Can you buy a BMW in Germany and ship it to us?

Can You Buy A BMW In Germany And Ship It To US?

Yes, buying a BMW in Germany and having it shipped to the US is possible. BMW facilitates this process by using RORO (roll-on/roll-off) carriers, which offer a convenient and efficient way to transport vehicles across the ocean.

Purchasing a BMW directly from Germany and shipping it to the United States is not only feasible but also an exciting option for car enthusiasts. BMW provides streamlined shipping services using RORO carriers, ensuring a hassle-free transportation experience for your newly purchased vehicle. This method involves the car being driven onto the ship, securely stowed for the journey, and then driven off upon arrival in the US. This article delves into the process, costs, and necessary considerations for importing a BMW from Germany to the US.

Understanding the BMW European Delivery Program

The European Delivery Program is a unique purchasing scheme by world-renowned automobile manufacturer BMW. This program allows consumers to buy a BMW directly from its birthplace—Germany, which comes with enticing benefits such as a significant discount on the base price, a chance to customize the vehicle fully, and the opportunity to drive it around Europe before having it shipped back to the buyer’s home country.

This program begins with the customization and order of the vehicle at a local dealership. Upon completing the order, the buyer flies to Munich for vehicle collection. Included in the program are the provision of a tour of the BMW factory, travel insurance, and temporary registration of the vehicle for the ultimate European road trip. After exploring, the BMW is dropped off at a designated location and shipped to the final destination in the buyer’s home country.

BMW Manufacturing Process

The Process of Buying a BMW in Germany

Purchasing a BMW directly from its home country, Germany begins with choosing the preferred BMW model and customizing it to meet specific requirements. The selection includes nearly every model, each available for customization. Every car can be tailored to individual tastes, from sleek convertibles to spacious SUVs. Once the perfect BMW is designed, the order is placed with a local dealership, and a purchase agreement is signed.

Following the initial purchase process, the customer is given a chance to experience their new car firsthand at the BMW Welt, an exclusive customer experience center in Munich. Here, buyers are provided an in-depth view of the BMW manufacturing process, from production to delivery. One can also tour the BMW Museum and plant. After this exclusive experience, the customer embarks on their maiden journey in their new BMW around Europe. At the journey’s end, BMW arranges to ship the car directly to the buyer’s home country.

Hassle-Free Transportation Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of buying a BMW directly from Germany?

Buying a BMW directly from Germany allows you to explore various models unavailable in certain markets. Additionally, you can participate in the European Delivery Program, which includes a factory tour and a chance to drive your new car in its home country before it’s shipped.

Can I avail any service or maintenance packages when buying a BMW in Germany?

Yes, similar to buying a BMW in your home country, you can avail of various after-sales services and maintenance packages. However, specific offers may vary, so checking with the dealership or BMW’s official website for accurate information is best.

How does the BMW European Delivery Program work?

The BMW European Delivery Program allows you to pick your new car directly from the BMW Welt in Munich, Germany. You get to enjoy a factory tour on a European road trip in your new car, and BMW will handle shipping the car back to your home country.

Is the process of purchasing a BMW in Germany complicated?

While buying a BMW in Germany involves a few additional steps compared to buying locally, such as dealing with international shipping and import regulations, BMW often provides assistance to streamline the process, especially for customers who opt for the European Delivery Program.

Are there any additional costs involved in buying a BMW from Germany?

There may be additional costs, such as shipping fees, import taxes, and customs duties. It’s important to factor these into the cost of purchasing a BMW from Germany.