How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Classic, Vintage or Antique Car for a Wedding?

Classic Wedding Car Rentals

The average cost to rent a Classic, Vintage or Antique Car for a Wedding is between $300 and #$1,000. It will cost a minimum of $250.00 and could exceed $3,000.00 depending on the car you choose, how much time you’ll use, and where your wedding is going to take place.

Below we will cover varying factors that can decrease or increase the cost of a wedding rental of cars and auto’s that can add some romance, history, or flare to your wedding.

Every bride wants to make a memorable entrance to their wedding and rolling up in a vintage, classic, or antique car can set the mood for the entire event. It can also make for some incredible pictures and exit from the Chapple, church, or venue to head out on your honeymoon.

Wedding transportation is a big deal, but the cost can vary as much as any type of limousine. There are so many factors to consider that it’s hard to nail down an exact price, so we’ll cover the most important factors that affect the price of your wedding transportation rental.

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1. Booking Early Can Save You Money

Just like airline flights and train rides, the earlier you book it, the cheaper it could be. Booking 12 months in advance will give you the best prices. So a prudent planner can make the cost drop significantly.

2. Hours of Use

Time is money, so if you need the vehicle to pick you up, wait through the wedding ceremony, add in a photo-shoot, transportation to the reception event, waiting on that event to complete, and then a trip to the airport can cost you. The shorter the time it’s used or in waiting adds up.

3. Allow For The Cost of a Chauffeur.

A chauffeur can make you feel like royalty on that special day and allow you to celebrate with your new bride or groom. Reality is you will likely spend just as much on additional insurance to cover the car if you’re planning to dive it yourself.

4. The Car You Choose Varies The Cost.

For example, a Rolls Royce Fantom for a day, not counting the Chauffeur, can cost over $2,000.00 a day. Where Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud can cost over 400 dollars an hour with minimum rates that apply. This principle applies to any specialty vehicle you could imagine. There are a lot of variants in price.

Look around, take your time, and plan ahead.

5. Insurance

Make sure you are well versed in rental insurance for the vehicle you choose if it’s older. If the car is a classic, vintage, or antique, you may need special insurance in addition to the rental companies’ insurance to make sure something unexpected doesn’t cost you the farm.

6. Scenic Photoshoots

Wedding pictures are incredibly important, but they cost. You’re not only paying for the car and the Chauffeur, but maybe for the use of a venue to get the setting and background you want, plus the cost of the wedding photographer.

It can add up quickly.

7. Make Sure You Understand Your Rental Agreement

Learn to spot hidden costs and address them at the beginning of the process. This way there are no surprise costs that knocks you for a loop after the fact. Thee not much worse than hidden fees, and rental companies usually don’t disclose these unless you read the agreement and ask questions before you sign on the dotted line.

8. Transporting The Perfect Car

If you have a specific type or model of classic you want for your wedding, such as a Packard Limo, you may need to have the car transported to and from your wedding location. This could add a couple of thousand dollars or more to the total cost.