How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To California?

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To California?

Shipping of cars has been made easier thanks to the proliferation of shipping agencies all over the country. The cost of shipping a car to anywhere in the world usually depends on a few factors such as:

  • Distance for shipping
  • Size, model, and make of the vehicle
  • Method of shipping
  • Mode of shipping

If you’re thinking about shipping your car to California, here’s how to go about it:

  • Distance for shipping the car

The most important factor to keep in mind while thinking about shipping the car is the distance it will cover in total. This has a great bearing on the costs.

Some company calculates their rate on a price per mile standard. Depending on the distance, the rates might decrease or increase.

When looking for shipping companies, gets a quote from them first regarding their approximate rates for the distance you need to get your car shipped. Distance and rates are usually calculated using Zip codes, so make sure you have the correct ones in hand before requesting quotes.

  • Size, model, and make of the car

The cost of shipping will depend on how big your car is. It costs less for a sedan than what it would cost for a truck. Make sure you know the exact model, make, and year of your vehicle before requesting a quote from the shipping or auto Transport Company so that they can give you an accurate rate.

Different companies have different rates for the same type of car or vehicle. Check with 2 or 3 transport companies before deciding.

  • Method of shipping the car

There are mainly two methods for transporting your car.

  • Door-to-door shipping
  • terminal-to-terminal shipping

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Door-to-door shipping is costlier but hassle-free. The car or vehicle will be picked up from your doorstep, shipped, and brought to your new place. But the cost difference between door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal is the breaker.

Terminal-to-terminal means that you will drop your car off at a designated spot, such as a storage unit or yard, and the transport company will ship your vehicle to the terminal nearest to your location. You will receive a call upon which you have to go and pick up the vehicle from the yard or storage location. This may seem like a bit of a hassle for some, but it is cost-effective.

  • Mode of shipping

Whether you choose to have your car delivered by air, water, plane, or train has a big bearing on the costs. Shipping by train would be effective over shorter distances as over long distances or certain routes, and the rate will increase. Shipping by air is used for international transportation, but the cost will be very high. Shipping via the ocean is feasible if an island or port is the final destination of your vehicle. Rates depend on distance.

The cheapest method to ship

Driving your car to a new location is very tiring, which is why shipping companies come into the picture. So, to save your time and energy, we recommend using a shipping company to solve this for you.

Keep in mind all the factors discussed above, and don’t forget to request a quote of approximate rates before deciding to enlist their services. Check with multiple companies before deciding on one.

Costs will depend on the company you choose, so be wise and select the service you need based on your requirement.