Guaranteed Pick-up Date Auto Shipping

Still looking to get a good auto shipping service? In multi-car families relocating to another location, transporting any or all of those vehicles requires much effort and attention to detail.  Not only do Ship Vehicles specialize in getting your vehicles shipped to your new location, but they will also arrive in the same condition they were when you left them in our care.  To ensure that your experience with us is stress and worry-free, we offer the most extensive line of flexible services like guaranteed Pick-up date auto shipping and much more available in the auto shipping industry today.

Do you offer guaranteed pick-up dates for shipping my vehicle?

“In our industry, we view “guaranteed” as a subjective term, often contingent on the context. When we mention guaranteed pick-up dates, we recognize the significance of knowing when your vehicle will be picked up. We offer customers the option to guarantee pick-up dates for a small additional cost, ensuring their vehicle is collected according to their specified schedule. Opting for this service is beneficial if you’re constrained by time and need your vehicle to be picked up on a specific day, allowing you to align the process with your schedule.”

Can you guarantee when my vehicle will be delivered to my new location?

Although we will do everything in our power to ensure your vehicle arrives at your new location on the required date, we are reluctant to guarantee that.  There are many factors that can hinder the delivery process.  Therefore, guaranteeing the delivery date isn’t always possible.  However, we will always strive to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations. Our team is completely professional, and from securing your vehicle for transit to delivering it to your doorstep, they have handled a variety of vehicles ranging from SUVs to expensive and vintage vehicles. Thus, we assure you that your vehicle will be picked up and delivered safely.

Guaranteed Pick-up Date Auto Shipping

How does your Guaranteed Pick-up Date auto Shipping service work?

Our guaranteed pickup service is a simple 3-step process that enables us to get your vehicle to your new location on time safely, securely, and undamaged.  Here is how the guaranteed pickup process works:

Step #1:  Get a quote; book your vehicle transport order – you can do this quickly by filling out the “Request a Quote” form on the home page of our website.  Enter the following information:

  • the date you want your vehicle picked up
  • the “transport from” city or zip code
  • the “transport to” city or zip code (or non-US destination)
  • the make, model, and year of your vehicle

You can also call or send us a message by visiting our Contact page.  Keep in mind that the price we give you includes insurance and taxes.  There are no hidden fees to worry about, and you’re under no obligation.

Guaranteed Pick-up Date Auto ShippingStep #2:  We come and pick up your vehicle – the transport carrier who is picking up your vehicle will contact you 3 to 4 hours in advance to confirm all details and make sure that your location can be accessed by a large commercial vehicle.  We can always arrange a pick-up location that is more suitable for you if that’s impossible.

Step #3:  Your vehicle arrives at your new location – we will notify you a few hours ahead of the arrival of your vehicle so you can plan your schedule accordingly.  A 3rd party can take delivery of your vehicle if you cannot, provided they are 18 years of age or older.

Do you charge any upfront fees?

There are no upfront fees involved when booking your guaranteed pick-up date.  As we mentioned above, fill out the “Request a Quote” form on our home page to find out what it will cost to ship your vehicle.  Your payment will be due once we have allocated your shipment to the carrier and they’ve been dispatched to pick up your vehicle.

What are the benefits of your guaranteed Pick-up Date auto shipping?

With our guaranteed pick-up date auto shipping services, you schedule the date you want your vehicle picked up for transport.  You won’t be waiting for days since the carrier will pick it up on a pre-arranged day.  This service is also door-to-door.  You choose the pick-up and delivery locations, and we’ll do the rest.  It is fine with us whether it’s at your home address, in a mall parking lot, or outside your place of business.

We understand you’ll be concerned about your vehicle until it arrives at your new location.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’ll provide regular updates throughout the shipping process.  Plus, you can always contact us as and when needed. We’d be glad to assist if you are looking for additional information. Call us today, and we’ll walk you through the entire process, answer your questions, and offer a free quote with no obligation to ship your vehicle with us.

What is the money-back guarantee on Ship Vehicles Auto Transport?

At ShipVehicles Auto Transport, we take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional service. Our money-back guarantee is a testament to our confidence in meeting your delivery needs. We understand the importance of guaranteeing delivery dates, so we offer a comprehensive guarantee covering aspects such as pickup and delivery times.

Our guaranteed pickup service ensures the timely commencement of the shipping process, adhering to your selected pickup date. We recognize the significance of delivery windows in the auto transport industry, and our commitment to guarantee delivery date reflects our dedication to providing a reliable and efficient service.

With our expedited car shipping or expedited auto transport services, we go the extra mile to meet your urgent shipping requirements. Our door-to-door service ensures a seamless and convenient experience, coupled with insurance coverage, for added peace of mind.

At ShipVehicles, we prioritize your car shipping needs, offering guaranteed car transport with a focus on pickup and delivery precision. Our auto transport company stands out among car transport companies, providing a level of excellence that exceeds industry standards.

Choose ShipVehicles for expedited shipping and transport and experience a reliable and customer-centric approach to auto transport. Our guaranteed services are designed to meet your expectations, offering a money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

Is Auto Shipping Expensive?

We understand the importance of transparent pricing and cater to various shipping needs to provide a competitive and affordable service. Our auto transport companies prioritize specific dates for vehicle pickup, allowing you to choose an exact date that aligns with your schedule.

Our expedited service ensures timely and efficient transportation for those with more than one car to ship. We believe in keeping our clients well-informed, and our dedicated shipping agent will guide you through the entire process, providing shipment details and addressing any concerns.

Our commitment to excellence extends to our truck drivers, experienced professionals dedicated to safely and securely transporting your vehicles. At ShipVehicles, we value your time and budget, offering a cost-effective solution to meet your auto shipping needs.