Can you Ship a Car – Find the Answer Here!

Can you Ship a Car – Find the Answer Here!

Shipping an automobile to another state or country is not easy as there are many challenges in the process. Many car owners often opt for traditional driving methods to the new destination without knowing the drawbacks associated with the process. There are car owners who are still unsure and ask the experts whether they can ship a car. So, Can you Ship a Car? Yes, you can ship a car when you are equipped with the right knowledge and skills. But, if you are unsure about driving the car to the new destination, it is better to hire the auto moving company for safe and hassle-free delivery.

Knowing Auto Shipping Options

Before you jump ahead and learn, Can you Ship a Car? It is better to know the available shipping options.

  • Terminal to Terminal Services – The shipping option involves picking a car from a scheduled location and dropping it to the terminal location from where the car owner needs to pick their car.
  • Door to Door Services – As the name suggests, the car shipping company will pick the car from the owner’s doorstep and deliver it to the doorstep of the new location.

Terminal to terminal auto shipping is the cheapest option as car owners need to drive the car to the pickup location and collect their car from the terminal location. However, indoor to door service, the auto shipping company will pick the car from your location and deliver it to you at your doorstep, and hence it is expensive.

Choosing Carrier Type

Depending upon the type and cost of your vehicle, you have to choose the carrier type between open car shipping and enclosed auto transport. The open car shipping trailers are cost-effective and cheaper as open trailers are used for transportation of the car. However, the car shipped in the open trailers is prone to damages caused by environmental factors. But, they are the cost-effective solution for affordable car shipping.

The enclosed auto shipping service is for an expensive and vintage car. It is the expensive option and ensures the highest safety of the car during transit. Since the vehicle is transported in an enclosed carrier, the car is less prone to damages, and even during road mishaps, the car inside the container are safe and secure. However, the enclosed auto shipping is expensive, and you have to pay extra for the services.

Picking the Right Auto Shipping Company

As you have decided the type of car carrier and evaluated the cost, it is time to choose the right shipping company. Many people have a question. Can you Ship a Car? Yes, they can ship a car if they choose the right auto shipping company. So, you have to follow a few instructions to pick the right shipping company.

You need to check the rating of the auto shipping company and evaluate the user comments before choosing a company. You also need to call the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator hotline to check the shipping company’s insurance record and shipping license and make your selection accordingly. You may also check the complaints against the company and how prompt they are in responding to the company’s complaints