Different Categories of Car Hauling Service That One Can Choose From

Different Categories of Car Hauling Service That One Can Choose From

Changing homes is both exhilarating and tiring. One has to move their entire life from one place to another. Paperwork needs to be done, and furniture, appliances, and vehicles need to be moved. Therefore, it is best to hire moving services so that all the personal belongings can be safely transported. And special attention needs to be given to transport the vehicles. Thus, choosing the car hauling service for vehicle transport is crucial. And before making the final decision refer to the following options:


The name itself suggests what the option is. One will hire a professional driver to drive the vehicle to the destination. This option has an upside and downside. The upside being that one can get it delivered wherever they want, and also, a professional will safely drive it. The downside is that there will be gas charges.

It is quite a feasible transport service and gives the flexibility of choosing any delivery point.

Personal Car Haul

Personal car haul is when one hires a carrier to deliver their vehicle and does not share the carrier with anyone else. One can go for this option if their car has a unique model and it cannot fit with other vehicles in a carrier.

The car will be lifted to the carrier with the help of a ramp, and it will be delivered to the doorstep of the destination. Car haul services are best for cross-country moving. The vehicle will be safe inside the carrier throughout the distance.

Car Haul

It is similar to the personal car hauling service, with the only difference being that the car will be carried with other vehicles. Also, there will be no doorstep delivery. Instead, the carrier will reach a common destination, and every car owner needs to pick it up from that destination.

As said above, it is best for long-distance shipping. In addition, the carrier ensures the safe delivery of personal vehicles.

Home delivery

This delivery service is used in addition to other shipping services. It helps in bringing the car to one’s doorstep. One can use any service and get the vehicle delivered to the destination city. Then on hiring this service, a professional driver will drive the car from the delivered destination to one’s desired stop.

It makes it easy to ship a vehicle, as one will not have to go and pick the car from the common delivery location.

Enclosed Critical

This service is similar to the car haul shipping service. The only difference is that the car will be transported in an enclosed carrier instead of an open one.  It will protect the vehicle from dirt, water, insects, and dust. It is a preferred option for people who own a vintage or special edition cars or even sports cars.


It is also similar to car haul but is faster. And because of that, it is also a bit pricey. But the cost is worth it as the delivery is very fast. Moreover, one will have to worry less as the vehicle will be delivered faster than other shipping services.

There are many options available with vehicle shipping. So take time to know the pros and cons of every service and then make the final decision.