Here’s Your Guide To Motorcycle Shipping Cost Estimator

How to Ship a Motorcycle Cross Country: Expert Tips and Tricks

There can be several reasons to get your bike shipped, but it can all get very confusing while attempting to calculate the exact cost of shipping and paperwork. In such cases, a handy motorcycle shipping cost estimator can be helpful.

What is a motorcycle shipping cost estimator?

Vehicle shipping is becoming popular as more and more people move from one place to another due to various personal reasons.

A cost estimator is a calculator that helps people get an estimated quote for a particular service. In terms of bike shipping, a motorcycle shipping cost estimator is a calculator designed to help an individual get an estimated quote of how it would take to ship their vehicle from one place to another.

Several vehicle shipping companies and agents offer this service to their clients along with the shipping service. Using a cost estimator helps accurately determine the cost of shipping. And it also helps the client get quotes from different companies shipping from and to that area. Then the client can choose the fleet that aligns with their budget and their expectations.

What are the factors that influence the calculation of the motorcycle shipping cost estimator?

motorcycle shipping cost estimator needs the entry of details about the requirements of the clients and other information to give an approximate shipping cost estimate. These are some of the factors that influence the calculations of the shipping cost estimator:

Open or contained shipping

There are two options available to ship your motorcycle by road:

  1. Open motorcycle shipping– This method implies that your bike will get shipped in open conditions. Most motorcycle owners use this method to get their bikes shipped by road.
  2. Contained motorcycle shipping- In this method, the motorcycle gets placed in a secure and enclosed vehicle for added protection; this method is popular amongst those who own expensive, rare, and valuable bikes. Hence it assures an added measure of security.

Dimensions of the motorcycle

There are numerous motorcycle brands delivering bikes of varying dimensions, features, and additions. That means that some bikes are bulky while others are light in weight. The heavier the owned bike, the higher the shipping charges. Or the larger the boke dimensions, the higher the shipping charges. The cost depends on visual size as the broader and longer it is, the more space it’ll require in the cargo.

Standard or expedited shipping

Those who are in a hurry to get their motorcycles shipped to the location opt for expedited shipping as it assures a fast delivery. However, expedited shipping comes with high costs. And this is why it is always better to keep at least a couple of weeks, if not months, for vehicle shipping.


Distance is an undeniable factor in motorcycle shipping cost estimator as the more the motorcycle travels for shipping, the more the fuel gets used.

When you consider the fuel, distance, accommodation charges, and stress your vehicle will undergo if ridden to the destination, using motorcycle shipping will always be the better option.