routes, even though paradoxically, the overall expenditure ends up being higher in such cases. Let’s take a hypothetical scenario- a company may charge $1.00 per mile for a 500-mile trip, but 50 cents per mile for a 2000-mile transport. You may be paying less per mile, but your total costs will be higher for longer distance transfers.

Our blog, under the name of Ship Vehicles, aims to simplify these complexities and offers content that helps you navigate this difficult terrain. Also, place an emphasis on remembering that, if you’re located far from a major city or major interstates in a remote area, such as certain parts of Vermont or North Carolina, the cost of door-to-door services may be higher.

In such cases, seeking and securing reliable third-party assistance to drop off and pick up the vehicle from the vehicle hauler can be a practical solution to avoid extra fees. We provide guidance on these matters to ensure users don’t find themselves stuck in complicated situations.

What shipping methods are available for transporting a car to Canada?

When engaging a company to ship your vehicle, you typically have a choice of two shipping methods – an enclosed trailer or an open-air trailer. Whether you’re in California, Maryland, or in one of the provinces of Canada, both come with their pros and cons, and the decision to opt for either is vital to the shipping process.

Whether you’re a business owner in San Diego, a private citizen in Los Angeles or anywhere in between, shipping your vehicle can be a complex process. An enclosed trailer, typically featuring gas-filled shock-absorbing equipment for added protection, is suitable for unique, antique, or vehicles requiring extra protection. Popular amongst car shipping services stakeholders in Kansas and Connecticut, however, it’s worth noting this premium service comes at a higher price, even after considering insurance coverage.

Say you’re a cost-conscious consumer shipping between states like Wisconsin and Arkansas, or Connecticut and San Diego, TX—an open transport option can make your pocket feel lighter since many of the costs, like insurance, are shared amongst customers. However, it does come with a trade-off. Your vehicle isn’t covered during the transit, exposing it to the elements and the skill of the drivers. The risk of damage, while minor, could be a deal-breaker depending on your preference and specific circumstances. If saving as much as possible is a priority, an open trailer would be the logical choice for shipping your vehicle to Canada.

Other Factors to Consider When Transporting a Vehicle to Canada

Perhaps you’re in business in New York or North Carolina, and shipping a vehicle overseas/international is a new venture for you. Our blog articles, combined with customer reviews and excellent customer service, guide users like you through the process and help plan the vehicle’s shipment to Canada in the most efficient and effective way possible. Our auto transport services are ranked highly by the Better Business Bureau, ensuring a seamless experience whether you’re in Los Angeles or San Diego, TX.

While the information may seem overwhelming, especially for those in states like Minnesota or Vermont, partnering with a seasoned business like Ship Vehicles to transport your car to Canada can immensely streamline your move. Whether you’re in Massachusetts, Maryland, Kansas, Connecticut or even San Diego, TX, selecting the right partner implies having a trusted name to guide you through the entire shipping process and help handle the majority of the paperwork.

  • In Canada, you must register your vehicle. Prior to shipping your car from the US, it must be registered with the Canadian Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV).
  • Your vehicle must meet safety & emissions control standards. Canada has very particular safety and emissions standards and the vehicle that you import must meet these.
  • Double check the vehicle recall list. You will not be able to import your vehicle to Canada if it’s on any sort of safety recall list. Determine the VIN number for your vehicle and consult the manufacturer for any recalls that may be placed on it.
  • Confirm warranty coverage. It’s very common for car manufacturers not to honor the warranty on a US-bought car in Canada. Contact your vehicle’s manufacturer to verify their policy on warranty coverage.
  • Is your car 15 years old or older? Good news! Vehicles that are 15 years old or older are permitted to be shipped into Canada without registration or duties with RIV.
  • Acquire a customs broker. When you ship anything over the US/Canada border, you need to be in contact with a customs broker.

Hire a Reputable Auto Shipping Company!

It’s also crucial to engage a company that has appreciable experience in shipping vehicles to Canada, like we do at Ship Vehicles. With over 30 years of experience in the auto transport industry, we’ve navigated potential customs problems for businesses in states like New Jersey, Wisconsin, Arkansas and even individuals in Kansas, straddling smooth passages across the border. Our car shipping services are boosted by our experiences in transporting vehicles to and from various states and countries, Canada included. Call us today—our drivers are ready to answer any questions you have about shipping a car to Canada and avail a free shipping quote.

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Lastly, it’s crucial to work with a company experienced in auto transport services, one that knows the ins and outs of shipping vehicles to Canada. At Ship Vehicles, we bring over 30 years of industry experience to the table, which not only avoids customs problems for clientele from California to Kansas or even Connecticut, but also ensures a smooth passage across the border. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today if you have any questions about shipping a car to Canada. We are more than happy to provide a free shipping quote and assure you of a reliable service endorsed by the Better Business Bureau.