Best Online Car Buying Sites of 2020

Buying a car can be a stressful, time-consuming venture. To find the best deal on the car of your dreams you will most likely have to spend several hours a day bouncing from dealership to dealership. Nowadays, in most cases, there are ways to shop without ever entering a dealership. Thankfully you can make the whole process easier on yourself by shopping online. Dozens of online car-buying websites allow you to virtually browse vehicles using advanced search engine capabilities. These sites can help you narrow down the overwhelming amount of choices to just the most relevant cars and trucks in your budget.

From the comfort of your own living room, you can sift through these virtual car lots. The best car websites will not only show you listings but will also show you vital information about a particular vehicle’s condition, key features, and a list of previous owners. Although it’s still recommended to check out your desired vehicle in person, and possibly test drive it, these websites can be an incredibly useful tool during your search. We’ve rounded up the best online car-buying sites of 2020 to help make the search for your next car simple, convenient and stress-free.


Since AutoTrader has been around since 1997, its long-lasting reputation has garnered decades of trust and reliability. They offer a large selection of certified new and used vehicles from nationwide dealers, local dealers and private sellers. Since the majority of the sellers on their site are dealers, you can expect a level of professionalism that you may not receive from other sites.

Although the sheer amount of options can be overwhelming, few online car-buying sites live up to their advanced search tools. Auto Trader’s preliminary search allows you to search based on make, model and price for their selection of used cars. Additionally, their list of filtering options is endless. Some of these choices include filtering vehicles that have; keyless entry, Apple CarPlay, heated seats, a backup camera, cruise control etc. The auto search, reviews and tools are very simple to understand and use.

AutoTrader also provides helpful resources for car buyers, such as top 10 lists of used and new vehicles at particular price points. Their website has a sleek and modern design allowing for easy navigation. The homepage also features a Kelley Blue Book tool that allows you to get an estimate for a possible trade in of your old vehicle.

If you’re relatively new to buying a car, may be the best choice for you. They are one of the best websites to buy a vehicle online and have been in business since 1998. Their main goal is to help empower buyers with digital tools, data, research and resources to make an informed purchasing decision.

The website features comprehensive search tools and information that help to connect car buyers with sellers in their area. Their simple, effective filtering system will narrow down exactly the type of vehicle you are looking for. The tools also allow you to compare up to four vehicles at once.


While most online car services concentrate heavily on used cars, CarsDirect is one of the best options that specializes in both new and used vehicles. This car-buying site has been around since 1998 and has been awarded many industry awards for their service. Their website is straightforward and all about the basics. You are able to search for vehicles within in a defined area based on price, make, model and body style. The search results will give you options from both owners and dealers. They will also provide you with the car’s Carfax report, if desired.

Instead of just simply pulling the inventory listings straight from the dealerships, CarsDirect shows the possible cash rebates. That way you can have a better sense of what exactly you are going to pay for your desired vehicle. After you complete a search, they also present you with the lease prices of similar cars to help further narrow down your decision.

If you happen to have bad credit or no credit at all, CarsDirect may be the site for you. They specialize in financing for those with a weaker credit history. It can be uncomfortable and very difficult to find a car if you find yourself in this type of financial situation. However, CarsDirect will provide you with the tools to help you through the whole process.


CarGurus was founded in 2006 in Massachusetts and is aimed at assisting users by comparing local listings for new and used cars in their area. They’re considered to be the best online car-buying service for shoppers who want to avoid being scammed or ripped off. A search on CarGurus site yields all the best deals from the most trustworthy dealers first. Since dealers cannot pay for vehicles to get a higher rank, customers can feel confident that they are not paying too much. Using technology and data-analytics, the site assigns each vehicle a rating from “great deal” to “overpriced.”

Their mission for transparency truly sets them apart from other online car-buying services. Right up front they will show you data such as if the car has been sitting idly on the lot, had a significant price change or been in an accident. Consumers can search and dealers can list their cars completely free of charge. With over five million listings, there is something everyone. Additionally, when you’ve found a car you like, you can use CarGurus to get in touch with the dealer directly. They can help you to understand what a good deal is before walking into a dealership.


Tred is an online car-buying site that offers the confidence of buying a car from a dealership with the simplicity and comfort of purchasing from a private seller. They assist you by serving as a broker and cutting out the middleman. However, with Tred, you will not be charged the usual high broker fees. They only allow private dealers and their selection of vehicles come at a low-cost.

When searching for your preferred vehicle, Tred has several filters to help narrow down your search. The listings include pictures, price, mileage, make/model, year and the estimated monthly payment. Tred also provides the option to test drive the vehicle with the seller. Each vehicle’s posting includes the test drive location so you can help gauge the distance from you.

Since Tred acts as a broker, all of the logistics are taken care of through them. This includes any paperwork, title transfers, registration and taxes. Their business model allows for the seller and the buyer to save a significant amount of money.

I purchased a car, what’s next?

Once you’ve found and purchased your new or used car online, unless the site provides delivery, you will need to decide how to get the vehicle to your location. Booking an auto transport service is the easiest, hassle-free method to have your new car shipped directly to your door.

Call and speak with one of Ship Vehicles’ trusted advisors today. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a FREE quote. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with letting the professionals handle the safe and secure transport of your new car.